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  1. I still have 2 unpaid guides and one unpaid guest. 1st place DSLR. Evidently they are having 'trouble' sending to North America - and refuse to send to another account suggested by the participants.
  2. Hi, Used on about 7 dives and always soaked afterwards. Housing is in great condition and comes with box and all usual bits and pieces. $2500 This includes the extra vacuum valve and pump. For an additional $150 can supply custom made LED trigger.
  3. Hi, Looking for advice on how to do manual focus with these lenses, as there is seemingly no gear available. I'm thinking to get either INON or Aquatica ports and use the focus control built into their ports. But wanted to check first... Are there any other options? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I used to have the 60mm but I sold that along with the EM-5, and with the EM-1 I bought the gear for the 12-50mm but I can't help but feel that the 60mm was much faster to focus. For the same size subjects, what is your opinion on the lenses? Do you find that the 60mm is faster focussing or am I imagining things? I have the Nauticam SMC - so for max magnification I think I have about the same. The reason for dropping the 60mm was that when we rent the camera to someone coming from a point and shoot setup they find the FOV of the 60mm to be too tight. Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi Sean, There are a few of us on here using Epics, I think we are all waiting for Dragon upgrades to become available. Wetpixel is way less combative than the reduser underwater area, so a few other users may come out of the woodwork. Welcome to the forum.
  6. I took the Dell UP2414Q, realistically I should have got the 32, I will get that later in the year I guess. 24" is too small for a lot of what I do on it. Making raw adjustments on there is a pain! The Eizo is great, but I have nothing to compare it to. When they are both calibrated (Eizo using the inbuilt calibrator, Dell with Datacolour Spyder) they come out pretty similar in terms of colour. Running Windows 8 for now... No trashcan just yet.
  7. I just got the Titan Black to drive my Dell 4k... But i'm only getting 30hz in the drop-down menu. How many Titan blacks are you using, David? My 2nd Gfx card is a lowly GTX670... Have to wait for my next holiday for another Titan. I got one of the new Eizo 277's as well... way nicer than the dell 4k.
  8. Any news on how it does on blues yet?
  9. Took my A7r out today with the Nikonos 15mm. Was fun until I got the images on the computer for a closer look and screened out the out of focus ones! A very brief post about it here: http://nad-lembeh.com/blog/photography/2725/old-school-wide-angle.html
  10. Buoyancy arms should be compulsory in my opinion! Typically the worst reef wreckers are inexperienced people with negative housings. Please take onboard all tips here and gent a nice neutral setup. It will save your wrists and make dives more enjoyable too!
  11. That's terrible... But what the hell was he doing on a motorized skateboard?!
  12. I just watched it on my LG tv at 1080 and liked it. Lionfish and the Anthias shots were my favourites. My 3D TV is only 32" I suspect for an immersive experience it needs to be double that - that's one of the first movies I have watched in 3D so could not even consider myself to be someone who knows anything, but shots that were separated from the edge of the TV seemed to work better in my opinion.
  13. I will also allow it based on experience and also how you dive with our guides.
  14. I'm planning on getting an Eizo for CC... was hoping to steal Mike's one but he cant find out where it is The part that makes my head hurt is connecting it to the computer at 60hz. A monitor with Displayport seems like a much better option. Or the samsung with it's potentially easy to upgrade HDMI setup. No games and no 3D for me. It would only be ued hooked up to my PC.
  15. How about the Samsung F9000? 55" and on sale in Jakarta and seems to be a little 'future proof' with it's breakout box.. But about $6k. Do they have 4k computer monitors in Singapore? I can bring over to here fairly easily and probably would be a much better use of money. I'm editing on windows at the moment, about to upgrade my gfx cards.
  16. Thanks everyone. Just FYI, before someone cries foul - the last clip is a high frame rate slow-mo so the fish looks a bit dopey but I can assure you it was in perfect working order It was disturbed by us being there, but was not 'fed' to the critter per se. David - do you know where I can get a 4k monitor / TV in SE Asia?
  17. Here's one I have thrown together in the last week. It's been a long time since I edited so relearning the software. Friendly pointers and criticism welcomed.
  18. I was in Manado today. A lot of mess but no threat to your June holiday in terms of safety. A lot of debris will have washed into the Bunaken area and there may be dirty water for months with the clean up that's going on. Only time will tell. Lembeh side is fine.
  19. I certainly feel as though my EM-5 is way smaller than the SLR, especially for travel. I'm actually hoping that the housing will fit inside the rossa for a backup travel camera
  20. Here is a photo, attached items included. Will consider splitting if nothing moving by next week.
  21. Hi Okuma, Quite a few people have died in Manado and the surrounding area, and it is still flooded to around the 2nd floor in many houses in central Manado as of this afternoon. As an 'expert' on Lembeh, I am sure you are aware that Manado is on the opposite side of the landmass to Lembeh, so we should not get any fridges / coolers or bodies washing up on this side for a while. When it does happen we will just clean it up. Bitung had some minor flooding but no road closures. There has been minimal trash on my beaches today but a lot of pumice rock. We had some (local) people stuck in Manado yesterday and I believe that the resorts in Bunaken did not dive today because of the large waves. Large Waves + Spring Tides + Crazy Rainfall are a recipe for disaster when combined with poor city planning.
  22. I am in Indonesia but a UK citizen. Price reduced to GBP 4000.
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