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  1. Thanks Dru,


    Looks a little on the expensive side, but like the 60fps, would be excellent for behavioral stuff. However, Panasonic, not sure if i trust them enough for a 15000US investment. I'd probably have to buy about 2tb storage, as im working in the industry, so would be using it everyday. I think Veitch has the right idea (im never going to hear the end of that am i Mike :) ) with the Sony and storing the tapes, using SD for now.


    I think your recommendation is a very good one, but probably not the right one for me as working on boats tends to kill solid state cards and HDD's


    Let me know what its like when you try it out!!


  2. Hi Guys,


    Im about to invest my cash on something which im not 100% sure about!!


    Im looking at the Sony HDR-Z1, and i think the Gates housing. From what i have heard and seen the Amphibico housing has Vignetting issues. I dont know anything about the newer L&M line, but dont really fancy that one anyway!


    Does the Gates have vignetting issues for any of its ports??



    What are the Field of Views for the different ports (Ithink the SWP44 is 120) but what about the wp44 - does it exist....


    Does anyone have one of these rigs.. Would i be better going for a D2x for now and looking at video in a few months?






    Nexus D70

    Amphibico VX2000

    Subal N90

    Subal N8008

  3. Try the Ultralight BA-AQW at ulcs


    I've had the dovetail adaptors before and they sucked, it cost me a F90 Subal housing due to them working loose on the boat ride then a friend picking it up by the arm to wash it - Bang- on the floor in pieces!! No Insurance.


    For use with the 12-24mm or 10.5mm i strongly recommend this mount for the top of your handles, in conjunction with the carbon fiber arms (1" balls, no oring), i do not have the proper ulcs adapter for my 125, just the normal ikelite ball (1.25") and a combination of ikelite and ultralight clamps



  4. Hi Lambis,


    I also use a Nexus D70, and i have a carbon-fiber arm made by an Italian Designer - 'CarbonLight'. I've used it a lot (Every day for about a year) and it has come lose a couple of times, but only when i have not put it back properly. That said NEVER let anyone pick up your camera with one of these arms! People tend to grab it right where the release is.


    I have used Ikelite arms, and found these to be of superior quality, especially as the release still works without any maintanence, the Ike one i had in the past froze after a couple of weeks.


    Sorry i dont have a name for the retailer, it was given to me by another guest in Galapagos, i'll try and find his card.





    Forgot to add - Using with ds125s and Ultralight arms

  5. Ahh Mikey,


    Captain Simon to you my lad!


    Pictures are coming, but very slowly due to a broken screen on my laptop!


    Most of my pics can be seen at Blue Reef Adventures. When i work out how to upload a picture i'll put some new ones in here. However, in the 2 years i was in the Tuamotus i probably got to check my emails about 3 times, so im having to relearn things! Which is more than can be said for you, 1200+ posts do you ever do any work!!!


    But yes, I am going to the Pub, for a nice Hinano!


    My email is:



  6. Hi Guys,


    I have an 8 months old Nexus D70 rig, Includes fp170 Domeport, extension tube, multiport 105 (allows manual focus), closeup wetlens, and for the right price the camera-body too. Has been used extensively in French Polynesia, so has a few scratches from the Sharks.


    The housing has seen a lot of stuff, and always delivered quality shots. Tigers, Hammerheads, Whales, Clownfish etc.



    Based in the UK at present, but will probably be heading back over to the States in late Jan.


    Please email with any questions,


    Simon Buxton


    Hi folks, gone back to work now, so no longer available, it will be on the market again in a couple of months, but cheaper!

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