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  1. We purchased the nauticam cmc-2 for my wife and simply put, she didn’t like it. She tried it out a time or two and it’s been sitting on the shelf ever since. We also have the bayonet adaptor and bayonet mount for it. No scratches or wear of any kind. I can email photos on request. (Working off my iPad and images are to large to upload here). $300 shipped - USA. https://www.nauticam.com/products/compact-macro-convertor-2-cmc-2-2-8x-magnification
  2. We spent a week on the Socorro Aggressor, final trip before it went into dry dock. The final few trips of the season were cancelled due to the issues the boat had during our trip. Boat conditions aside. The crossing to Socorro was long and very rough. Due to the number of boats in the area, we lost out on 1-2 dives per day. While there, strong north winds, which blew ash into the waters, very cloudy. Most dives were between 75-90 foot. We got to see what we came for though, a few hammerheads, a whale shark and several manta rays. Overall, for the time and money spent for this trip, I would recommend alternatives such as the Maldives or Galapagos.
  3. I have a nauticam housing, canon 80d camera. Right now I have some with a super wide angle lens, and a 100mm macro lens. I have found I enjoy the macro (not super macro), stuff far more than wide angle. Would the WACP be a good compromise in the middle? If so, what lens would you suggest to put behind it? Thanks!
  4. Hello, i have a nauticam 80d housing, two z240 strobes, macro port and a dome. Would all this be able to fit into a think tank carry on suitcase? Anyone have any experience/ comfort checking the bag with all your gear?
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