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  1. Thanks Shawn.


    Sorry, i meant 'slow fast motion' as sony seem to call it :D


    So for doing slow-mo clips it should be set to 720p25, then quick motion set to 50.


    For now i did 720p50 with the intention of dropping it onto a 25p timeline, however FCP doesn't automatically 'slow' the clip down. I've played with the speed setting, and it seems to look ok without frame blending.



    However for hairy frogfish strikes i need about 100fps ^_^

  2. I think the thing that irks some people is that someone will come onto wetpixel or elsewhere and ask for advice on how to make their shots better. Often a 'pro' will answer and give good advice. 6 months down the line the 'student' is then undercutting the market of the person who gave them advice, thus resulting in a loss of income for the kind 'pro' who helped them out.


    If you like seeing the photos/videos of the pros on here, and enjoy their advice/ideas then don't undercut the market values. I have frequently been asked to give things at a lower rate than normal, but have always said 'no' and have even got more money out of the publisher if i thought they crossed the line.


    I guess it's a moral thing if you chose not to undercut - but i know for sure if i asked a plumber to teach me how to install a boiler, and then once i knew how to do it targeted his clients at a lower price (maybe because his clients were hot babes and i wanted to get some extra 'kudos') he'd be rightly pissed off, and i'd be ashamed once i'd taken time to think about it.



    It's always going to happen, but maybe the chaps and chapesses on here could try not to undercut the people they enjoy learning from/have learned from in the past?



    Just my 2 penneth on the matter :)

  3. I am trying to source the different sizes of cables and connections for various external monitors.


    For instance, my Sealux housing has a M14x1 hole predrilled for attaching a monitor.


    I'd like to know monitors people recommend, and if they know if they are compatible with the M14x1 port.


    I have asked Gralmarine several times, but i never get a reply. His system interests me the most, but maybe it isn't ready yet :)

  4. Be careful, you might get lynched!


    The frog isn't in it's natural environment, and i'm sure the chlorine would have hurt him.


    Other than the sarcastic reply above, i think it's very clever that you got the reflection in focus and not the frog :huh:


    Give it a title of: 'A frog reflecting on his humankind's urbanisation of the environment.' Or some other such arty crap and you could make $$$.





    I'll stop being Dean Burman now, and make more useful posts in the future.

  5. Yep,


    I'm archiving the whole BPAV file as that seems to be the only way to do it and it still work with the sony software, is there a cross platform keywording/archival software a la iview that works with ex1 files? or am i stuck with the Sony thing?


    Done lens tests with the standard lens, will do the wide lens when i get the motivation to get the hex wrenches out to disconnect the swing filter arm.

  6. Yes and No, it's faster to capture with card. But i now have to worry about what format to archive in and all the other techno babble about which is the best codec etc.


    Confused doesnt even come close to my state of mind lastnight. In the end i just 'threw the tape in the box' by copying my original files to my raid array.

  7. OKey Dokey,


    Took it diving today and i'm somewhat happy with it now.


    Will post lens test stuff once i work out how to archive the clips... I'm using Mac, but in the future i want to use windows for editing too... so i dont want to log using FCP unless it gives me a better quality result. I want to use try sony software, but i cannot access the transfer feature for a clip, it's greyed out all the time. It's driving me insane. Anyone have any clues?


    FCP works fine, and i have the SxS driver etc.


    :) :)

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