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  1. Stew, i think you're getting good enough to merit a watermark these days. Put one on so they dont get stolen!


    A pictionary image of a rock would suit you well...



    Oh and good images, of course the ones with the remote snoot are the best :B):

  2. I'm stuck in Lembeh :D


    I'm only looking at bbc online from time to time... Is May a serious time frame for flights getting back to normal?


    Are people in the UK getting ash falling or is it just 'thick' air stopping the planes flying?




    Disclaimer: written after 2 bottles of wine with MV, just incase i sound stupid :lol:

  3. Hi David,


    Did you find a replacement camera yet?


    There are a couple of airlines i have flown in Indo and not felt safe on, Batavia is one of them! Lion Air, Garuda and Express Air were all nice. Merpati isnt bad either.


    I didnt realise you'd paid with Paypal for your incoming ticket... That is useful info, but Batavia would be my last option!

  4. Are you looking at North Sulawesi in particular or Sulawesi as a whole? The standard places to dive in Sulawesi are Bunaken and Lembeh, then to a lesser extent the Gangga, Togians, Gorontalo. These are all in the northern part of Sulawesi Island.


    In the south there is Wakatobi, and many new smaller islands that people are diving although as they are new they aren't well known, and i few places in central Sulawesi.


    If you want a Lembeh/Bunaken combo then there are many places to suit your budget. On wetpixel there is the management from Bastianos, KBR and NAD-Lembeh and probably some others too. I'm sure they'll post something when they see the thread. Most of our photographers that come through our resort stay in Lembeh for most of their stay and tack on a few days on the beaches in Bunaken 'to please the wife' (Not my quote!)

  5. Makassar is a good option, however the connecting flights to Manado are often the same flight as from Jakarta as Makassar is a hub with a 20min stopover for flights from Jakarta.


    Jakarta is very, very easy to clear immigration too, without too many questions about shiney cameras.


    I personally prefer Jakarta as my point of entry into indo for getting asked the least amount of options and the sheer volume of airlines servicing there.

  6. Flying via Silk will cost a lot more. If you want to save some money do the following:


    I would suggest flying KL to Jakarta, Bali or Makassar then getting a connecting flight to Manado.


    I am checking which schedule will allow guests to arrive on the same day as you would have before. The kicker is that you cannot book domestic Indonesian tickets on a foreign credit card. My wife is working on an option to send e-tickets for those that need them, most likely paying to my account in the UK to save on fees.


    It's going to be a tough hit for us in Lembeh, but i believe it wont be too much different doing what is outlined above, just an extra flight and a fun new airport to visit. Why they didnt reduce it to one flight a week i do not know.


    Stew, please email me your flight details for arriving to KL and i will see what i can do for that.

  7. Hi everyone,


    I was at NAD Lembeh & just got back 2 days ago. I wanted to write a trip report, but I'm kinda sucks in writing so I'll just keep simple & short. :)


    I was there from the 28 Jan - 2 Feb 2010 and basically, did 11 dives during my stay, but the weather wasn't that great and visibility was kinda poor too. However, I had a great time & was playing with my DIY snoot most of time.

    Overall, it was a fantastic trip and the staffs of the resort were friendly & helpful, the dive team was great & experience and not to mentioned the 2 hosts, Mike & Simon. Thanks for the great hospitality, boys.


    Now, here are some of the pictures I took during the trip... Enjoy!




    Nice self portrait Mr Ed!


    Good to see you again.



    His little snoot is about 1cm wide and the tube is about 4cm long...








    The one for the strobe is the same size too :good:

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