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  1. Firstly, I am shocked that I am on a forum for divers - wow. Secondly how on earth can you compare a lion killing a wildebeest to the horrors happening out on the seas. For a start a lion MUST kill to survive or it will die - simple fact. The mouths of the Japanese or any person eating whale meat do not require it to survive - is there not already enough choice on this planet in terms of food that we have to tap an already taxed source!! Thirdly, I hate this pathetic argument about culture, years ago people armed themselves with a simple harpoon and a rowing/sailing vessel, where the numbers of whales were quite sustainable and most probably a requirement for life in terms of oil and food! Compare this to highly advanced ships with GPS and horribly powerful and accurate harpoons - this no longer makes it a hunt, it turns it into a slaughter. Whaling is wrong, there is no other way to look at it, I don't care if someone's great great great granddad was doing it 200 years ago, we were doing all sorts of things back then (slavery being one), but thankfully we saw the light and stopped. Cannibalism was considered an acceptable form of food in many cultures, how would you feel if people were still serving up others on a plate? thanks, tristan
  2. I would just like to come on here and add my full support for Sea Shepherd's methods. To back up another earlier point, it is easy to sit behind a computer and condemn others methods when in comparison you do very little. The whale hunt is not short of barbaric and any method used that can halt/slow down its progress is completely justified in an attempt to save this intelligent and beautiful creature. By taking more extreme methods they are once again bringing this to the forefront of world attention and ultimately, I hope a peaceful end to this. In a closing point, I find it utterly depressing that others can get on somebody's back regarding a completely innocent use of the word 'Jap' - I mean, come on guys, how pathetic - I used to enjoy the forums as a place where the ridiculous political correctness that we are plagued with on a daily basis by politicians did not exist!! thanks, tristan
  3. Can only agree - I use the Gates housing underwater - the WB can be a little bit of a pain as you have to access it through the LCD screen, this somethis fails, i.e. it doesnt quite touch the correct area of the screen, but in something like 200 dives with the camera it has only happened twice. The camera is great and the quality underwater is fantastic - I have lots of footage from the HC1. You can check it out here.... http://www.updownandaround.com/scubavideo.html Enjoy - any question just give me a shout! tristan
  4. Hi there! We are heading up there with a boat (not mine unfortunetly :-( ). So hopefully we should be able to get to some of the best things on offer. Ive heard so many great things about the area that im very excited about heading up there. After 7 months in Malaysia, I really am after seeing some bigger things, ideally sharks. Any site/gps cordiantes you have for good sites? (saw your pic of the grey nurse shark) Anyway, sure ill bump into you up there - where is a good spot for a beer ;-) might just see ya there! Cheers for all the info - I wil definetly have a good look into the abrolhos islands! Tristan www.updownandaround.com
  5. Hi all, Well, most on here probably wont remember me, but it was a frantic few months trying to decide on what setup to finally get. Anyway, eventually I went for the HC1 and the Gates housing, after 7 months with practically no Internet connection and using the housing almost every day, I can finally say I made a good choice. The Gates housing has been fantastic, no problem with the manual controls and the quality, even down converted onto SD and put onto DVD has been great. I’ve been using the setup as a videographer in Malaysia and have many great comments from the people buying DVDs RE: the quality of the final footage! I’ve got a couple samples on my webpage I don’t want to bore you guys with another review of the camera/housing as I'm sure there have been plenty on here over the last few months - but if anyone has some questions please get in touch! I’m heading up to Exmouth in Western Australia next month, so fingers crossed some footage with some bigger stuff! Cheers, Tristan www.updownandaround.com
  6. Hi Dean, The reason I went for the Gates in the end is really due to the manual controls. I will be using/working with the housing in a VERY isolated island here in Malaysia, so I went for the Gates manual controls purely to elimate the (although slim) potential problems with electronic controls, I simply want to limit the amount of hassle the housing can give me :-). In fairness, the levers are excellent (please remeber i have only taken it snorkelling so far), although not as easy to use as the electronic controls, they are certainly something you can get used to - if you know what I mean - everything is easily accessed from the housing grips and you can react quickly to changes that require the important controls such as zoom, photo etc etc - i guess this is more due to the design of the camera than the housing! But in saying this, the levers are firm and give you a good feel to how the camera will react to the pressure you place on them - i.e. a light touch on the zoom lever will result on the zoom reacting slowley, this I find VERY useful. I went for the GP25A port, which I am more than happy with, certainly for my needs (mainly making videos for fun fundivers - filming discover scuba programmes etc etc). I cannot comment on the Monitor - I ran out of cash at this point. The white balance (i got the HC1) i access through the menu, which as i say, is not the easiest, but better than nothing, to be honest, much of the video i make will be in fairly shallow water and the red filter should do the job nicely enough, but WB is there if i need it. Later, I may upgrade to the A1 and get the assign button installed if it upsets me too much :-) - at the moment im grateful for what i have, it has taken months of saving to get this far!!! Let me know what setup you go for, i will be very interested to hear how the other housings go in comparison. Thanks, Tristan www.updownandaround.com
