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  1. Price reduction package price is $4,200
  2. Everything you need to jump in water and start shooting. $4,500 if buying complete package. I will part out to interested persons. Buyer pays for shipping. More pictures available upon request.
  3. You guys are SUPER! Thank you for all the suggestions, I had a great dive trip!
  4. If this question comment has been asked before I apologize. I have recently upgraded from Nikon D800 in a Nauticam housing to a Nikon D850 also in a Nauticam housing. Nauticam housing for D800 used a paddle for ISO on left hand thumb and allowed easy changing of ISO without having to remove hands from handles. The Nauticam housing for D850 uses more of a thumb lever located under the trigger for shutter. Has anyone figured out a way/technique of using the ISO lever without taking hands off the trigger for the shutter? Thanks in Advance, ITT
  5. D-850 Housing purchased. Happiness and Joy reign.
  6. Any offer accepted. I really want to get this device to a useful home rather than landfill. I am now shooting with a D850 and fiber. ITT
  7. Price has been dropped to $100 buyer pays for shipping.
  8. Bought the viewfinder from a chap in Italy. Still looking for the Nauticam Housing.
  9. This is the inline TTL link for Nikon. Purchased new and never used (I switched over to fiber). Ikelite Item #46051 Asking $175 includes ground shipping to US. Hope someone can use this item, been sitting on my shelf.
  10. Looking to buy a Nauticam Housing for Nikon D850. I already have a D800 but would also be interested in Wide Angle lens & 45deg view finder.
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