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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I cant go wrong with the Pinnacle. Michael
  2. I need to buy a new wetsuit and was looking for some input. I was thinking about the Pinnacle Elastiprene 3mm jumpsuit. Any thoughts on this one? I would really like a 3mm jumpsuit with a front zip. Any suggestions?
  3. I need a Light & Motion #1 port extension. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com Thanks Michael
  4. I was thinking about getting rid of my Pelican hard case and getting someting a little less obvious, and this Akona bag seemed to fit the bill. Has anyone used one of these? If so some feed back would be great. Thanks, Michael
  5. I'm going to Raja Ampat in January and was looking for advice on what lenses I should bring. I'm shooting a Nikon D100. I have a Sigma 15mm FE and a Nikon 60mm. I was thinking about getting a Sigma 17-70 for scouting lens as well as topside. Any suggestions?
  6. I just booked a trip on the TemuKira for January 09. The boat was recommended by friends who have been on her twice. I used Jen at Papua New Guinea Travel for the bookings. (jen@papuanewguineatravel.com)
  7. Thanks for the post. Its funny, I just purchsed 1" shrink tube to cover the fittings. Although there has been no scratches, the shrink tube just cleans the whole thing up.
  8. I can also ship worldwide for additional shipping fees.
  9. When I shot with a single strobe I also folded the strobe over and handed to the housing to the deck hand handle first, but when you have a large housing with 2 strobes and long arms you really don't want a deck hand grabbing your rig by one of the strobes. Not only is it hard to handle, but the housing and other strobe are just dangling there and could get damaged. On my housing the handle is attached to the base of the strobe arms near the housing, but you can attach it anywhere that works for you. When the carry handle is grabbed it puts an equal amount of force on both strobe arms and keeps the strobes and arms tight to the housing thus prevents the strobes from flopping all over the place and potentially getting damaged. It also gives the deck hand an obvious place to grab the rig. Anyone who shore dives will really appreciate this handle, as it allows you to carry the housing with one hand without the strobes hitting the ground.
  10. Made to fit your housing. High quality materials. $25.00 each including shipping within the US. PM for measuring instructions.
  11. Thanks for all the info. I'm booked on the TemuKira for Jan.09.
  12. I made this carry handle for my housing. Gives the crew an easy and safe place to grab the housing and keeps the strobes from flopping all over the place. I can make one for anyone who is interested.
  13. Thanks for all the info, it was a big help! If anyone else has more info, please pass it on. Michael
  14. Thanks! I used a 60mm for macro, and a Sigma 15mm FE for the wide shots. Michael
  15. Here are some photos I took in Bonaire a few months back. Let me know your comments. It's my second trip using a DSLR, so go easy on me! http://mge.eppoliti.com/main.php?g2_itemId=1264 Sorry that you have to cut and paste the link, I can't figure out how use the "insert link" button.
  16. I'm planning a trip to Raja Ampat for January 2009 and was wondering if anyone has feedback for the TemuKira liveaboard? I have some friends you were on the boat a few years ago and said it was great, but I was looking for some additional reviews. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Michael
  17. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I think I will skip the 105mm and just use my 60mm. With such a long trip, and with all the weight limitations, I am just trying to lighten the load of stuff I bring with me. Therefore I will bring my 60mm and my 15mm FE. That being said I would like a topside lens as well as a good scouting lens. It always seems that I have the wrong lens when I'm underwater. When I have my macro set up, I need my wide angle, when I have my macro, I need my wide angle. I have been thinking about the 17-70 because it might fit my needs. Any suggestions on this lens?
  18. Thanks for the help. Since I have not purchased the 17-70 or the 105mm, is there one that I can do with out?
  19. Booked a trip on the Star Dancer for April 2009 and was wondering what lenses are a must. I shoot a D100 in a L&M housing. I have a Nikon 60mm, a Sigma 15mm FE. I'm thinking about buying a Sigma 17-70 and potentially a Nikon 105mm. Any suggestions? Thanks, Michael
  20. My buddy and I have opted for a liveaboard over land based in PNG. That being said I would like some suggestions on which boat to choose. We will be going in middle/end of March 2009. We have looked into FeBrina, any othe suggestions? Thanks!!
  21. Thanks for the info. Which land based resorts would you suggest instead?
  22. I am thinking about staying at the Lissenung Dive Resort in PNG. Has anyone stayed there, and if so can you give your impressions? Thanks for the help in advance. Michael
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