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  1. yes it is .. are you interested. sorry not logged on forever
  2. I have upgraded my wide angle set-up and the Tokina has been retired. It has been a successful lens for me and the resultant pictures have been awarded in several international competitions. The combination of 10-17 lens with the convertor allows you to use the lens with a Nikon FX camera body. Tamron SP AF Teleconvertor - List price 225 USD Tokina 10-17 fisheye F3.5-4.5 DX - List price 570USD I will sell together for 400USD (335 Euro) which is 50% of the retail plus whatever the postage costs are for KL Malaysia. I can also sell them separately the teleconverter for 125USD and the Tokina for 300USD plus actual postage costs from KL Malaysia. I used the lens in combination with a Nikon D3S and a Seacam housing. http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sigma-15mm-tokina-fisheye-review http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/tokina-10-17mm-fisheye
  3. This zoom gear is to be used with a Nikon FX body in combination with a Tokina AF 10-17 in combination with the Tamron 1.4x. I used with a Nikon D3S. It is hardly used. The list price is $300 that I found online. Will sell for 100 Euro / 120 USD plus actual postage costs from KL, Malaysia. I will list the lens and convertor separately. (Reason for sale - I upgraded to the Nikonos 13mm RS)
  4. Did this sell? Let me know if it is still available
  5. I have one also - post from Singapore or I can bring back to the UK at christmas
  6. Hi - how much is the saga adaptor without the flat port - if you will separate?
  7. 1. Tray with Quick Release Handles - used for Canon 20D and 7D Housing or Nikon D80, D90 etc (number printed inside: 0611), including weight: $40 plus postage. Or I can drop off at ADEX. 2. Wet lens / magnification for Ikelite port. I believe its a +2 but could be a +5. Use a few times only $20+ postage or I can drop off at ADEX. 3. Ikelite Zoom sleeve 0073 Zoom clamp 9059.8 For use with zoom rings 2.8 (71.12mm) or less. RRP$20. Sell for 10 EUR plus postage or I can drop off at ADEX. 4. Ikelite 5509.28 zoom clamp / sleeve. Special zoom clamp / sleeve for lens zoom rings 2/8 - 3.0" (71.12 - 76.21 mm). RRP$20. Sell for 10 EUR plus postage or I can drop off at ADEX. 5.kelite extension 5510.22 - rarely used. This Ikelite Port Body is for mounting the 8" dome assembly (5510.40) onto Ikelite digital SLR housings. This mount is for select wide angle lenses. Cost 175USD new, 160 Euro. Modular port body which is suitable for Nikon 12-24mm and Canon 10-22mm lenses. When I first started underwater photography I was scared of wide angle so I guess its been used a handful of times. Looks immaculate. Postage from Singapore. I can also deliver to ADEX. Sell for 100$ plus postage.
  8. Just unpacked after a house move. This item is for sale
  9. I have just unpacked after a move ... and the came across this item, so its back on sale
  10. I use the Nikon D3s, with seacam housing superdome and the token 10-17 with the 1.4 convertor. Pictures have been published by NatGeo, BBC etc etc - so it may be degraded but not too far. The only issue is at the 10 with some slight vignette. However what I don't like, same as the Nikon 16mm, is the slight reflection you can get from the lens protector / built in hood at a certain angle.
  11. I have the nikon 16mm, but for underwater i actually used the tokina 10-17 with a convertor on d3s (i.e. fx) the zoom capability gives me much more flexibility underwater . so i swapped a much more expensive lens for a much cheaper lens and i personally enjoy it much more. and find much more flexible particularly for big animals such as sharks
  12. Sorry - didn't see your post, until just now. I have been in Canada skiing.
  13. These are the actual battery packs for sale. the strobes themselves have already been sold.
  14. Smart Charger for NiMH and NiCad MSRP $100 Product Number 4066.1 Auto-ranging input allows the charger to work in any country whose electrical system falls within a 100V - 240V range. AC adapters for the following regions are included: USA, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia. The charger showcases the latest pulse charge technology; this feature grants near complete charging while also conditioning cells over time, resulting in longer battery life and more flashes per charge. Its "trickle" charge mode helps maintain a pack's charge without danger of overheating. In addition, this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources. Smart Charger is configured to charge a variety of 6-cell NiCad and NiMH Ikelite battery packs quickly and efficiently. The 4066.1 Smart Charger should not be used with Lithium Ion battery packs. Usable with: Ikelite DS125, DS160, DS161 NiCad or NiMH Ikelite Ai, 100A, 200, DS200 NiCad or NiMH Ikelite 150, 225, 300, 400 with 4063.51 adapter Ikelite Super-C HR Ikelite RCD Rechargeable Ikelite RCD Super-8R Will sell for 65USD including international shipping. Will post pictures this evening.
  15. Two spare batteries available suitable for either the Ikelite DS160 or DS161 strobe. Each battery costs 200USD new, will sell for 125 USD each including shipping. http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4066.5-battery-pack.html. Charger is also available on a separate post. Will add photos tonight. Note: Batteries only for sale
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