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  1. Hello, I am selling my Canon G2 Housing for $500.00 plus shipping. It is in excelent condition. I bought it last October for a cruise and used it on 2 dives. Havent been diving since then and just bought a Canon 10D which I plan on getting a housing for. If your intrested you can e-mail at jfrench@aerotrend.com. I will also post pictures of it later on tonight at Housing Pictures Thanks Jay
  2. Hey Tuga, Your pics look great. Makes me think I can get by with just the housing my first time out. Which will make my wife happy. Instead of spending 1500 I can get away with 600 and learn more about it. Any tips with handing the G2, ISO focus mode that sort of thing. Again I wont be buying the flash setup till later so it will be the on camera flash. Thanks Jay
  3. Actually I haven't purchased a housing but liked what I have heard about the Ikelite housing for the G2. So I was going to go with the #6142 Digital Housing for $629.95 and the #3944.72 Substrobe DS-125 Digital Package for $892.50. I just received my G2 about an hour so have to start getting used to that. Do you have any tips on the housing/flash setup for a newbie or anything else I may be missing. Thanks Jay
  4. Hello I'm new to the forums and have a couple of questions. I just purchased a Canon G2 and am going on a cruise on November 2-9 Grand Caymans etc. I was told buy someone at Ike that the DS-50 was only good for macro. Also no one has the DS-125 in stock so I almost have to go with the 50. They say 2 to three weeks the ds125 is backordered. Should I wait and get the 125 or will the 50 do ok for the first time out.
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