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  1. I was curious to see what it would cost to buy existing portable devices to do what the iPad can do. I went to Best Buy to find the cheapest devices that could do this. This is what I came up with.


    Netbook for surfing the web, $329

    16 GB MP3 player, $199

    eBook reader, $199

    9" DVD player $119

    Nintendo DS portable game system, $129.


    There is a total cost there of $975.


    This compares to the $499 cost of a 16 GB iPad. The large Kindle reader itself cost only $10 less than the iPad.


    For $629 you can get 3G which I believe gives you GPS. Lowest cost GPS at Best Buy is $96.


    Indeed you can get the 64 GB iPad with 3G for $829



    So you can see this devices gives you a lot of value for the money. In one integrated streamlined package.


    It will be a big success. So the question becomes how does it integrate into photography and travel, especially air travel?


    Is suspect that we will see a version of iPhoto that will enable examination of photos and moderate manipulation.


    I find the iPod touch great for showing off my photos now. This device could clearly do a much better job of this. I suspect for non professional vacations/photo shoots that this device could replace or supplement a laptop.


    Wouldn't item 1 (netbook) on the list do all the jobs that the others on the list do? Granted it isnt the best for your eyes reading large documents on the netbook.



    (I still want an ipad though, it will replace my beside the bed netbook)

  2. Lembeh typically gets a lot less rain than the Manado side, i think you were just unlucky. I remember June / July being fairly dry :s Now it's the 'wet' season and we have daily showers in the evening but its not too bad.


    My wife just goes shopping in Manado when the weather is crappy, either that or the wii comes out!


    For Resorts with pools we dont make that list, depending on Budget i'd try Lembeh Resort, KBR or Bastianos.

  3. Still available...


    Potential Buyer doesnt seem to answer emails since agreeing to send over. So all open again. Away from the resort for the next few days, will post pics when i get back.


    This time i wont take it off the market until i have a paypal payment notification :D

  4. Yikes!


    I've been overwhelmed with responses! I have one pending buyer via direct email. Should the sale fall though i will give preference to those wishing to purchase the most items as a set.



    105mm VR Macro Port: $300

    FP170 Dome port: $350

    20mm, 40mm, 60mm extension ring: $350


    Purchasing the whole lot will also gain a flat port for use with many lenses (in conjunction with the extension rings), a baby dome port for the 20mm and all the other bits 'n' pieces ive accumulated over the years for this housing.

  5. Nexus D200 Housing with D200 camera body. The Housing also has a conversion kit for a D300 (i have been using it with the D300 for months now). $1300


    The housing is well used but in good condition. Comes with the standard back, no ports or arms etc. Just a body cap for the housing. Ports available on request.


    For an extra $400 can supply the INON 45degree viewfinder.


    Based in Lembeh, Indonesia.

  6. In very good condition, pretty much mint.


    Has been stored in a humidity proof camera cabinet here in Indonesia, and is available starting at $1200. Please make me some offers via PM.


    I also have the lens gears available for NEXUS housings should anyone wish to purchase them seperately or as a package with the lens.


    A great lens for macro and Lembeh, if you dont live here!


    Or email me at Simon@ the website in my signature.

  7. I have attached a screen grab as an exaple, hardly any post on it at all, but you can see the two are different. Or could it just be the way quicktime / vlc etc display the clip?


    Render settings are all ticked, and i havent changedany audio etc on this clip.


    Steve - i's searched ken stone but not posted, i dont think i have time for another forum these days!


    Thanks for the input (except for Dean).


  8. Hi All,


    When i export my timeline from fcp it seems to be ignoring my filter / composite settings and basically just spitting out the normal colour without any of my post work included. I've tried using Compressor and the quicktime export, both are the same.


    Anyone have any tips? Tried on kenstone etc but not getting anywhere.

  9. I have some Light and Motion LED 2000's which havent been used for a while (but have been topped up on the charger). They dont like to give me full power anymore, and im wondering if anyone knows of a way to use a bigger battery pack with them? The connection is Halcyon branded, does anyone know if i can get their canister light battery casing and use that? Would probably only be for full power i guess, as it wouldnt have the electronics for variable power.


    Alternatively, i looked back through the threads at the replacement battery thread a while back.. Bottom of Sim Lin tower in Singapore was recommended for rebuilding packs... does anyone know if the shop is still there? And maybe a name?


    Hoping to get this working before my honeymoon next month :(

  10. The following Items are for Sale and can be shipped from Manado - Indonesia, or KL - Malaysia. All items are in good condition, most are new or as new. Most was purchased to use as rental equipment but it didn't work out, and now i have a wedding to pay for!


    Sea and Sea DX-1G Brand New in Box $600

    Including extra charger and battery


    Sea and Sea DX-1200HD Brand New in Box $400


    Sea and Sea YS-17 Strobe with Grip(Used 5 times) $270


    Inon Arm System for use with G9 etc $250

    Bracket, 2 clamps, Inon Mount and Fibre optic cable for Inon


    (2) INON UCL-165M67 Close Up Lens $120 each

    Brand New in Box.


    INON UW close up lens#3 for ringflash $140


    Sea and Sea TTL Converter (newest Model) New, Boxed. $450

  11. Actually, correct spelling means a great deal.


    If you had not LEARNED the words and how they were spelled, you would not have progressed to the gestalt-recognition of the same letters in a somewhat-scrambled but still properly delimited (first and last) order.


    This just shows that once a person has learned to read well, he is no longer parsing at the per-letter stage. Replace:


    it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are


    With the equivalent trick, keeping first and last letters unchanged but making very near phonetic substitutions and word length changes by doubling or not doubling some letters (and I'll even not cheat, keeping my phonetic substitutions together like "uh" for a short e preceding an r):


    it de'nzut mautr in wut oduhrr the lruhtes in a wred are


    And you likely would not have gotten it without seeing the original. Of course the above example has lots of 2 to 3 word letters that don't change for syntax-recognition as well....a learned reader doesn't just comprehend at the per-word level but at the phrase and sentence-structure level as well. Which is why about the first things cryptologists do is break things into uniform size substructures (e.g. XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX vs. XXX X XXXX XX XXXXXX) besides all the substitution games.


    So spelling mattered - it trained you to recognize and parse language even when words are misspelled, not instead of having learned how to spell.



    I totally agree with this.


    I'm dyslexic and mildly stupid :) It took me some time to grasp certain parts of the English Language as a kid, and i still struggle with some of it today. However i can tell when something that i've written isn't right, and it bugs me to the point that I'm starting to think I'm a pedant.


    Forum Speak and MSN are full of spelling errors and it doesn't really matter, but there's nothing more annoying than an official communication between two Native English speakers that's riddled with errors that would be picked up by spell check! (Cue me making many errors in all my work email for the next 2 weeks!).


    Although, that's not to say that people who mis-spell things aren't smart - i guess everyone's brains are wired differently! :) Just look at Dean, a complete muppet but 'teh' BBC have seen his value :)


    In Indonesia the locals like to drop all the vowels out of words during text messaging, it sure makes things difficult!


    Does anyone else speaking a foreign language on a daily basis feel their native tongue is in decline?

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