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  1. Looking for a Nauticam Extension ring 30....
  2. Hi, nee your help with my dessicion I would like to buy a new lamp.The main use will be macro photography, but I don't want to exclude the possibility of a wide angle shot, so it should be sufficiently dimensioned. In the first step I would start with one and then buy a second one at a later time. I have already searched the internet and the Forum. A lot of different types... All look more or less similar - that made the whole thing so hard. The following types i have in my list: Archon WM26 II / ScubaLamp V4K / SolarFlare 5000 / Venom V50 / Weefine 6000 Focus / Jaunt Master / Divepro Vision 170 Which one will be the best ? Or maybe a completely different one?
  3. Hello, i need a new focus lampe. Has anyone had experience with the two lamps? Minigear MS-03 and WF069 Smart Snoot. Visually, they look very identical. Or you think, they are generally too weak as a focus light
  4. Zen - DP II 170 Dome perfect conditions, no scratches! It is the version 2 for the Olympus 7-14mm Shipping worldwide is possible Located in Germany.... in three weeks im in Florida. Price 650€
  5. want to buy a Nauticam SMS please make me a offer
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