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  1. Hi Guys,


    Thanks for the recommendations :)


    Unfortunately i only speak Spanish after 4 beers ;) But i am multilingual in Canon and Nikon :lol:


    Wherever you stay in Lembeh it is going to be fun, Kaj from KBR is also member here and has a nice thread running in the video section. I dont want to make an overtly commercial post as i know that is frowned upon here, so if you need to ask anything... you know where to find me.





    PS. Bent; Kelly is a Guy, and bigger than you :rofl:

  2. I got a mini-excavator from my wife, which means by my wife's birthday she'll get a swimming pool and i'll have a bad back!


    Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. :)


    For photo things i got a 1tb external HD which is always nice.


    And my New Years Resolution is to go diving at least once a week. :)

  3. Hi guys,


    I finally started diving again, and i'm going to push myself to shoot video as a priority. I have spent 4 days charge/discharging my batteries and had to rebuild the batterypack on my monitor, now it's all working well.


    Video Below shot with Sony Ex-1 in a Sealux housing with Light and Motion Sunray 2000 LED's. The Clip was shot on my housereef, so i could sit and wait for the best sequence. Shot over 2 dives without recharging the batteries. :)


    In a strange twist of events, i'm now starting to like my sealux housing :D The only issue is weight distribution, and i think i've got that almost fixed. First i hire a German Manager, now i like Sealux... Next i'll be in Lederhosen doing that strange Bavarian Dance.


    Mantis Sequence:



    And here's the little short i made lastnight.



  4. Hi All,


    I would like to ask for the group consensus on uw photography ethics. Over the last year we have seen rather a few frogfish with grossly distended bellies and guides continuing to feed them, which has led to some discussion amongst the operators about the feeding of animals in the Lembeh Straits and what to do about it. As operators most of us are against this practice as we feel our frogfish are special enough on their own merit. I would like to ask what photographers think. Do you see value in a picture of a grossly overfed fish? Is video of a stunned sand diver being eaten by something of any value?


    Some of the arguments for feeding (from guides) have been the following:


    We disturb the animals for so much of their day, so they don't have time to hunt properly, so giving them a little gift is a fair compensation

    Frogfish cant overfeed anyway - they'll stop when they are full..

    Its really cool to watch

    The guests always tell us to do it

    No-One has ever complained


    Arguments against feeding have been the following:


    It's not natural

    The Frogfish *could* die

    Sacrificing a smaller fish isnt really very fair!

    Some guests really hate it


    We have been talking with our guides over the last year (as have many other resorts) and telling them that it's not a good thing to do. But as you can see from the above there is still some demand for this type of scenario. I have seen it and done it as a guide before, but i think a line has to be drawn somewhere and it happening every day is not acceptable, so it should be stopped.


    As a responsible operator, i feel that we have made significant steps in reducing this behaviour in our resort - but would like to ask that people visiting Lembeh with us or anyone else let their guides know how they feel about this practise (hopefully telling them not to do it rather than encouraging them! :) ).


    Disclaimer - I am posting here as a wetpixeller, not a business. I am also not naive enough to believe that my guides don't do it when we're not looking... That's why i'm posting here - we hope that together the people who love Lembeh can help keep it great :D. Also, this is not to say that all sequences of animals feeding in Lembeh are fake, it does happen naturally quite often, especially here as the critters are so used to divers.


    I am sure most people will be against this, but if someone is for it, please dont lynch them! It would be interesting to hear both sides.

  5. Hi Bent,


    Pulau Dua was the first site.


    Hopefully in March the weather will be good and we can head over there again ;)


    Did the ghost pipefish shots from the wreck turn out ok?




    East Lembeh would be on the other side of the Lembeh island compared to the strait sites. It would probably be more correct to call it south-east Lembeh. We dove two sites, the first with some current and great sponges was called Batu dua, the other further away seemingly without a name (could be called Batu satu). It had great canyons with loads of soft corals. There were other submerged pinnacles close to that site, but we did not have time to dive them. I would really like to spend some time there, there seemed to be quite a lot to look at in that area.





  6. Hi folks,


    I have a baby on the way, so time to free up some $$$!


