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  1. Up for sale is a succesfully self Modified gates housing for Alexa Mini/LF, this hosting was formerly a Deep Red for Red One and was modified with the help and guidance from Gates. The housing is really solid and works great with the Mini and Mini LF. It accepts manual configuration (Manual Focus, Iris and Zoom) or it can be used remotely from the surface using a Lens Control System, I use the Chrosziel Magnum that runs the signal using a BNC and it works flawless. You can also use the ARRI WCU4 with Cforce Mini motors to control the lens and camera Functions. It has never failed, no water ingress whatsoever. EVERYTHING is great working order as well as cosmetic. This housing has only been used in pool jobs Asking for the Whole Kit: U$D 16.500 Ive used the following lenses in the past: Ultra Primes, Master Primes, Cook S4, I5, I7, Super Speeds, Ultra Speeds, Angenieux small zooms (15-40/28-76), etc. Included: Underwater Housing Monitor Housing with Transvideo Starlite inside SP80 dome port (No scratches) FP80 Glass Flat port (No scratches) 2 Extension rings ( PE 486B+PE343E & PE486) 4 gates lens control modules Camera Power cable 3 SDI Surface cables (2 unused) Moisture Alarm 2 Buoyancy tubes Tools Spare O'rings Weights for balancing 4 Handles Seal Check If you more info please email me at: Matiasmesa@me.com PH. 818-217-5047 www.Steadimatt.net www.matiasmesa.net
  2. Buy from Dive and See, never had issues with their cables, they are so much more lasting than OEM form most companies
  3. Hi all. Keep them on shelves and Inside their pelican cases... If some stuff is wet, leave the case open..
  4. Hi, Im Matias Mesa. I work mostly in the underwater film industry all over the world. Been doing this for 17 years and loving it each day...
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