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  1. I have decided to sell my underwater photography setup. Here is what is included: Ikelite Housing for Canon 20D camera with TTL circuitry. 2 x Ikelite DS-125 strobes (brand new never been wet) Ikelite Dual Sync cord 2 sets of Fantasea ball and clamp arm's 1 Fantasea Nano focus light with mount 8" dome port 6" dome port 50mm Macro Port Pelican Hard Case from Ikelite Canon 20D camera with 2 extended batteries Tokina 12~24mm Lens with B&H +2 Diopter 1 4gb cf card 1 1gb cf card 2 512mb cf cards Here are some pics that I shot with this setup: http://www.int14h.org/phylo/gallery/monestary112207 Im asking $3200 for the lot. At this point Im not willing to break up the set. If you look around you will see that the price for this package is very reasonable. Thanks Phil P.S. I live in Santa Cruz Ca.
  2. Im putting out feelers to see what this is worth... The kit inclueds all of the following. 20D housing which was serviced by Ike in Dec 07. 8" dome portwith no shade 6" dome port Port for 50mm Macro 2 DS125's Manufactured in January of 08 (so far they have not even been wet) 2 smart chargers (not ike smart chargers but for the DS-125's) Ike Dual TTL sync cord Fantasea Arm setup with 2 6" and 2 8" arms plus 5 double ball clamps and one tripple ball clamp Fantasea nano Focus Light that connects to one of the arms where the tripple ball clamp is Canon 20D camera Pelican 1600 case Thanks Phil
  3. to be honest its your prices... WAY to high. Phil
  4. Price now includes shipping... Somebody please buy this!!! Phil
  5. Anyone?? I know someone out there has a smart charger that they could read the specs off of the back for me!!
  6. Thats the plan, It will cost me about $2 in parts to do that.. Although I might go ahead and buy a couple more chargers just that that when Im on a trip or diving multiple days I can be sure that all of my strobes and my light are all charged up... We shall see. Phil
  7. So I just received my Ikelite DS-125's and I had assumed they would come with chargers since they are so friking expensive, but allas I was wrong.. So I'm going to see about getting an after market charger and modifying ti to work with the DS-125's.. The smart charger is $99+ where ass I can get an after market charger and modify it to work with the DS-125 for around $35 to $40.. I need someone to take a look at there smart charger and tell me all the voltages and stuff that they have on the bottom. Thanks Phil
  8. I have a charger that I use for my HID light that costs about $30.. It looks like it has the correct output and all I would have to do is get the correct adapter... Im just wondering if anyone else has gone this route as opposed to paying the $99+ for the ikelite smart charger??? Phil
  9. Yes it comes with the charger.. More images are here:
  10. The strobe is in great condition, but I have decided to go with 2 ds-125's instead. Im asking $750. Ill post pics soon. Phil
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