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  1. Ah ok, then it has been updated the last few days. Perfect
  2. Does anyone already use the RF 100 2.8 in Nauticam Housing and can share the experience with it? does the previous port of the EF 100 fit?
  3. i have one Where you from?
  4. Yeah i read a lot of .... but on the paper the 230mm is larger then the 8.5" Acryl :)? Or is it not? And the few milimeters are negligible
  5. so you can say that glass is preferable to acrylic, especially with the the filter ?
  6. Hey, last weeks/month i do many dives with my new Canon R5 in the Nauticam housing. It is a great combo. But i have to do little tweaks to make it perfect Actually i use the RF15-35 and the 8-15 with the 8,5" Acryl Dome. With the 15-35 and the 70mm extenion the camera will make a backward roll (i add many balance weights to the dome who made it better but not perfect) and the corners are not as good as I would like. So i have to decide what i will do in the future.... buy the 230mm Dome or a WACP. With the WACP i cant use the 15-35, not the 8-15 and i cant do Splitshots.... I keep reading here many times about the correction filter from S&S. Is it really worth the money? So my questions: S&S has the correction Lens... What's the deal with B&W filters costing a small fraction of that? Would love to hear about your experiences
  7. Have to sell a Nauticam Zoomring ( C1635II-Z ) for the Canon EF 16-35mm 2.8 II.
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