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  1. i have one Where you from?
  2. Yeah i read a lot of .... but on the paper the 230mm is larger then the 8.5" Acryl :)? Or is it not? And the few milimeters are negligible
  3. so you can say that glass is preferable to acrylic, especially with the the filter ?
  4. Hey, last weeks/month i do many dives with my new Canon R5 in the Nauticam housing. It is a great combo. But i have to do little tweaks to make it perfect Actually i use the RF15-35 and the 8-15 with the 8,5" Acryl Dome. With the 15-35 and the 70mm extenion the camera will make a backward roll (i add many balance weights to the dome who made it better but not perfect) and the corners are not as good as I would like. So i have to decide what i will do in the future.... buy the 230mm Dome or a WACP. With the WACP i cant use the 15-35, not the 8-15 and i cant do Splitshots.... I keep reading here many times about the correction filter from S&S. Is it really worth the money? So my questions: S&S has the correction Lens... What's the deal with B&W filters costing a small fraction of that? Would love to hear about your experiences
  5. Have to sell a Nauticam Zoomring ( C1635II-Z ) for the Canon EF 16-35mm 2.8 II.
  6. Sell my used Nauticam 5DIV housing. The housing is used but is in a very good and well-kept condition. Water never came in. The flash connection and a spare o-ring is included. Worldwide shipping is possible, as long as the shipping costs are covered. Price: 2850€
  7. Sell my Zoom Gear for the Canon EOS 24-70 2.8 II. The gear is in perfect conditions. —> Nauticam C2470II-Z Zoom Gear price with shipping include in Germany 280€
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