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    Sony PMW-EX1
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    But also 2x VX2000 in Ikelite housings
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    and some Panasonic TZ series still cameras
  1. If you got problem getting your housing from B&H, I've got a used one here to sell, ready to post. Enjoy your trip
  2. I've been renting out panasonic packages (tz3, tz4, tz7, zs1, zs3 w/ corresponding housings) for the last 3 years and everybody is happy with those settings. I did flood a couple thow as the latch is a little bit too easy to slide open when misholding. To prevent that, I now drill a small hole in the white plastic cover and cable tie (nothing a cable tie can't fix, really) Since then, no flood... Maybe you should consider doing the same.. But don't drill the housing Dan.
  3. Cinematography (from Greek: kinema - κίνημα "movement" and graphein - γράφειν "to record"), is the making of lighting and camera choices when recording photographic images for the cinema. It is closely related to the art of still photography. Many additional issues arise when both the camera and elements of the scene may be in motion, though this also greatly increases the creative possibilities of the process. Why all those photographers do slideshows or galleries so that people can sea multiple images ? Why all those videographers love freezing to a still image when they get a perfect shot ? The definition said it all : videographers have (or should have) a greater creativity, that's all ... Dan.
  4. We still use VX200 for daily UW videos, good enough for low price DVDs. If you don't plan sending it to Africa, I'll get it and pay postage costs to Australia Daniel
  5. Hi everybody, I'm looking for people that have this specific PMW-EX1 + HD10 settings. Since my purchase of the Equinox housing 10 months ago, I've got issues with the dome port provided on focusing and wide angle lens usage. As such, I've not been able to shoot a decent video out of this setup yet. The dome has been swapped three times, but the result is still not convincing. I'd also like too to share some feedbacks on the HD10 usage by itself. Thanks ps: Erik, please resist the temptation of telling us how good your housings are, I want real users feedback. Thanks.
  6. Well, the video on the site is of poor quality, but definitely feature two distinct specimen. First, we've got H. hassi with no doubts. But then I spent five good minutes observing this one (which was part of another colony, approx 80 m. away) and it never looked "normal". Now, looking at it with a different angle, it may be one individual with the bottom portion of the mouth missing... As this part was sligthly moving I thought it was the whole mouth gaping some food. But it could be that poor fellow, head tilted back trying to feed like the others... a view from face would have probably shown a big hole. to compare to the normal and mouthless one: Mike, I think that was a good guess. Bty, you can now on tick that we got ornate rays in Australia too ( Milln Reef , Cairns ) ... Cheers.
  7. Hi folks, First, this garden eel, that is totally different in shape from the standard spotted garden eel (Heteroconger hassi), but I was not able to find any reference.. Any hint ? (to see a short clip, go to my gallery ) Now, I also cross that one, which looks like an eagle ray, but not the common spotted one. continuous skin from snout to eagle and maze pattern on the back. Ornate eagle ray ? Thank for your valuable help. See you soon underwater Daniel
  8. Not enough experience to be really helpful, but personally, I love the 'Three Sisters' on Mill'n Reef. B) Dan.
  9. Interrested by the package... Follow-up in PM
  10. Totally agree with Tim, you'll find the necessary gear on-site, a digital point-and-shoot package is really fine. I did my Padi UW photo certification there and that was excellent (Used CDC - Cairns Dive Center on Kangaroo Explorer)... But the most important is you The GBR is astounding, but fragile. Control where your fins are before shooting ! Now, I have to warn you that, personally, it caused me to be so hooked with this environment that I'm in the process of creating a new shop in Cairns B) for Digital Imaging, Photo equipment renting, photo sessions, video sessions and post-production... (no, it's not advertising, and hope Peter will not kill me) ... Now, I doubt being ready in early November, but if it's the case, you'll have a supplementary address to hop in Enjoy your trip ! Dan.
  11. Some more info I got today: 1) Seacam Our HD/H1 housing is available and consist of an updated DV/S7 housing. The housing has a metallic gray finish w/silver graphics and black lens and handles. The housing will cost $1699.00, and will include a 4" high resolution TFT/LCD color monitor. 2) Silverfish The price for the housing including one set of four mignon cells is EUR 1,799.00, VAT included, forwarding expenses not included. You may order directly at AVD Videoproduktion. According to the technical description the new SONY HDR HC1 is compatible with SILVERFISH (dimensions and LANC connectivity). Only an adapter for the audio/video output is necessary (available at AVD Videoproduktion, 49 EUR). The company HGVT offers the service to extend the functional assignment of the push button switches by additional functions corresponding with customer-specific wishes. For this purpose, the equipment has to be sent in to HGVT. More information available at HGVT only.
  12. Back on the housings available, the latest news I have is the soon availability of the Seacam's HD/H1 and the current availability of the Silverfish (from AVD Videoproduktion GmbH). The latest is a generic housing for lanc-compliant camcorders. So, the question is What could be the advantages of a dedicated housing compared to an generic one supporting lanc ? In the case a generic one is fine, what are the others lanc-compliant housings (not too big ). In order to use the still/photo mode, I suppose the horseshoe have to be used to have control on an external TTL, that is to say the housing must have the appropriate internal wiring... Any experience on that ? PS: havent found the appropriate codec either to play the Reefkeep's clip Thanks, Dan.
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