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  1. Photo is up...hoping to sell together for $500...would have to check on cost of shipping to indonesia.
  2. Two Sea & Sea 110YS a Strobes. Worked perfectly last year in Hawaii. I am asking $275.00 each or $500.00 for the pair plus shipping. Diffusers are included...the sync cords are not included. Pictures attached.
  3. This has been sold! Thanks for looking!
  4. Christmas special...$650 TOTAL (not including shipping) for all E520 gear on this listing!
  5. Christmas special...$450.00! This includes BTS clamps and arms!
  6. Make me an offer! This is a wonderful set up only needing strobes and fiber optic cables to take fantastic underwater shots!
  7. Entire set-up is still available... make me an offer! This is a complete great beginning set of underwater camera equipment in really good condition!
  8. Nikon P7100 with charger and extra battery, Fanta-Sea FP7100 Housing, Beneath the Surface (BTS) tray, arms and clamps included. Never flooded... all in good condition. Buyer pays shipping. $525.00 U.S.D.
  9. Pictures of the underwater housing and ports...
  10. Olympus E-520 (with manual), 2 spare batteries, 8gb Compact Flash, 2gb Olympus XD picture card, 32mb Olympus XD picture card, PT-E05 Housing, 14-42 lens, PPO-E05 port (with manual), port cover, Olympus Electronic Flash UFL-2 with attachment to PT-E05 housing & fiber optic cable. $650.00 U.S.D. Olympus 50mm Macro - $200.00 U.S.D. Olympus PPO-E03 (with manual) - $125.00 U.S.D. Olympus 40-150mm - $200.00 U.S.D. Camera and lenses are in very good condition. Underwater gear in good condition - never flooded. The PPO-E03 is the most loved (used) along with the 50mm Macro. Still in good condition. Excellent underwater starter camera set up. Will sell all the above as a package for $1000.00 U.S.D. obo. Buyer pays shipping. Contact me at jpink1@gmail.com. Located in Washington State. Just noticed I didn't take picture of the housing or ports... will add those pictures later if I can figure it out! Thanks for looking!
  11. Good Day! My name is Joyce... live in Washington State but don't dive here... too cold for me for diving! I am a new member to Wetpixel looking to improve my knowledge on my DSLR and to sell some of my well loved camera gear. Hopefully will get pictures up this weekend!
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