  7. Well, finally after a bit of a wait (and a few nervous momments :-) ) my new gates underwater housing for the HC1 has arrived. First impressions are VERY good, unfortunetly, I have only been able to take it snorkelling so far and not any more than that. I will be going back to work mid Feb in Malaysia, so will be able to give it a proper test and review then. The big issue of white balance access has been managed, i think well, coinsidering the limitations. The LCD screen access will take some getting used to, but access is better than no access at all. I have uploaded some basic pictures of the housing on my website (www.updownandaround.com), nothing major, but show a well rounded picture of the complete housing. The white balance is basically accessed theough one turnable knob, theat allows you (through turning to differents points in a 180degree rotation) to access the manual white balance function. Apologies for the limited description of the housing, but if anyone has anymore specific questions I will happily try to answer, as i say, whithout actually taking it diving, I am limited to what I can really say - Im sure most people are familiar with the other functions you can access with this housing? Thanks! Tristan
  8. Hi Clive, Yes I mean the Evo HD and Evo pro HD. I have had extensive chats/emails with Amphibico about this and the state of play is as follows. You can get the Evo HD ($1995) and ADD the WB button (only for A1E) for $200. The Evo pro HD comes with this button as standard! Hope this helps!! tristan
  9. Hi all, Not sure if this has been covered on here - but you can still get the $1995 Amphibico housing (A1 version) with WB access - Amphibico confirmed that its $200 optional extra! Cheers! Tristan
  10. Hi all, To be honest, im not too familiar with this 'discovery' myself, but maybe someone more knowledgeale in the area than me can confirm? But it doesnt sound good at all... Cheers, Tristan
  11. Hi all - I have just recieved this email, unfortunetly it doesn't really apply to me as I am new to the underwater video world - but thought some (mainly UK divers) people on here may find it interesting! Cheers, Tristan
  12. Hi, The HC1 housing was shipping from last week - a couple of guys over here in the UK already have one. Ive been told that the A1 version should be shipping early/mid december. Don't ask me why the housing is not on the site, I also thought it was strange! Thanks, Tristan
  13. I have ordered the Basic model for the A1. The basic model was $1999 with NO access to white balance - to add this option i.e. add the manual push button was another $200 (which i have done). The Pro version I THINK comes in at $2999 plus the $200 for access to white balance. I may be wrong with the pro version - it may be a little more or a little less, but it is certainly around that figure. Thanks! Tristan
  14. Hi all, After a couple of requests, please find below the specifications for the HC1 and A1 housings from Amphibico - there are two versions the Basic and the Pro - please note, only when using the A1 will you have access to white balance! Pro Version 1) Housing Color GOLD with Black Pro Logo 2) Housing Features · Ten Electronic Push Button Controls on Right & Left Hand Grip o Record/Standby o Telephoto o Wide Angle o Zoom Speed (Shift Key) o Photo o Special Effects o Review o Toggle between Manual to Auto Focus o True Manual Focus o Mode Change o Off o Playback Mode: Navigate and play back recorded scenes o Flashing Green Tally Light when Recording o Electronic Moisture Sensor Alarm Left Hand Grip Controls · Focus +, Focus - · Review · Special Effect · Execute · Playback Navigation Right Hand Grip Controls · Record/Standby/Photo · Wide-Angle/Telephoto · Mode · Manual/Auto Focus 4) Manual Push Button Controls on a MENU PANEL Left Side of Housing a-Tele Macro Button :Pressing the Telemacro button allows shooting of small subjects at a very close distance b-Expanded Focus Button : doubles the size of the image on the LCD by pressing the expanded focus button. c-Exposure / Volume Button : Adjust the exposure manually by pressing the + or - Exposure Volume buttons to increase or decrease the exposure d- Auto / Manual Exposure Button : Toggles between auto exposure and manual exposure. 5) Maunal Push Button Control (to access assign button) on Right side of Housing To access Manual White Balance on HVR-A1 camera Only Basic Version 1) Housing Color Silver with Recreational Aqua and Blue Logo 2) Housing Features · Dummy Left grip · 5 Electronic Push Button Controls on Right Hand Grip o Record/Standby o Telephoto o Wide Angle o Photo (On to Memory Stick) o Toggle between Manual to Auto Focus o Mode Change o Off o Playback Mode: Navigate and play back recorded scenes o Flashing Green Tally Light when Recording o Electronic Moisture Sensor Alarm 3) OPTIONAL Maunal Push Button Control (to access assign button) on Right side of Housing To access Manual White Balance on HVR-A1 camera Only Hope you find this usefull! Thanks, Tristan
  15. Hi there! I too have decided on the A1. Mainly due to the hassle I have had trying to get access to manual white balance with the HC1!! I have ordered the Amphibico model, they have two versions, the Pro and the more basic, both of these (as long as its the A1) will have access to Manual white balance. The cost comes in at $1999 (for the basic model), and the housing is a beautiful design (I have had a good play with it at a recent dive show). The Gates housing is also VERY nice, but a little bit out of my price range, but if im completely honest, I preferred the design and feel of the Amphibio (purely personal preference). I guess the main advantage of the Ikelite has to be price (doesn't it come it at $1000 or something) plus the fact you get access to most of the controls on the camera, plus you do also get to view the LCD screen of the camera, so you could almost say you get a monitor thrown in as well!! Still, after all was said and done, I went for the Amphibico. Also, as I understand it, you can upgrade to the PRO model if you later decide you will make use of the additional controls. I have a complete list of specs for both models - if you PM me ill send them through. Anyway - good luck! Tristan
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