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  1. hi, what size type of Pelicase do you use or can you recommend for me as checked baggage? It should fit the following: - Miroless housing - Nauticam R5 - Macro Port - Flashes - diopters - tool, arm and clamps - Dome / 8,5 Acryl or the WACP maybe
  2. I use the same combination and just as looking for the right diopter :).
  3. Thanks for your detailed feedback. I am currently using the Canon 15-35mm and the 8.5" dome and I am actually quite happy with it. The fisheye is not necessarily the look which I like, but with the teleconverter I wanted to give it another chance. CFWA is not my goal, but simply more interesting wide-angle perspectives than with the 15-35mm. In conclusion; the 8.5" should not necessarily affect the quality in a negative way or?
  4. Are the optical differences between the two dome ports recommended by Nauticam (Nauticam 8.5" Acryl and 140mm glass) for the Canon 8-15mm immediately apparent or do you have to look very closely at the corners? I am primarily concerned with the use of the Canon 8-15mm with the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter. PS: Camera is a Canon R5 looking forward to your experiences
  5. Any one sell a Nauticam 19538 C815-Z + 1.4 for CANON EOS EF ?
  6. Dont worry Found some endlight cables that work above the water - but i read so often that the 613 cable are the best one. That is why I try to get that
  7. Hi Tim, do you have any of the cable left or do you know a store in Europe that also sells shorter pieces?
  8. I order this one... Lichtfaser mit Kunststoff-Ummantelung 2 mm | Online kaufen - Lichtdekor.de it works great
  9. Anyone sell his Colorfilter for the Backscatter MF1 ?
  10. @Interceptor121 Do you have test the cable underwater? Im looking into the shop... whats with this version? lichtdekor.de - Sternenhimmel, Lichtfaser, LED Streifen, flexible LED Leisten, Beleuchtung - Lichtfaserkabel PMMA 7 x 0,75mm | Online günstig kaufen Should be better or not?
  11. Please let me know if you like to sell your S&S Corrections Lens with a 82mm thread
  12. Does anyone already have a direct comparison of the two lenses underwater? I keep reading that the Canon 14-35mm F4.0 Lens is often more recommended underwater then the 15-35 F2.8. What is the reason here? The imaging performance of the 15-35 is clearly better. by the way... im acutally use the 15-35mm
  13. Im using actually a Canon R5 in Nauticam Housing with a 15-35mm lens... the picture i have attached was taken with a 5DIV and a 16-35mm and a 8,5" Acryl Dome. If you have any questions about this, feel free.
  14. Ah ok, then it has been updated the last few days. Perfect
  15. Does anyone already use the RF 100 2.8 in Nauticam Housing and can share the experience with it? does the previous port of the EF 100 fit?
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