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  1. Actually I wouldn't mind if it were a nicer island than Hamilton. To be a poster person is more like big brother vs real conservation work since it's already a UNESCO WHS. You're really not doing anything except PR for QLD tourism.


    But think of all the babes :P Hitting the woolshed in Cairns on January the first would be awesome. :blush:


    If someone who isn't a brainless bimbo can get on there and try and highlight other issues it might be a good thing. Just like all that backlash with the BBC Oceans thing, we might not like it but if it gets the less informed interested then it's a good thing.





    I probably just ruled myself out with the brainless thing didn't i....




    ps. I've reached apathy with the EX-1 housing, sealux read my emails but dont reply. :( Usually i'm excited about a new toy. I'll try and get motivated tomorrow.

  2. It may have something to do with the strength of the Yen, prices for inon have gone up by around 30% for INON products here in SE Asia, hence i moved on all my stuff and bought Sea and Sea before the prices went up for them too...



    Inon America should keep copyright for all their translation work, wouldnt have been able to use my ringflash or 240 as easily without their manuals :blush:

  3. I got into a huge fight with a shop in Bitung today, they were selling sharkfins along with general hardware and supplies... Told them that they would never get anymore business from our resort as they sold the fins... Which equates to several million rupiah per month. Hopefully it will make them think about why tourism is important, even if the tourists dont spend money directly at their shop.


    They also finned / killed a 3m whaleshark in Bitung yesterday morning, i arrived about 20 minutes too late :blush:

  4. Hmm, I'd save your money and buy from a reputable dealer, but if you go for it do let us know how it turns out.



    Don't forget if you do buy it for $550, you'll have some money left over. Maybe you could help this poor soul out - he really seems like a genuine chap (who doesn't expose himself to everyone he sees), and could literally make you millions with a little help. :blush:


    Dear Sir,


    I am markson Kamara the only son of late former Director of finance, Chief Vincent R. Kamara of Sierra-Leone diamond and mining corporation. I must confess my agitation is real, and my words are my bond in this proposal. My late father diverted this fund acquired from the over influencing of price of sales/purchasing of raw materials., now he deposited the money with a BANK IN ABIDJAN BY FIXED DEPOSIT FORM, where I am residing under political asylum with my younger sister Juliet who is 17 years old. Now the war in my country is overwith the help of ECOMOG soldiers, the present government of Sierra Leone has revoked the passport of all officers who served under the former regime and now ask countries to expel such person at the same time, freeze their account and confiscate their assets, it is on this note that I am contacting you, all I needed from you is to furnish me with your bank particulars:


    1) Bank name

    2) Account name

    3) Account number

    4) Bank address, telephone and fax numbers to enable me transfer this money in your private bank account, the said amount is tweenty Six Million United States Dollars (US$


    I am compensating you with 20% of the total money amount, now all my hope is banked on you and I really want to invest this money in your country, where there is stability of Government, political and economic welfare. Honestly I want you to believe that this transaction is real and never a joke. My late father Chief Kamara gave me the photocopy of the deposit certificate issued to him by the BANK IN ABIDJAN on the date of deposit, and he called me closer to his bed side before his call to glory (R.I.P) that I should pray to God first, before contacting any foreigner and he warned me strictly not to deal with a greedy and evil minded people since this is the only legacy we are inheriting from him.


    Please, for you to be clarified because, I do not expose myself to anybody I see, I believe that you are able to keep this transaction secret for me because this money is the hope of my life, it is important. Please contact me immediately after you must have gone through my message, and feel free to make it urgent. That is the reason why I offered you 20 % of the total amount, and in case of any other necessary expenses you might incure during this transaction including your telephone calls.


    N.B: Try and negotiate for me some profitable blue chip investment opportunities which is risk free that I can invest with this money when it is transferred to your account, and you will be our guardian, personally I am interested in estate management and hotel business, please advise me. Contact me immediately you receive this message for more explanation. And promise me and Juliet my younger sister to be a father considering our situation and not to betray us please.


    Thanks and God bless


    Best regards


    Markson / Juliet Kamara

  5. Bubbles are a bad sign, you probably have a corroded circuit in there, probably needs servicing again. To be fair to Amphibico i used one of their housings for 2-3k dives and never had a problem.


    I was recently testing a heated undersuit and the same happened in it's controls... bubbles coming out and stuck on full power for a dive. It hurt :good:

  6. Could there be a push through button on the housing that is engaging at depth? i'm not familiar with the housing, but if you have some buttons like that it can be a source of freezing. If a push button on the camera is engaged, it may prevent the electronics from functioning.

