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  1. Hey, I had the same sheets in my house in Bali....


    The hotel is in KL, Piccolo hotel - it's a soft opening. I was in a suite which was huge and really nice for the first night, but it wasn't fully finished yet so i downgraded to a normal room.


    The staff appear to be lacking basic training but it will be a cool hotel once it's finished an more polished.


    The housing is Sealux, i'll get it in the water once i find an insurace policy for the camera :lol: The instructions provided with the housing are pretty limited (i think due to translation issues) so i will do an in depth review once i get back to the resort.


    Drew - where is a good place to buy stainless bolts etc in Singapore?

  2. I was tinkering with teh site this morning, i think i might have broken the link when the cache refreshes, so just in case here is a new one:





    The Saturday Night Special is Mike's baby... It's upto him if he wants to add any special extras...


    We were planning on organising family weeks, seniors weeks, singles weeks... Maybe we could add ladyboy week *shudders at the thought*

  3. Thanks Bruce,


    A lot of the stuff i was shooting was dark coloured and an dark, muck substrate. The tiny cardinalfish mouth was tucked under a sponge and was a nightmare to light- but the eggs are lit correctly. I might have to do some laying work on it if i want to publish it, but i personally am happy with it as it is.


    The equipment was a D200 with 105AF-S VR lens, 2 2x teleconverters and some dioptres on the front. I think i had 12cm of extension rings on the port. I can take a photo of the rig if you wish as it is still setup. I set the lens to 1:1 an then spend the entire dive looking for tiny stuff in an 'easy to shoot' place. Our housereef is pretty good for this kind of stuff... shallow, no swells and plenty of sandy patches to rest on. Once i got a subject it was usually between 3 and 10 shots to get one in focus and well lit. The rhinophores were moving pretty fast so they took the most attempts. With the eggs in the mouth I only took a couple of shots but it took me about 15minutes to find it in the viewfinder!

  4. Thanks :unsure: I forgot there was a voting thing on there.


    The egg shots were approximately 4mm across the longest edge. I have never sworn so much on a dive, it almost made me start smoking again when i got back from the dive - i was that stressed!


    #8 is a murex shell type thingy (that's the technical term)


    The nudi eggs were pretty interesting, ive never looked at them that closely before. I'm going to try going to higher magnification, but the DOF is so small it is almost impossible.


    With the Eel, i was talking to William Tan and giving him grief about his shots of free swimming eels that very morning, then i saw one on the next dive :D

  5. It's been an age since i've shared any images, sadly there aren't as many as i would have liked from the last 3 months in Lembeh - resort management is taking its toll on my diving.


    Here are a couple that i found most pleasing (mostly due to technique and the time it took to shoot them):


    this is not a crop!



    not a crop either :unsure:








    For the rest of the gallery click here:


    Lembeh Gallery

  6. How can you call him Dave! :P It's David, Sir David Attenborough.. He's appreciated more than the Queen, get a photo shaking his hand and we'll be impressed Mr Mustard, not another one of you and the old Doris! :)


    If he was a pikey like Dean he'd have been named Dave Attenboro. :)


    Oh, and congratulations Dean :)

  7. I've done blue screen keying on some footage, messing around combining sharks with mantas etc... It looked ok, and might be worth trying depending on the colour of your subject.


    If it for commercial use though you'll probably have to buy the lights etc mentioned above.

  8. I have been trying this with mine for the last month or so - using a transcend card and a reader, it works but i really dont trust it. But it is nice and cheap!


    I believe it is dependant on firmware 1.11 which you can find out if you have it by pressing 3 buttons on the back of the cam, cant remember which ones off the top of my head. Or do like Dean and go bug the Sony Rep.

  9. Thanks Joe.


    Would someone who has the GATES optic be able to send me a pic of it on the camera so i can understand how it is different?


    Would it require the glass to be ground down or could you cut the metal ring off the century and attach it to the camera in a different way?


    Doe anyone know if the sealux allows fitting diopters? I'd like to be able to stack multiple diopters if possible. :uwphotog:

  10. Maybe i should take it as a compliment, maybe Drew is a fanboy and that's why he likes following my posts...


    Also, i got a rather odd email from him at the same time but anyway, i just wanted people who were considering booking to know that it's not the same as last season, not to 'stir things up'


    The fact i'm in Indonesia should not bear any relation to my posts - i dont have a problem 'naming the boat' that i felt caused havoc on a site... But it wouldn't be constructive and would just end up being another slagging match on here, which it's turning out to be. Delete the thread if you wish.

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