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  1. I'm blocked as well. Interesting that they've kicked out so many people without even a message to them to explain why.
  2. Fred, Your diving Insurance might cover you for the losses as this is a medical reason for forfeiture - it might be worth a phone call before giving away the rest of the trip when it is unlikely you'd get the required documentation from Kri if you do give it away. It is a great gesture though!
  3. Housing and Camera now in UK. Reduced to $3800. Viewfinder no longer for sale.
  4. I don't really want to sell this, but I made a deal with my wife! Very good condition 1Dx housing. $4500 OBO This thing is a feat of engineering and amazing to use so I really don't want to sell it. Travelling to UK/USA next week so needs to be quick or i'll have to just keep it!
  5. For those that requested extra photos, here they are:
  6. Almost new 7Dmk2 for sale. Housing: $2850 180 Viewfinder: $950 7Dmk2 Body: $1200 All was new at the start of the year and hasn't been used much! Selling due to pregnancy. We will be travelling to NEC diveshow and DEMA so can easily bring to US/UK. Edit to add: Will only sell other items if housing sells first. looking to sell this as a package ideally.
  7. I used to put some of that pink styrofoam netting that they put over your duty free bottles in the airport over my white slate when I used sony. I found that took out the magenta cast. I suspect EJ has some Pink fishnet stockings that will work just as well.
  8. Evidently, after much Investigation since seeing one of the organisers at the diveshow in Germany, Paulus was paid back in August 2014 - So please disregard my posts after August 2014. I believe that means all guides are now paid. Hopefully the next iteration of this event will have a more fluid payment system.
  9. I have a pair of these for sale if anyone is interested, please make me an offer. I have them with extra long 2m umbilical cords. These things are built like a tank, and unfortunately are about as buoyant as one! Comes with the two different domes for varying beam angles and the pelican style case. Used about 4 times. http://www.orcalight.co.uk/dive-lights-products/seawolf-2260-22000l-canister-light-cri-83-standard/
  10. I recently headed to the Bahamas to dive with the Great Hammerheads, which was quite a big trip when coming from Lembeh! I was also blessed with a 27hour delay on the flight to the US from the UK, which royally sucked as I picked up a nasty flu. Anyway, arriving in the Ft Lauderdale looking and feeling like crap and a day late meant I had to do my shopping in super quick time before heading over to the Bahamas. I had met Ryan once before about a decade ago and whilst we keep in touch from time to time it would be a push to call us friends, so please don't consider this a biased review. I have now owned Nauticam D90, 7D, 5Dmk3, EM5, EM1, GH4, Rossa, 1Dx and 7Dmk2 housings, and of course some of them have had problems so Ryan and I have sparred/discussed issues before, even though I hadn't bought them from the USA. I definitely don't consider myself a Nauticam fanboy but I do feel that their newest products are of a very high standard. What surprised me the most was that on the Saturday that I arrived, Ryan himself was servicing a Rossa housing that needed a quick turn around. I had never known of this side before, and as a hands-on owner of a business myself I really appreciated that he took time out of his weekend to fix a problem for one of his clients - plus I got to help take someone else's housing apart which is always a fun learning experience! Reef Photo were super accommodating and as an industry person I could really see how well Elly and Phil do when explaining to photo newbies (even the ones that know everything) how to use the equipment and they also were not pushy on sales. Both demonstrated a very good understanding of equipment and you can tell they use it a lot, so for compact users looking to take the next step I strongly recommend talking to either of these two. For my end of the Market, before this trip I had no idea that Reef offered quite a large inventory of cinema equipment for rent, including RED dragons and Rossa Housings. I rented a Rossa housing to save on baggage allowance and hassle with customs on coming back into Indonesia - the housing was the newest version and in great condition. I really look forward to visiting them again when not ill and exhausted from delays. Here's a picture from Bimini as i didn't take a single picture with my phone in the store! Shot with Nauticam GH4 and dual Inon z240's
  11. We have this back in our Resort but i'm in Europe at the moment. Can get you a result at the beginning of Feb, but i'm quite sure it will be differently sized from my memory of holding it. The new 7Dmk2 housing has really lovely ergonomics. It's worth the upgrade in my opinion as original 7D nauticams are still selling at a nice price, as they were such a good product in the first place.
  12. Think 12" ipad with keyboard I guess. Most people don't use an air for photography. And the new iPhone all sync over wifi and bluetooth. As do a lot of cameras. Thunderbolt 2 would require a more robust architecture and strong processor.. I doubt they could fit the battery in. Perfect for a bit of work on the train home though. Or sat on the couch.
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