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  1. Hi Pelagius, postage is $42.50 for standard secure service (10-15 days), double that for express courier (3 to 5 days). Call it $40.00, and I'll spring for the packaging, so AUD$ 890.00 all up. You'll be aware this viewfinder is best for macro work. The straight finder is easier to use generally. I planned to use this with the Nikon 105mm micro, for dedicated macro dives. In the event, I've never taken the 105 underwater, and this viewfinder has only been used half a dozen times, at most, with my 60mm micro. It's an excellent buy, in great nick. You'll be very happy with it. Let me know how you want to proceed, and thanks for the interest.
  2. For Sale (prices in Australian $, postage extra): a complete, pro quality, Nikon FX SLR underwater photographic system, lightly used, and in very good condition, comprising: Nauticam Housing: D800 (mk 1), including vacuum warning system + UW Technics TTL adapter for fibre optics (works really well) + Nauticam strobe trigger for fibre optics + 2x fibre optic ports + Ikelite hard wire port (not fitted) $2,250. Nauticam Ports: 8.5" acrylic dome $500 | macro 60 port $ 300 | macro 105 port + gears $350 | extension port and gears for dome to fit 16-35 lens $75. LowePro Gear Bag (accommodates housing + dome port + 2 strobes). Cost $300 - free bonus to anyone taking the full Nauticam set of housing, and ports. Nauticam Viewfinders: 45 degree $850 | 180 degree (straight) $1,000 - both make a huge difference underwater! Nikon FX D800e (7,315 shutter count) $ 1,200 | Nikon D810 (145 shutter count) $1,800. 2x Nikon batteries with each camera, showing "new" in menu (always stored out of the camera). Both cameras in great condition, with boxes. Nikon FX lenses: 16 f2.8 $600 | 16-35 f4 $800 | 60 f2.8 micro $500 | 105 f2.8 micro $800 | 50 f1.8 $100. All unblemished and in great condition. Strobes: 2x Inon Z240 strobes + 2x Inon Snoot sets + fibre optic cables $1,000 2x Ikelite DS 161 strobes + one extra battery + external Ikelite TTL adapter (works very well) + Ikelite fibre optic slave adapter. Single & dual Ikelite strobe cables. $ 1,500. Extensive collection of genuine Ultralight trays, arms, clamps, quick release handles - roughly $25/item (negotiable). This was to be my forever outfit, after more than 40 years of underwater photography, some of it professional, and mainly with Ikelite. The photos are the same, but the difference using a Nauticam system is like going from a Ford to a Range Rover. The D800E is a magnificent underwater camera (massive improvement over DX and D610), and this one has only had 7,315 actuations (I shoot carefully underwater, like I'm still using a film camera, with 36 on the roll). It should be good for many years. The D810 was purchased as a backup and hasn't been used (only 145 "playing around" shots), as I've been playing with Fuji, topside, for the past few years. It almost fits the Nauticam housing, which be converted for it, but why bother? The D800E will do everything you ask it to, and the D810 is much nicer to use on land. As along term proposition (which was my plan) you'd have everything covered, at a fraction of current replacement cost. Why am I selling? Arthritis has struck and I'm half way through getting both knees replaced. My legs are stuffed and I doubt I'll be able to get back into serious underwater photography. If I do, it will be with a much lighter kit. This gear is heavy, and built to last! Plenty of photos of all the kit are available, Just ask through Wetpixel, or direct: solutionist999@me.com.au
  3. Hi All, I thought I did all of this around 10 years ago when I first joined Wetpixel, but maybe not. I started underwater photography in the 1970s, while at Manchester University in the UK. Apart from my Ikelite camera housing for Minolta 101, everything else was constructed from perspex, through oven baking and glue. I was an instructor and guide in the Red Sea for a couple of years, and did a lot of underwater photography in that time, with slightly better gear. I the spent a year in London, launching trekking, wildlife and scuba safari trips on an unsuspecting public. I did a lot of magazine writing and gave a lot of slide shows to sports clubs and travel groups. I also entered every underwater photographic competition I could find, which was a bit unfair on the UK crowd, as I was using Red Sea photographs against Plymouth Pier. I enjoyed some success, and innovated some new categories in competitions - staged, humorous shots, which weren't a thing, back in the day. Now I'm getting into replacement body parts, instead of replacement camera systems, which came as a blow, and has stopped me diving for the past couple of years. I may be on the verge of switching to above water wildlife only. The message: do it while you can. Who knows what's around the corner? All the best Jon (Melbourne, Australia)
  4. Sorry, must have had a brain fart when I was pricing the strobes (item #5)! The all-up cost for both strobes and loads of extras is $1,200.00, not $2,250.00 as listed. Everything else is correctly costed.
