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  1. Looks like my camera room! They aren't as small as i thought (A7 / EM-1). Can you do it again with an EM-5 in there too? Having a proper shutter lever for me is the big selling point. It was always horrible to go from an SLR style shutter release to one in the other orientation on my EM-5. Yes, I know, i'm being a big baby.
  2. You may be better off to get a 5Dmk3 before investing in the housings. Most 5Dmk2 housings were not built with video use in mind. I have had both Nauticam and Aquatica for my 5Dmk3 and can recommend both. However the record lever on the Nauticam was better placed for my hands. I do not think Nauticam has a 5Dmk2 housing. Cheers, Simon
  3. Barely used system up for sale. In Indonesia but can send via my guests to many locations if the buyer is happy with that. Nauticam EM-5 Housing only Olympus OM-D EM-5 Camera body with spare battery pack (total 2 batteries) and charger No lens or port included. $1900 or best offer
  4. Hadn't noticed Ambon had been brought into the discussion... So 4 then. In that case i can say that Lembeh isn't the dirtiest To be honest Drew, i feel a bit cornered by what you added there. I have enjoyed all the dives i've done in Ambon (as i did in all of the 4 locations) so not sure why you're putting a spin on the omission, one of my good friends just set up there with Dive into Ambon so well worth a look, and of course Andy's place is well known and established. Wherever you go i'm sure you'd have a good time.
  5. Does anyone have one in the bottom of their wardrobe? Looking to buy!
  6. Hi, Obviously i'm a little biased! All 3 places will give you great opportunities - that is no doubt. Some other things to consider: Diveboats - most people can jump up into a Pinoy Banca no problem but it is not always the most comfortable journey. Tulamben is mostly shore diving. Lembeh is almost all boat diving like Anilao. I consider my boats some of the best in Lembeh (fist-pump ) but even the 'worst' ones are still very comfortable. Rhinopias - They were gone for a while, but I have seen 4 different ones in nov/dec, and there were two other sightings that are still evading me. So 6. Our Rhino's are a mix of adult and juvenile - the juvenile ones do run around a bit. Crowded divesites - The responsible operators in Lembeh (the majority but not all, unfortunately) stick to a 15 divers (including guides) per divesite rule these days. I also dive earlier than other resorts (some dive later, too) - so the net result is the illusion of less divers, and less divers hanging around for a critter. Lembeh also has wide-angle and big fish to rival most places in SE Asia (no hammerheads yet but i'm looking!) but most divers visiting the area are not interested. Weather - Lembeh is very stable and always diveable.
  7. I also did a few tests: In this first one the video camera is a similar crop to a 7D. http://vimeo.com/81576918 The images in this comparison were on a 5Dmk3 with a 1.4 so you can get a similar crop on your 7D: http://nad-lembeh.com/blog/diving-stories/2507/epic-battle-2-smc-vs-mpe-65.html Tomorrow i'm hoping to get the TC on the crop for crazy macro
  8. Hi All, sorry for the late replies - it seems my mails were not downloading to my GMail - oops! Most items have sold, will find out what is still left and make a new post.
  9. Ok, i try again 1 year later! How about GBP 4500 including as above or GBP 4200 without the diopters.
  10. Indeed Bent, You're Danish by heritage arent you? Looks like a great system, and jokes aside i think i'll get one. Bent has been using one for years.
  11. The following items have about 20 dives on them at most (wideangle stuff did two dives!): Straight Viewfinder: $900 8"dome and Shade: $520 18426 macro port: $275 18453 100mm extension: $172 18457 Canon 16-35mm extension (also good for teleconverter on macro setup): $225 18463 Canon 8-15mm extension: $172 48708 Canon 16-35mm zoom gear: $105 Canon 8-15mm focus gear: $105 All items in Yorkshire, UK.
  12. Housing Sold. Viewfinder and ports available. Will make a new thread for them.
  13. Hi Pete, I can make you one, please send me a pm if interested. I fly back to Lembeh in the morning, can send you pictures when you get back. Cheers, Simon
  14. Ha! Glad to see my backer asking questions about the housing. When are you going to buy the camera for me, EJ?
  15. I'll be getting a few of them that's for sure. I use upto 4 housings a day and let my guides set them up so a system like this could certainly give me some welcome insurance. As you say, it wont be long before every manufacturer is offering it. However i'm sure they wont be cheap, so to justify the budget with my wife she'll need to see some benefit from it - which brings me back to compatability with the aforementioned Swedish Pumps
  16. If i need to save on baggage weight will there be an adaptor for my Swedish man pump?
  17. Remember you will need water flow around the LED's for cooling. I am going to do the same thing to allow me to use lower powers for macro where i only need a tight beam. I'll be using drain pipe or wetsuit arm.
  18. PM's sent to both of you, please hurry as i dont have long to sort this out. If these items sell i will make new listings for the ports.
  19. No, located in the UK for easier postage. But i head back to Lembeh on Monday so if you want it, hurry!
  20. Alvin, I will be in Singapore tomorrow for 6 hours... sure you dont want that housing?! Tom, I'm not sure I understand your argument in relation to the D800's settings. With regards to competitions there are usually some 'anything goes' categories with equally good prizes as the other sections that can be entered with cropping.
  21. I think a lot of people forget that the rules of a shootout competition are there for 2 reasons: 1. To try to give all contestants a fair playing field and to challenge the entrants to get the best out of them. 2. To make the judges job as simple as possible on the final day. It takes hours to go through the entries and a the cropping rule is easy to check with the raw file. By some of the arguments here competitions should not ask for a raw file as older digital cameras cannot shoot them without a huge write delay. That would be a huge disadvantage. So should competitions just ask for Jpegs?
  22. Competition entries that prohibit cropping. Had that 'crop up' in our shootout last year.
  23. I rent the OM-D in a Nauticam housing here in Lembeh, not sure if that is much use to you though! Where are you headed?
  24. See EJ, I was saying it needed Red Peaking
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