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  1. Sell my Zoom Gear for the Canon EOS 24-70 2.8 II. The gear is in perfect conditions. —> Nauticam C2470II-Z Zoom Gear price with shipping include in Germany 280€
  2. WTB: Sea&Sea Internal Correction lens 82mm anyone has one for me :)?
  3. ist not so easy I like the display and the possibility to use mulitcolor on the Weefine 4000 ... If only it weren't so big.
  4. What then are the focus lamps good for with more than 3000 Lumens? :-)
  5. Yeah, that's what I think. For wide angle video the 6000 is too weak and in the position on the dome the light also looks ##**'. The small 1000 is too weak, isn't it? I would like to play around with the various colors
  6. I want to buy a focus light. Mainly for macro photography. From time to time maybe short Videos of the small critters. My two favorites are: Weefine Smart Focus 6000 or Smart Focus 4000 --> I especially like the control and the multicolor mode on the 4000. But both are very big and im pretty sure..heavy Now I ask myself the question whether it must be absolutely 4000 or 6000 lumen as focus light or whether also the small Weefine 1000 ...Weefine 2300 would be sufficient.
  7. Looking for a Nauticam Extension ring 30....
  8. Hi, nee your help with my dessicion I would like to buy a new lamp.The main use will be macro photography, but I don't want to exclude the possibility of a wide angle shot, so it should be sufficiently dimensioned. In the first step I would start with one and then buy a second one at a later time. I have already searched the internet and the Forum. A lot of different types... All look more or less similar - that made the whole thing so hard. The following types i have in my list: Archon WM26 II / ScubaLamp V4K / SolarFlare 5000 / Venom V50 / Weefine 6000 Focus / Jaunt Master / Divepro Vision 170 Which one will be the best ? Or maybe a completely different one?
  9. Hello, i need a new focus lampe. Has anyone had experience with the two lamps? Minigear MS-03 and WF069 Smart Snoot. Visually, they look very identical. Or you think, they are generally too weak as a focus light
  10. Zen - DP II 170 Dome perfect conditions, no scratches! It is the version 2 for the Olympus 7-14mm Shipping worldwide is possible Located in Germany.... in three weeks im in Florida. Price 650€
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