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  1. Hi Ron,


    Thanks for putting so much effort in your report, it reads very well :turtle:


    Jo and Sandra were evidently popular with the guests which is great, hopefully Mike and I can take it up a notch. For those guests who stayed in mid 2008 when the resort was getting a bit 'tired' - we have replaced the leaking roofs and overhauled all the engines, boats and generators. Next on the list, rooms and mattresses :D


    Here is a photo of the new dry camera room, the wet camera room will be finished soon:




    It is a nice place to tweak a camera with good light, but it's main purpose is to be a place where everyone can download photos and check through our library to find out what they saw.

  2. I'll take a look from time to time but i prefer to look at www.insanelymac.com where the experts can help - there are huge resources over there. I have already built one using the old method and it was ok, just not stable enough over the longer term.



    I was asking about the EFI-X dongle (which you arent using) as i want full support. Not as cheap as handcoding but i dont have time to mess around with it :)





    Oh, it's Hackintosh, not hackentosh :D



    Reason for Edit: To sound less grumpy

  3. I got my dual boot up and running about 2 weeks ago now, it's pretty darn fast. I was a good boy and bought the original disk too :)


    The main issue with it is the plug and play instability. i have to reboot to be able to access a newly connected external drive. The Darwin Boot loader is pretty simple to use. If you need the boot cd from insanelymac let me know as i have a copy and the creator isn't always around on that forum.

  4. Even though i went to the dark side and got a Sealux, GATES have been very helpful in their communications with regards to fitting one of their monitors to my housing. Whereas Sealux acknowledge receipt of my mails, then don't answer. :drink:


    Sealux answered very quickly when i was sending payment through, and seem to answer other peoples enquiries for purchase (Dxxx_B), but ignore my request/feedback for improvements when sent on the same days in the same language... interesting eh.


    GATES 1 - Sealux 0

  5. I will write what you want if you give me a 8 x 10 glossy


    "Mantas are very very big except for the ones that are not as big. They swim in the ocean and are pretty to look at."


    Where's my photo?


    Would you like it autographed? For such wonderful prose i think it merits an autographed copy. After all, you went to more effort that just asking for a photo :drink:



    Drew - That dress was 'owned' that night.

  6. Dear Underwater Enthusiasts,


    I am currently creating a book about manta rays, especially for divers and underwater enthusiasts. Are you as fascinated as I am by these elegant, harmless marine creatures? Have you taken written any outstanding, impressive or special stories about manta rays?

    Then I would love to publish your articles in my book!


    Your interest should lie in having your favorite article and your name printed in a professional environment – as I cannot offer you any money as remuneration for your skills, effort or travel expenses. I'd like to keep all the money for myself, as writing you can do in your own home - I had all the travel expenses getting the photos. :drink:


    Does this sound interesting to you? Then contact me with samples of your scripts (1000 words minumum please)


    Thanks a million in advance to all enthusiastic divers for your support!






  7. If not Their make lovely paper weights... :vava:


    No comment.


    Sealux have actually been better recently, they only ignore 2/3 of my emails. Hopefully i'll have an email from them tomorrow and i can be happy again :P


    This gates 5" monitor... how much and can i have one on my sealux?

  8. I've been using the LMI 2000 LED's a lot recently, they are fantstic, however for lighting reef's in the day you're gonna need something a lot, lot bigger - which would be out of the budget and weight restrictions for the average vidiot.


    I will use the LED's for probably 99% of my dives in the next few years, but i'd still be interested in a monster HID / HMI for reef work. Fortunately i have the staff to hold it for me in the water :vava:

  9. We all have to realize even if those guns were real, Mike is now older and his eyesight is failing. The other night he thought several trannies looked hot. :-0

    So he'll probably miss even with a shotgun.


    He does that all the time! I just figured he was a closet homosexual, and being a good friend i accepted him as he is.

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