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  1. Thanks for the help. I think we have settled on PNG. Any suggestions regarding best time to go and which itinerary is best? Michael
  2. I've been diving for 10 years and have been all over the world and the Bilikiki is hands down the best. Everyday I think about my trip there and I can't wait to get back. The food was great, the crew was fantastic and the diving is the best I've done. You can't go wrong by going on this boat!
  3. My buddy and I are thinking about a planning a trip for later this year and are looking for some suggestions. We're thinking about the South Pacific/Indonesia area. I've been to Palau, Truk, Solomons, Fiji, French Polynesia. We are both into WW2 history and are not really concerned about travel distance. Remoteness is not a problem either. Some of the considerations are: PNG N. Sulawesi Raja Ampat Pheonix Islands Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks, Michael
  4. Does anyone know the difference between the Light & Motion old flat port and the new VR flat port? I was told that the Nikon 105 VR will work with the old port, provided that the inside of the port is modified slightly. Is this corect? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help everyone. I got a loaner from Loftus!
  6. I really need to rent a Nikon Non-VR 105mm. I found one at an online lens rental site, but by the time I went to reserve it it was already rented. Does anyone have one that they would rent to me (or sell if the price is right), or know where I could rent one? I'm off on a trip at the end of next week and would like to get it before then. All suggestions are appreciated!
  7. I'm looking for a Casio ewc-55 underwater housing for my wife. This housing works with the Casio ex-z50, 55 & 57. If any has one they would like to sell, please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com. Thanks
  8. I'm still looking for these port extensions, especially a #2.
  9. Thanks. I called L&M and they directed me to Backscatter, Reef Photo, & U/W Photo Tech. Backscatter and U/W Photo don't rent them and Reef photo has not gotten back to me yet. If I can find the extension to rent I will be using a non-VR 105mm since I already have the port for the non-VR. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks. They are the first place I tried, but they don't rent them.
  11. I'm going to Palau for a week of diving. I want to give a 105mm a try, but I don't want to commit to it without giving it a try. I was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to rent a Light & Motion #2 port extension for a week. I have a 60mm, should I bother with the 105? Thanks for any help!
  12. I have a Sea & Sea housing for the coolpix 5000. E-mail me at mge@eppoliti.com if interested.
  13. I'm looking to buy Light & Motion Titan port extension rings. Please contact me if you have any to sell. Thanks Michael mge@eppoliti.com
  14. Going to Palau in November. I have Nikon 60mm, Sigma 15mm FE, Nikon 18-35mm lenses. What other lenses should I have for this trip? I'm thinking about a Nikon 105mm. Advise is greatly appreciated.
  15. I would like to start using a 105. I've done some looking around and I see that one can buy a new Sigma 105 for about half the price of a used Nikon 105. Is the Nikon so much better that it justifies the extra expense? Any thoughts?
  16. I have the following ULCS components for sale: 2- DB-08 8" arms $35.00 each 3- AC-CS clamps $20.00 each Contact me at mge@eppoliti.com
  17. I was wondering if anyone has used the Light & Motion Titan D100 with Nikon's 18-35 lens. If so what are your impressions and do I need a port ext. for this lens? I have the L&M dome port. Thanks
  18. Has anyone out there been on the Pacific Explorer II ? Its a new Liveaboard serving the Marshall Islands. Thinking about going Nov or Dec 2007. Michael
  19. I am considering a Nikon 17-55 to use with my Titan D100. I have the L&M Dome port and was wondering if anyone else has used this combination. If so, I need to know what extension ring and gear set to use. L&M said they don't support that lens with their housing so they could give me any info. Thanks for thehelp
  20. Is there anyone out there who has used a Sigma 15mm FE with a Titan D100? If so, I need to know if I need a port extension or not. I e-mailed L & M and their answer was "use a Nikon lens". Not much help.
  21. Thanks. I got in touch with L&M and they told me I'm better off using Nikon lenses because they have only tested nikon with their housings. Bottom line is that they didn't give me the info I needed. I really don't want to buy an extension ring if I don't have to, so I was hoping that someone out there may have used the Sigma 15mm with the L&M Titan and L&M dome port and could give me definitive answer.
  22. Looking to buy Light & Motion Titan D100 port extension rings. Please contact me at mge@eppoliti.com.
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