    As above, hardly used Sealux EX-1 system available, camera has either been in drycabinet or the housing since i bought it.


    Please make offers if interested.


    In addition to the housing and camera, have wideanlge port and lens, stackable custom made dioptres and LMI Sunray 2000 LED lights.


    Equipment based in Lembeh, Indonesia.

  7. I think it is a personal preference, but what i found strange was that with the 45degree i used to get really, really frustrated in night dives.


    Trying to find the correct angle to look through the viewfinder, then also the subject. Now with teh 180 i love night diving. maybe i'm weird ;)


    I used the 45 everyday for years and loved it for marco here in Indo, but to be honest now with the 180 i cant see my putting the 45 back on other than for specialist situations. The nauticam 180 is so bright and big i think it might have taken the shine off the 45 for me.


    Maybe i'll try a dive with the 45 to see if i fall in love again. :D

  8. I feel a little bad to "expose" the "offending" dive centre/resort on the forum/s. But would privately inform my diving friends about them... I would also inform the guides that I don't appreciate them moving things, i.e. folding the sea fan to expose the pygmy seahorses, moving rocks to expose the shrimps (a tiger shrimp was nearly devoured by the opportunistic fishes, after being photographed because the guide torn the place apart... :D ) etc...

    bonniemckenna, I will PM u to ask abt the dive centre/resort, in nov, will be gg to Lembeh & a friend is gg to Raja Ampat... Thanks!


    I'm not sure exposing the Divecentre will actually help. All the operators here would be appalled to know that one of their staff was doing this kind of stuff, but to be honest you never know what the staff get upto when you're not in the water with them. Sometimes the guests lean on them pretty hard to do naughty things.


    I'd suggest for anyone seeing bad behaviour in Lembeh to contact the DiveCentre directly with the date/time/divesite so they can refer back to the records and reprimand the diveguide in question.

  9. Hi there,


    I have both viewfinders, and to be honest i never user the 45degree. It's just sitting there on the shelf! I might use it more often when i shoot the bug eye lens a lot - but even after using 45degree finders for years on my nexus, I much prefer the straight through one, especially for night dives. If you want to save some $$ could you use the Inon 180? I think you could.


    If you happen to be in Lembeh in the near future let me know and you can try them out if scuba symphony doesnt have them available for loan.






  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, i was using Sunray 2000 lights.


    The autofocus is painful but i use the Ex-1 on Manual focus so it wasnt a big step.


    The big difference between the 2 setups for me was what i could do with the footage in post. I think if you want to shoot some video and chuck it online or on an ipad etc and let people have a look then the 7D is fantastic. The EX-1 needs more colour correction ( i have mine set to the bbc colour recommendations) but will probably give a better result after more tweaking.


    I probably will not travel with the EX-1 other than for specific commissions anymore though, the 7D was great fun and easy to travel with. As Drew said you can play around with different domes and floats to correct for different lenses and balance issues.


    For my angelic voice, i get quiet here in a few days so i might have time to redo it as people have suggested (or get the wife to do it).

  11. Sadly i'm seeing quite a bit of bleaching in both the north and south of the Komodo National Park, interestingly in Alor there wasn't as much even though the water was about the same temp. The South of Komodo had bleached corals even though it was only 22degrees! I'm guessing the corals down there have different tolerance limits.


    Most Anemones we've seen have been white or turning white too. i'll try and get a decent library of bleached shots for reference on this next trip.

  12. I'm using my 3G one here in Indonesia, those worried about roaming can take a visit to the Telkomsel service centre in Denpasar, Bali and they will custom fit a sim card for you (micro sims are planned out here). The plan i currently have works out at about $10 per gig of data. To topup the voucher you need to send the credit to the ipad electronically, but you can do that from pretty much any credit shop out here (or your own phone if you know how). But, i think the 3G model is a bit of a waste of money now i have it in my hands. I'd rather use my 3G model on my MBP combined with laaunch2net's newest software to create a wifi hotspot - gives the same result and cheaper data rates.


    On a side note, i have exported photos in both adobeRGB and sRGB and both look a little unsaturated, any tips on getting the best out of the screen? I cant find any reliable info on what colour space to use.

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