  5. After 40 years diving with ikelite gear I've finally moved to metal: Nauticam and Inons. So my Ikelite system for the Nikon D800 is up for sale. I have a fairly complete outfit, covering the range from fisheye, to wide angle zoom, to 2 sizes of macro lens, matched to a twin strobe system (sync cord and slave systems). There's not a lot this outfit won't do, and do it very well. Everything is well-used, well cared for, and in perfect working order. Any minor scratches won't affect performance in any way - they just give the gear a little extra "character". The Ikelite iTTL system is very fast, very accurate and very easy to use. I'm still working out my new Inon fibre optic system and sense it won't be as unfailingly accurate as the Ikelite, which has almost seduced me away from using manual flash. Photos are attached. Everything is located in Melbourne, Australia. Prices are in Australian dollars (good exchange rate for non-Aussies at present) I'm happy to post anywhere, at purchaser's cost. Prices are per major component, with a discount for the whole system if taken as a job lot: 1. Ikelite DSLR Housing for Nikon D800 $1,500.00 2. Ikelite 8" Dome Port + 5510.11 (short) + 5510.28 (long) port extensions - fits Nikon 16mm F2.8 fisheye and Nikon 16-35 F/4 wide-angle zoom. $650.00. 3. Ikelite Modular Macro Port System for Nikon 60mm F/2.8 AF-S AND Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + lens extension 5510.22 + focus extension for 105 macro 5510.75) $500.00 4. Ikelite Modular Macro Port for Nikon 105mm F2.8 AF-S VR macro lens (flat glass 5510.35 + 5510.28). $325.00. 5. Ikelite DS161 strobe with 2x NMiH battery packs + DS51 strobe. Both with 1" ball mounts. 2x Ikelite quick release strobe arms with 2 clamps each. Includes 2x Ikelite single sync cords; 1x Ikelite dual sync cord; 1x EV Manual Controller (slave sensor for regular and off-camera use). Diffusers supplied for both units. $2,250.00. Individual components = $5,225.00 (roughly 50% of new price) + postage costs. If taken as a job lot I'll sell for $5,000.00 and include free freight. Merry Xmas!
  6. Hi All. I've just re-joined as I couldn't work my way through multiple login rejections. I've been diving and photographing for over 40 years, which included a spell instructing in the Red Sea in the 1970s and a year photographing oil rigs in the North and java Seas in the early 80s. I'm diving more with my wife (also a 40 year bubbler), now our kids have all left home (and all are diving!). I'm currently doing a project on the piers of Victoria and South Australia, with a main focus on seahorses, Weedy and Leafy Seas Dragons, Frogfish, Anglerfish and Octopus. Having a ball! I've just migrated from Ikelite (multiple SLR housings from the 1970s, for film and digital cameras) to a Nauticam / Inon rig for my Nikon D800, and have a complete Ikelite rig for sale for a Nikon D800, including SLR housing; DS161 and DS51 strobes; Ikelite strobe arms, Ikelite EV slave controller unit; strobe cables; Ports for Nikon 60 and 105 Macro lenses; Dome Port and extensions for Nikon 16mm fisheye and 16-35 wide angle zoom. All in great condition. This gear is good enough for pro use and I'm happy to show some of my results to interested parties. I'll be ebaying it all sometime soon, and thought I should offer it to this community first up. It all needs a good home to go to. i also have a complete Canon G10 underwater system for sale, includes: Canon G10 Camera, Ikelite housing with standard port, Inon close up and Ikelite wide-angle dome lens; Ikelite DS51 strobe (full TTL exposure control) and Ikelite strobe arms for sale. Great beginner to intermediate outfit in excellent condition. Please let me know if you're interested, and if there's anybody out there keen to dive the piers of Port Phillip Bay for photographs, I'd be happy to catch up[ .
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