  7. Hahaha,


    I have mostly used it in manual :good: But, it could do with a warning on there that it could potentially break the cam if used in auto - i cant prove it but i'm sure it cant be good.


    As an aside, i want to get a monitor... Has anyone tried the ones from the polish guy on here? I sent a pm but got no reply :drink:

  8. Yeah, i've been spoilt by Amphibico in the past when it comes to balance. Fair comment on the Gates.


    The fishing weights would have been multiple pieces, so i calculated the weight using fishing lead, then made 1 unit for each side. Still needs tweaking though.


    When i get back, i'll be tweaking the buoyancy and can give accurate weights. I'd much rather make them at home and travel with them than try and sort it out on location, although in lembeh we do have very nice shaped lead bars at the hardware store :good:


    My amphibico had a shim for the EVF, i was thinking of making one - but on the EX1 there isn't a whole lot of room.


    Please could you email me the testing chart? I can get it printed whilst im still in Jakarta.


    The thing that really sucks is the Iris control wheel, if i hadnt noticed it struggling it might have burned out the motor drive for that pretty quickly.

  9. Hi All,


    I've been getting bugged via email on this one so it's time to release it... :dancing: I sent it to Sealux for review at the weekend, and they read it on Monday morning and passed no comment to me, so i assume they do not have any response to the issues i have highlighted in the review, as i offered to add their responses in the webpage.


    This is by no means a complete review, as even though i have had the housing in my hands since christmas - i am have spent my dives tweaking the balance and only done test dives.


    I will be finalising balance when i get back to the resort next week, and after that i will play with the wide-angle port and Super macro with Century Dioptres.



    I am reasonably satisfied with the housing, and think it's optics will be great once the housing is stable in the water. Although, i am a little disheartend that it needs to be tweaked, but at the same time i do enjoy doing the stuff to make it work.


    If anyone else has used the housing, please speak up as i'd like to know how many before me have used the housing, and what their experiences were.


    Here's the linky:



  10. It shouldn't be affected by battery in and out, however these are the cheaper units in the Suunto line... The broken resort computer I have in front of me has done 502 dives, the other one recently submited for repair has done around the same amount. My 'top end' stinger did nearly 3000 and was doing fine until i retired it - maybe it is a reflection of the price and cheaper parts used in the gekko models?


    Or if lots of people are having problems maybe we can link it to a batch.


    My broken units are serials:





    So to me that doesnt really fit with a bad batch in my opinion.


    With the battery in/out making a difference could it be the placement of that little black plastic thingy under the battery cover? Over time/changes in pressure could it jiggle about and eventually cause the unit to malfunction at depth? (ours were dying below about 21meters - the computers that is, not the guides :lol: ).

  11. I currently use and own Ikelite 125's, 200's and an Inon z240.


    I know for sure the Ikelite 200 isn't a brilliant strobe but it is powerful and has it's uses from time to time (mental note to recharge the batteries when i get home :lol: )


    The 125's are workhorses for me and although i love them i think they are getting past their prime and might need to be put out to pasture as rentals or sold on.


    The z240 seems good, but it is so confusing that at the moment i dont want to contemplate using it in manual with my dSLR, and i only have one of them.


    So, does anyone use any of the new Sea and Sea strobes that has owned any of the above combination in the past? The 110alphas use 4 x aa which appeals to me, how does their real world power compare to the DS125 and z240?


    The new 250 looks cool, but the propeitory battery will end up giving me the same headache as my DS125's did 6 months ago, and they look a lot harder to take apart when it comes time to change the batteries. Although if i got them i think i'd be able to move on my Ikelite 200's. hmmmm. Help!


    So, do i sell all my Ikelite stuff and buy a pair of S&S 250's is the general question, with possible distractions at the checkout from the YS110Alpha. Oh and the Ike DS 160.


    It's not like i need to get this stuff tomorrow, because my DS125's are still lovely. But if i ever go on a trip i cant take all this crap with me, so need to find a product that covers most my needs (i cant afford a seacam flash ).






    PS. If no one knows i guess i'll have to pick up a S&S250 and do a review/comparison.

  12. I just got back to Singapore, had it in a small carry-on, not bigger than the average womans handbag (or Alex's manbag :lol: ). In there i had the lights, 2 ports etc, so it is a viable size for carryon, the weight will still be an issue though.


    I'll post a full review once i battle the various airlines to Jakarta and Manado.


    Prices are on the Sealux website, and it does have a flip filter.


    I could have bought a GATES, however the crazy prices for their additional lenses really pissed me off.

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