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    Panasonic LX100
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    2x Archon W106W, YS-D1
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    CMC-1, Subsee+10, UCL-165, GoPro Hero4 (backup)
  1. For those who want them, here are links to an image taken with both the CMC-1 and the Subsee 10 at full 75 mm zoom. I aimed to ensure that the 2 cm marker of the ruler was in focus in both pictures. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99373600/P1000114-CMC-1At75mmTake2.JPG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99373600/P1000115-Subsee10At75mmTake2.JPG
  2. I have made some preliminary measurements comparing the Subsee 10 and CMC-1, both connected to the NA-LX100 via the (non-modified) diopter flip frame in a plastic tub of water at home. VIGNETTE Subsee 10 lost vignette at 72 mm zoom. Consequently all measurements below are at 75 mm zoom. CMC-1 lost vignette at 54 mm zoom. Therefore I will report two different picture widths for this lens at closest and furthest focus, corresponding to 54 and 75 mm zoom. FOCAL DISTANCE [min to max] & RANGE Subsee 10: 7.1 to 12.2 cm (= range of 5.1 cm) CMC-1: 4.5 to 7.2 cm (= range of 2.7 cm) PICTURE WIDTH Subsee 10: 4.6 cm @ 75mm zoom CMC-1: 4.2 cm @ 54mm zoom, 3.3 cm @ 75mm zoom Randy
  3. I noticed two small black soft items in a small ziplock bag that accompanied the NA-LX100. They kind of resemble earplugs with a tab on them. Any idea what those are for?
  4. Does the UV filter hit the standard rectangular port glass? I noticed that the lens was awfully close to the port on my system.
  5. Good link, which brings up a question. Does anyone have the Panasonic LFAC1 petal type lens cap, and if so can they indicate if it can be left on the camera while inside the NA-LX100 housing? Randy PS: I'm hoping that the tropical countries that I dive in will not enact such laws regarding drones.
  6. Thanks to Mozaik, my CMC-1 should be on my (Canadian) doorstep tomorrow. In one week I'm taking it with the Subsee 10 to Bonaire to do some comparison shots. <off topic> It's always a challenge to get all scuba/video gear in two suitcases, but I'm thinking that if I can fit a drone with gimble and gopro into the suitcases it would be a great thing to accompany a scuba video, as per </off topic> Are there any specific shooting situations that you would suggest I attempt for comparison?
  7. Looks like my NA-LX100 will be here Monday. I'm thinking the CMC-1 lens is the way to go, since it protrudes back toward the port lens and is custom made for that housing. The question is, do I get another lens for frogfish etc, or is the CMC-1 all I need. Theoretically I could use the CMC-1 and zoom out from max zoom a bit, but I don't know yet how far I can zoom out without undesired artifacts. My dive trip is coming up soon so I don't really have time to wait and see. Would an Inon UCL-165 be a good complimentary lens for the CMC-1? I will be shooting video mostly, but will probably get more into still pictures as time goes on. Am thinking of rigging up a gorilla-pod to the NA-LX100 tray for shooting video with the CMC in the muck. Other than rigging up ULCS arms, has anyone else found a good way to 'tripod' that tray? Tks...
  8. I have the LX100 in my hands and the NA-LX100, 3.5" dome, and flip diopter holder on order. Since I'm off to Bonaire at the end of February I should be ordering a close up lens soon. It's probably too late to hold out for the CMC, so I'm guessing that the best options are the ULC-100 or the Subsee 10? Any reasons to buy (or not) either of these?
  9. Hi Moses, I was thinking of mounting the gopro hero4 in the cold shoe mount of the NA-LX100. I was wondering if you might be doing the same thing, mainly because I'm wondering if the hero4 would see the end of the LX100 lens port in the bottom of the frame. If so, how high would one have to mount the gopro above the top of the cold shoe - and what type of mount should I get? There are a few options for that: cold shoe to 1" ball - then clamp - then ball to GoPro mount. This would put the Hero4 at least 7" above NA-LX100 Cold shoe with GoPro mount a few inches above. Thanks, Randy
  10. Agreed, and I'm pretty good with the slow panning when required, but there are always those scenarios where a shark or codfish will dart across the frame. If the difference between the two isn't significant then no big deal, but if it's pronounced then it will tip the scales.
  11. I have heard that the LX100 suffers somewhat from rolling shutter, but does anyone know if or how much the GH4 has that same problem? From what I understand this effect may be due to scanning pixels within the sensor not all being updated (turned on?) at the same time, and if so don't both those cameras have basically the same sensor and processor, and therefore exhibit the same problem to the same extent? This may be a deciding factor in my choice between the two offerings. Thanks!
  12. If I understand correctly the options for the NA-LX100 are: 1) Flat rectangular lens with option for special flip diopter 2) Short dome port 3) Long dome port with wide angle conversion lens inside I was thinking of going for option 3 but not if it is the one with the zoom limitation. Which one has crippled zoom? The NA-LX100 pictures on wetpixel from dema don't show pistol grips with balls to mount lights, but I trust that those are either included with the housing or ones that fit can be ordered. My last u/w video camera flooded so I'm definitely purchasing something soon. I look forward to the impending LX100 thread that kc_moses will start tomorrow night :-) PS: I have learned much from all of you - thanks.
  13. I'm headed to Bonaire late February and still considering GH4 and LX100, or failing that a GoPro Hero4 with a flip +5 or +10 diopter (to put off the main decision). I was wondering if there is any consensus on a video camera with medium wide angle to medium macro for predominant use taking u/w 4K video. I was thinking LX100 for now (with NA-LX100), but am nervous about when I can get my hands on the housing - if it will be too late for my trip. Plus saw interceptor121's Nauticam LX-100 port write-up on his page and am wondering about that. Hmm. Can one put a flip dual lens frame on the NA-LX100 - one with +5 and the other 0.4x WA? OK I'd probably settle for one. Have shot u/w video (Sony 8mm, then "digital" 720x480) for many years without a stabilizer, so was thinking that the Olympic 12-50 would be fine with GH4 due to macro feature. Then I saw the lembok videos (and above one) with the 14-42 and +5 and saw how stable that looked. Like kc_moses, I too want one setup that will cover most situations. I have two 10000 lumen (100w/25v) led lights so smaller aperature is not an issue. Was also thinking that the Hero4 mounted on top of GH4 or LX100 could provide wide angle coverage, but would prefer not to have to do that. Is there any hope, or should I too jump off the ship. Would be a shame to reach Bonaire without a nice 4K camera - that would be relevant for at least a while.
  14. GOOD NEWS! I emailed Nauticam today, asking if/when they will make a housing for the LX-100. They responded with: "Yes, we will make support for the housing. And please keep track on our website where we shall announce the housing very soon. Please do not hesitate to let us know should you have any further questions."
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