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  1. Still available. Great deal for anyone who wants to get into a DSLR!
  2. Here is the link to photos of the equipment for those who might be interested. Light & Motion Titan D100
  3. Thanks. I know that the D100 is older technology, but I have had great results with it. I purchased the housing, D100 body and macro port a few years ago from another wetpixel member. He gave me a good deal so I wanted to pass it along to another wetpixel member if possible. I have since added the domeport, gears, port ext, and other misc parts. I can email photos to anyone who is interested.
  4. Light & Motion Titan D100 housing w/dual Nikonos bulkheads Light & Motion 8” Dome Port Light & Motion macro port Titan owners manual Multiple o-ring sets ROC Battery replacement kits Electronics replacement kit Handle removal tool Battery boards 17-35mm zoom ring 60mm focus ring 60mm M/A ring 20mm focus ring 105mm focus ring 12-24 zoom ring #1 port extension #2 port extension #3 port extension Subal port adapter Nikon D100 body 2 Nikon Batteries Nikon charger USB cord D100 owners manual All very well cared for. Moving up to a D300. $1,550.00 including shipping to the 48 states Contact me at mge@eppoliti.com
  5. I am looking for a used housing for a Nikon D300. I will conider anything but Ikelite. Please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com. Thanks, Michael
  6. I'm looking to but a used Aquatica D300 housing. Please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com if you know of one that is available. Thanks, Michael
  7. I'm thinking about upgrading my current system and was looking for some suggestions: I will be shooting a D300 and I really like the Aquatica housing. Any comments or suggestions? I currently use (2) YS-90DX's, should I upgrade to something else? If so what should I get? Any suggestions are appreciated. Michael
  8. I am planning a trip for myself and a friend in 2011 and I'm looking for some location suggestions. This is my wish list: Pacific or Indian oceans, warm clear water, WW2 wrecks and history preferable and good fishing. We can be land based or liveaboard. That being said, I have already been to the following pacific locations: Truk, Palau, Fiji, Bora Bora, Solomon Islands, Raja Ampat and Hawaii. We were considering the Oleanda Liveaboard in the Marshall's before I found out it is out of business. We were are also considering PNG. Remoteness is a plus from our standpoint and we are not worried about roughing it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Michael
  9. Sorry that your sale fell through. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still interested in the housing. MIchael
  10. I'm looking to purchase a D300 body. I would rather buy it from a Wetpixel member before picking one up on e-bay. If you have one that you want to sell, please send me an email at mge@eppoliti.com. Thanks, Michael
  11. I just received this email. "Michael Thank you for your interest in Rongelap Expeditions and the Marshall Islands. Rongelap Expeditions has suspended operations indefinitely. However, there are land based dive operations in the Marshall islands. To obtain information on diving in the Marshall Islands, please contact: Bill Weza Marshalls Islands Visitors Authority Vice Chairman/Marshall Islands Hotel General Manager Email: mirhtl@ntamar.net Phone: 692-625-2525 (Hotel) Cell: 692-455-0872 Antonio (Jun) Reyes Rongelap Atoll Local Government Chief Financial Officer Email: junreyes@ntamar.net Phone: 692-625-7177 Cell: 692-455-0048 The Marshall islands Visitors Authority Website is: http://www.visitmarshallislands.com The Rongelap Atoll Local Government website is: http://www.visitrongelap.com If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me. Regards Greg"
  12. That stinks? Are there any other liveaboards in the Marshall Islands, or is there another way to dive them?
  13. I'm planning a trip for 2011 and I'm very interested in the Marshall Islands. I have found limited info on the Oleanda but I can't seem to get in contact with the boats reps or owners. Does anyone have any info on this liveaboard? Michael
  14. I have not been to PNG (in the planning stages now) yet, but I have been to RA and the Solomon's. My personal choice is the Solomons.
  15. I'm looking to buy Light & Motion Titan D100 parts. Please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com and let me knw what you have. Thanks, Michael
  16. I'll skip the port modification. Thanks for saving me $300.00!
  17. I'm off to Raja Ampat in January and I have rented a Nikon 105VR. I am shooting a Nikon D100 in a L & M Titan housing. I have the regular flat port (not the VR port). Light & Motion has told me that the regular port can be upgraded for use with the 105VR (new gear in the port). I can still use the 105VR in my regular port, I just won't be able to use the manual focus. The upgrade is $250 + $50 for a used focus gear. Do I need to have the ability to manual focus the lens or will autofocus suffice? I am basically trying out the lens to see if I want to buy one. I have a 60mm that I will be using as well.
  18. That's great! Thanks for the reply. Michael
  19. I'm currently shooting with a D100 in a L&M Titan housing and I'm thinking about upgrading to a D300. I like the Aquatica D300 housing and I have heard that Aquatica may be offering a port conversion ring that would allow me to use my L&M ports. Any truth to this and if so when will they be available? Thanks, Michael
  20. My friend would like to get a P&S camera and housing for a trip we are taking in January. He is totally new to U/W photography and he has asked me for advice. Too bad that I know nothing about P&S systems. He only wants to spend $250 to $300 for the system, and has no problem with buying a used (including ebay). Currently he is considering a canon sd600. Any suggestions?
  21. I'm going to Raja Ampat in January and my travel agent told me I need at least 4 totally blank visa pages and at least 6 months before the passport expires. I didn't have 4 blank pages, so I sent the passport into the passpot office. They inserted at least 10 pages and sent it back to me within 1 week.
  22. I went ahead and bought one of these bags yesterday, but I am going to return it. There is no problem with the quality, in fact it is exceptional. I just can't get all of my gear to fit in it properly. Right now I travel with one checked bag that contains my dive gear and my clothing, a pelican case that contains my photo gear (which I carry on) and a back pack that contain travel documents and other misc. items. The idea was to buy the Akona bag in order to eliminate the back pack, but the bag does not have enough room to fit all of the photo gear and my carry on items. I'm going back to my Pelican case.
  23. Thanks for all the feedback. I purchased a Pinnacle Elastiprene 3mm yesterday and it really seems to be a high quality suit. It's very stretchy and comfortable and looks like it has reinforcements in all the right areas. Also the price was very reasonable.
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