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  1. Potentially interested in the housing only or with the tray/handles maybe.
  2. Title says all. Any interest whatsoever?
  3. Meant to buy 2 caps for my 14-42mkii but accidentally bought ones that only for the original 14-42. Yours free in US. Must go by Monday 8/24.
  4. Interested as well but also curious if you have any ports to go with it?
  5. Bump for interest. Offers and trades also accepted.
  6. Bought an original RX100 as a backup everyday camera and in case my s.o. kills hers somehow, but I got yelled at for too many cameras. Bought it used on ebay, selling it basically 2 weeks after I received it. Light cosmetic scuffs on the body of the camera, but everything works well. Includes original battery, charging cable (USB cable, camera charges w/o removing battery) but you can also buy external battery chargers. In original box with manuals etc. Looking for $280 + shipping, shipped via your choice. Payment via paypal. Local pickup available in Boston, MA area.
  7. Anyone have any thoughts as to which system they would prefer to use. Obviously neither is 'cutting edge' tech but they're both more than decent for IQ at the sizes I would be printing/publishing. I've got a used EM5 body in hand and am working on getting at least a kit 14-42 vII (/R) to either keep it or sell as a bundle. I also have a D3200 coming in used as a gift with an 18-55 kit lens (non-VR). I currently shoot a D40 dryland but aside from kit lenses I only have a 35mm f/1.8 and an old micro-Nikkor 105 (manual everything). Basically, both bodies would be shot with a kit lens for now and the foreseeable future. Cost is a slight issue at the moment, but it doesn't seem like there's much supply of used housings for either so I think that's fairly balanced. I'm mostly just entering U/W photo (very comfortable diving in general) and would be ideally using the same body for shooting on land. I really like the small size of the Olympus and since there's the built-in EVF I think it would work just fine (I really dislike liveview for everyday shooting). Any thoughts on pros/cons for each would be great and thanks for your time. Cheers!
  8. Bought it on Ebay as an impulse buy before I figured out which direction I should head for underwater shooting. It is currently en route to me with expected delivery next week (means it will probably arrive later). Below is the description given by the seller. I will inspect the body when it arrives and then accept payment from whomever wants to buy it. I will NOT accept payment before I can verify that I have it in my hands in good condition. Bought it for $350 shipped and willing to sell for $300 + actual shipping by whatever means you want. Local pickup welcome in MA, USA or RI, USA areas. Please let me know if you are interested, but again I will not be "selling" it until I have it. Thank you. Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk
  9. Moving over here from scubaboard to read more about underwater photography. Thought I would throw out a line to see if anyone has one of these laying around. I'm looking for an actual hard case and port for the kit 18-55 lens (and maybe others as well) as the heavy-duty bag type ones don't work for all my uses. Welcome to here what anyone has as well as any other places to look for one. Thanks!
  10. Here's the obligatory new member post. I'm a decent scuba diver and also spend time freediving and tend to go places/do things that my camera doesn't like. On the lookout for a Nikon D40 hard case.
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