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  1. how do you record in 4 k if it takes a tape recorder? outside? with these lenses you could to film underwater? do you have any film made with quetsa configuration?
  2. forgive me but I think it's a bit expensive for outdated technology
  3. ok I have encountered a bad autofocus on x70 sony
  4. I understand the housing body only without wide angle and sony ex1 6500$?
  5. it is still for sale? and what 'was the kit?
  6. info@cirodellanno.com foto please
  7. and 'still available? I only require the phenom
  8. I try ampbibico phenom fx / z1 as replacement good price
  9. what price would you do me? info@cirodellanno.com
  10. and 'still available? post some pictures of the kit?
  11. I should put it on a AMPHIBICO phenom and 'compatible with the holes sealed? thing and 'included in the kit? what you want to achieve? you can put more photos?
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