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  1. Hi all Selling my Ike DS-125s. they're a few years old and will easily last a days diving (incl. a night dive using the "spotting" lights). Batteries are NiMH. 2 Rapid chargers with all the plug adapters that shipped from Ikelite originally Never had an issue with water. have spare battery o-rings. These are completely reliable strobes that have never let me down.... well, only let me down when left turned on and the dozy owner didn't check them! One dual (used) sync cord in good working order One single (brand new) sync cord in good working order One Dual (used and has a dodgy connector) sync cord. This (i'm 95% sure) has a problem against the bulkhead connector where the cable gets bent. if you play with it it'll fire but best to chop and re-solder connector imo all sync cords are the blue ringed digital cords. I'm based in the UK and if possible, would (ideally) like to sell as a pair. I'd be happy to receive £850 ono for the lot but am happy to negotiate If you would like ONE strobe, let me know and I'll keep a note of your name so if/when another member shows an interest they can both be sold separately. Happy to send as many pics as you need... Based in SW London. Cheers
  2. thats a really good price for the gopro with all those accessories
  3. if no-one has an idea perhaps someone with a GEA-6.511 gear could measure it and let me know how wide their's is please? thanks.....
  4. hi all, just got hold of the above and have a problem with the gears mating with the zoom control on the housing. I am currently waiting for an answer from the retailer i purchased this from but thought id ask here in the meantime? the gear i was supposedly sent were GEA-6.511 and SIL-6.500 which are the correct parts i needed.... there was no part numbers however on the packaging so am wondering if what i was sent is not correct. with the gear on the lens, mounted centrally on the zoom ring, then the gear does not engage with the gear in the housing..... if i move the gear on the lens further back (so that it cannot go any further as the manual/auto focus switch is in the way) then it JUST engages the gear.... and i mean JUST.... 1-2mm if that. the gear i was send fits the diameter of the lens and it 16mm in depth... can someone who possibly has the same setup have a measure and see if theirs is the same? ..... or failing that, ideas appreciated cheers steve
  5. whereabouts are you based? I'm in the UK and have a pair of 125's, single and dual sync cords, 2 good chargers with the different plug ends... they've been used for a few years, good condition, never had any "water" issues and are good for at least 4 dives (so a full days diving). if you're at all interested i'll post some pics u later on?
  6. a quick question to to any canon/ikelite shooters out there...... i currently have a canon 10d and ike housing... i don't go on a lot of dive trips and see no reason to change camera/housing etc on a bi-yearly basis but i find myself in a predicament. my 10d isn't happy and i was thinking if it were possible to get a 20d/30d/40d etc to fit into my 10d housing. i don't need access to all the buttons/functions that the housing currently offers but obviously the core ones such as apature/shutter/menu/fire/focus point etc. just figured if i could do a mini upgrade instead of a camera AND housing that would b a bonus... any advice appreciated.
  7. get a length of surgical cord, clip to the rig on one end and a clip to your bc on the other.... lower rig into water and the weight will stretch the cord.... giant stride to the side of it and you have instant access to it if ya need to enter negative..... no messing around with convoluted entries and surgical cord is stronger than a strong thing... hth
  8. my replacement batteries come with a new o-ring... it would really pi$$ me off if i was away in a far off place and have my computer flood for the sake of a few pennies.... just my 2p worth of course .... and as for o-ring grease, if it's just a compression fit then run the o-ring through yer mouth... spit is a wonderful thing B)
  9. indeed, Kima is a 35 minute drive from manado.... but they have 2 livaboards... there's a small one (Sabina) that does 2-3 day trips and a full on huge, extremely well run version, "Odyssea 1" .. they have itinaries posted on their website for this and next year. As I mentioned, highly recommended
  10. mmm not nessecarily... we arrive in Manado on Friday lunchtime and the connection to Sorong is @ some un-goldly hour on Saturday morning..... 'bout a 14 hour layover. just enough time for beer, karaoke and a few hours kip I can highly recommend http://www.odysseadivers.com/ , they are VERY photographer aware, have dedicated photoroom in the resort, extremely friendly and good guides and the spa is fantastic! We're on their liveaboard on Saturday which is currently in Raja Ampat ( http://www.odysseadivers.com/ver2/liveaboard.php )... highly recommended
  11. thanks all - have decided to go with the Sigma as everyone seems to feel the same way.. I figured it was going to be the better option but needed a little push... 50 over the 60 is simply down to the fact that it's a 10D thanks again all - much appreciated.
  12. i hate asking these kinda questions... i know which one i'd use if it were purely topside but dunno what they're like uw. I need a 50 macro lens... it's gonna be either a sigma or the canon 50. canon doesn't do 1:1 outta the box and is limited to min focus of 23cm. the sigma will do 1:1 and min focus is near as dammit to 19cm and will go to F45 on the canon mount. if it were purely topside i'd go with the sigma but have no uw knowledge on the sigma. i've seen the canon's uw attempts and they're v nice. both use the same ports so no problem there. anyone have any ideas on this? oh.... and my ike flat port for my 100 is only 16mm longer than the one i need for a 50..... i'm guessing it's not ideal but should also be fine to use on one of these 50's too? ike suggests the 5505 for either 50 and i have a 5505.45 for my 100... as i say, 16mm difference in length. cheers
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