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  1. OK, did I mention how new I am to this camera? This goes in the embarrassing file...Duh. . . the mode had to be in the "creative" setting to show the firmware. . . but after all that its still being inconsistent with taking the shots & won't record anything in multi-frame. Its goin' in tomorrow. : (
  2. Hi all, I was happily shooting my 20D with 28-105mm the past few weeks, no problems, learning all the ins & outs . . . then out of the blue I get 2 shots with 2 huge black bands thru them and the next I don't get any review at all. Tried taking the battery out, swapped cards, nothing seems to work to get the review back. Also it stopped taking pics . . went thru all the motions push, focus, click, shutter, but no image. I thought a firmware update would fix it and when I went to update it there was no firmware versions listed in the menu at all! Now how the heck do I update it? What do I do? Anyone experienced this? Havent found anything on the internet. I guess I'll be heading back to the dealer tomorrow! Thanks in advance for any input! CJ
  3. Thanks for the comments. Cant wait to see your pics Scubag, and I see you have upgraded from the CP5000 as I have. Hope you'll post your good & bad experiences on the switch over. CJ
  4. Newbie owner of a dSLR.... Canon 20D I've seen some questions asked about the lens itself in the forum but is anyone acutally using it? Wanting to know if I should stick with this one or go to a different all-around lens until I get a 100 macro & wide angle. Thanks for your input. CJ
  5. Serves him right.... wonder what he would have liked to show his dive buddies if one of those bull sharks had shown up!
  6. Was at the Brac beginning of May and it was wonderful. Stayed at Brac Reef also, which I think was the best choice for resorts. Totally laid back atmosphere. The dive-op "reef divers" were very good. Dive masters Jason and Chris are also photographers, so they were very helpful. Be sure to kick in the extra few bucks for the dive trip over on Little Cayman. Well worth it. Do you have your flight booked from Grand Cayman to the Brac? I personally wouldn't fly Island Air again as they totally messed up a dive day by not picking up our gear the night before when they said they would. And then they kept telling us it was on its way to the hotel yet it arrived 6:00 at night! Island time is one thing but that was frustrating! I have a wish list of places to dive but I'd go back to the Brac someday. Enjoy!
  7. More interesting info on aquaculture...... http://www.farmedanddangerous.org/ It all seems so short sighted to me and as the song goes..."You don't know what you've got til its gone"....
  8. This was from the "Notes" section of the firmware 1.7 update....... 2) Control options for Shutter Release Speed The Monitor Options item in the setup menu now contains a Shutter Release Speed setting that controls the speed of shutter response as follows. Option “Normal”: Priority given to quality of preview displayed in monitor. Option “Quick Response”: Reduces the time lag between pressing the shutter-release button all the way down and shutter being released to take a picture. Hope this helps explain. Have a fun & safe trip....be sure to share your pics with us!
  9. A few more comments/opinions from a couple of BC divers.... A neoprene suit will stretch with you (as you may grow after a few too many pints). They are easier to alter. If you get water in your neoprene suit you have not lost all your thermal protection & will stay warmer than in a trilam. We suggest a high-lift BCD (a good safety margin) since you will be using more weight with your dry suit...and if your trilam floods you'll need that extra lift...as markh already mentioned. Go with a high density or compressed neoprene suit as they have more strength and will have less buoyancy problems than a standard neoprene suit. Zipper flaps on either type of suit are a must as they cut down on the wear on the zipper. You can also choose a front zip and us it as a relief zip too. Here in BC, we have over 5 local neoprene drysuit manufacturers. So its no wonder we have alot of divers using them. They have really addressed our coldwater diving issues. High wear finishes, better mobility design, fewer seams placed in low-stress areas make for more enjoyable dives in our 42ºF waters. Gee, when our water gets to 60º we dive in t-shirts & shorts!!!!! :ph34r:
  10. That is one unbelievable shot!!!!! Too cool
  11. Out on the weekend at Vancouver Island. It was sunny with intermitent cloud. Water temp 43ºF , a bit of surge, these shots taken around 30 fsw. f8, 1/125, TTL single YS90 strobe, no retouching. I'd appreciate your comments on these pics. Thanks! CJ Visit my web page for more pictures
  12. Very nice. Thank you for sharing them. I love composition on the clownfish and crab. cj
  13. These pics were just with the standard lens.
  14. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Mark. I found this issue covers a great variety of topics and the O/U croc pic is awesome. I also really liked Deb Fugitts pics & article "Why St.Vincent". Wondering if anyone has gone on any of her trips? cj
  15. I was wondering the same thing....thinking hmmmmm, what kind of bears are they talking about. I think Mark mentioned it was before they head to the dive boat, so I was assuming it would be up at Port Hardy. But they are seen in North Vancouver backyards sometimes. cj
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