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  1. I have NO idea if this would affect what you are asking about but I was on the Olympus site today looking for O Rings and they have some software updates for the 8080. One of them concerns AutoFocus problems.
  2. I put my housing up last December and have not opened since then. Not thinking about it I found out that this is not a good thing. 1st question. If I take the rings out and grease them would I be safe? 2nd. Where is a good source to purchase new o rings for the outfit. Thanks
  3. I am getting a Oly C-8080 with the PT-023 Housing as a gift. I am also brand new to UW Photo. Other than learning the camera above water what do I need to be on the lookout for? I will want to put strobe (s) on it later and I have heard about the TTL converter in Germany. Recommendations? Better to switch to the Ikelite housing later to avoid the converter?
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