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  1. Well it looks like we are stuck on Guadalcanal for 4 days, so we would like to do some diving around there. Can anyone suggest a good dive shop in Honiara?
  2. Strobes have been sold. Thanks for all the interest
  3. Please e-mail me at mge@eppoliti.com. Thanks
  4. They are up on e-bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/140747999779?ssPag...984.m1558.l2649
  5. Thanks. I'm open to reasonable offers.
  6. I have two perfectly functional YS90-DX strobes for sale. They are also in good cosmetic shape with only the usual scuff and scratches you would expect. They both have Ultralight adapters and diffusers. I don't know what they are worth, so I'm open to reasonable offers. I would prefer to sell them both. If you are interested I can email you photos. Please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com
  7. It's the acrylic one. Thanks, Michael
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! Considering Gizo since the last time we were on the Bilikiki we dived extensively around Munda.
  9. Email me an offer at mge@eppoliti.com
  10. I'm cleaning out my scuba closet and have the following items for sale. I'll keep them on here for a while then on to ebay: Wetsuits/Dysuits Bare NextGen Drysuit XL, back zip, used on one trip to the Red Sea. Color= black. Great condition Pinnacle elastaprine 3mm full wetsuit, XL, lightly used. Color= Black. Great Condition Scuba Pro 1/2 mil full wetsuit, XL, used once. Color= Black. Great condition Seaquest 3mm shorty, lightly used, XL, Color= Blue/black. Great condition Camera Gear Sea & Sea 8" dome port with neoprene cover. Very good condition. Sea & Sea flat port with neoprene cover. Very good condition. Nikon D100 body. Good shape. Sigma 15mm FE, 2.8DX, Nikon mount. Excellent shape. L&M Mako video system, case, lights, camera, chargers, etc. Everything you will need to shoot video. Good shape Will consider all reasonable offers. Contact me at mge@eppoliti.com. I have photos Thanks Michael
  11. Thanks. Please keep the suggestions coming. We are seriously considering the Gizo option
  12. I'm going back to the Solomon's for a 10 charter on the Bilikiki in July, I was last there 6 years ago. The problem this time is that the only flight available gets us into Honiara 4 days before the charter date. When I was there last, I went on a pretty extensive WW2 land tour. Can anyone suggest other things to do while we are killing time? Diving opportunities, other islands, etc?
  13. As a follow up, I rented the zen mini dome with a tokina 10-17. It is a fantastic combo. Anyone who is considering purchasing one of these ports, don't hesitate you will love it.
  14. I have a Titan d100 housing. Email me at mge@eppoliti.com if you are interested
  15. I have no problem switching to a tokina 10-17. I found a couple of places to rent the lens and if I like the setup I'll buy it. Thanks for the help!
  16. Thanks Ryan. How much to rent one for a week? I'll see if I can rent a 10-17 as well.
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm using a sigma 15mm FE
  18. I am considering a zen 4" mini dome port, but I don't want to drop $900 without giving it a try. Does anyone know of a place where I can rent one for a week? I'm going to Belize next month on the aggressor. I thought it was worth a shot to ask. I shoot wide angle primarily with a a 15mm FE, nikon d300 in a sea & sea housing. Thanks for any suggestions Michael
  19. I've got one. Contact me at mge@eppoliti.com
  20. I need some suggestions for re-chargeable batteries. I'm currently using ansmann and I'm not happy with the size of the charger and battery performance. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  21. I would. You can contact me at mge@eppoliti.com to discuss it further.
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