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  1. Yes it is! Shipping to UK (via fedex international) is around $75. It will take about a week. Thank you! Shin
  2. Like New Nauticam NA-GX7 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GX7 for sale, $1200 or the best offer! (originally $1550) I also sell M16 Vacuum Valve together or separately, $150 separately, $100 together with the housing. (original price is $220) All the boxes and original contents are included. This housing is amazing. It's very small like a compact camera housing but you can use all the function of this amazing camera. This package will make a really small underwater solution to take it anywhere. This sale doesn't include any ports or a camera. I'm selling it because now I upgraded to GH4 system. Here are some of the photos and videos I took in Catalina Island with this setup: http://shinsakuarima.zenfolio.com/p830550251 Shin
  3. Rokinon (Samyang is other name, but same lens) makes 8mm f3.5 Fisheye lens for dirt cheap price. You can find them used under $200. It could be a very economical alternative to Panasonic 8mm. I have both lenses and I actually likes flare pattern of Rokinon better than Panasonic. It makes very clear star-like flare. You may need to create a focus ring using 3D printer if you want to focus though. I also use Olympus 12mm for underwater portrait. It's just about right angle of view to shoot human size subject from 10 feet or so. This image is taken with Panasonic GX7 in Nauticam housing, Olympus 12mm f2. I used a burst mode (40 frames per second!) so I can choose an perfect image later. http://shinsakuarima.zenfolio.com/p943403279/h22975e87#h22975e87
  4. I own Hollis FX100 and I have been diving with drysuits in California for past year. I also never really use my BCD for buoyancy control when I'm diving with my drysuits. Just a little puff in my drysuit is all I need to stay neutrally buoyant. This mainly come from I'm using steel tanks, so I don't need to have an extra weights for the end of the dive when I'm using aluminum tanks. There are couple tips I learned while using drysuits: 1. you can easily remedy floaty feet by tacking legs in and roll forward, this will shift air toward upper body and you can vent it out. Your center of gravity is right around your mid body, so it's very easy to use it as a pivot and roll. 2. lubricate zippers well with beeswax bars every dive and after dive before you put it back in a secure bag. 3. use talc powder liberally to each latex seals before each dive and before storing. (Don't do this to neoprene seals). 4. When you pull a head through latex seal, it's easier to turn your head sideway 90 degrees, so your side of the face is facing forward. Use a twisting motion instead of forcing through (same for wrists). 5. Never bend a zipper area, keep zipper area flat when you are storing or drying (of course hang dry in a shade!). Happy drysuiting!
  5. I had a scuba diving trip to Utila Island (and Roatan Island) in Honduras in August. It's a quick flight from United States to Roatan through Houston. You will fly over Belize Blue Hole on the way. You need to take a boat or small plane flight from Roatan to Utila. It takes about 3 hours by a small boat. I stayed at Utila for four days and dove three days. My dive shop of choice was Utila Dive Center (UDC). People there are an excellent and diving in Utila is really inexpensive! It's only $30 for two dives since I brought all of my diving equipment. Photos are taken with Panasonic GX7 with Nauticam NA-GX7 housing and YS-D1 + YS-02 strobes. This outfit makes a great small system. I hand carried all my expensive diving gear in 1510 Pelican Case. Water was very warm and very salty! You will need more weights to sink in this part of sea. Island itself is a great place to explorer. I especially liked a graveyard up the hill. Overall I highly recommend to get to Utila and spend at least three days. Thank you for reading! Here is the gallery: http://shinsakuarima.zenfolio.com/p325703177 Shin
  6. Hi!! This is Shin from Arizona, Phoenix area. We only have lakes to dive, but there are many active scuba divers and underwater photographers in the state. I currently use GH4 with Nauticam housing + two YS-D1 strobes and GoPro3+ for additional video work. Please check out my videos and photos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPumDJ-JJQUi4zt8wQ-POyA http://shinsakuarima.zenfolio.com/p943403279 Happy shooting!
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