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  1. One day I managed to forget to but in film twice.
  2. Have you tried to switch around on the strobes? if so was it the same strobe that didn't fire? -> strobe trouble Same cable? -> connection trouble. Did you changed the strobe settings before or after you turned it on? Just some thoughts. Haven't had the oppertunity to take mine in the ocean yet, due to the flu
  3. Found this Converter for iTTL http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/ittl_e.htm Does anyone here have any experience with it and Nikon D2x and Ikelits's DS50? Other solutions/products you will recomand?
  4. The rubber thing is glued. You need to loosen it by sticking something down the side of it.
  5. Happy holidays from Bergen, Norway Best fishes and safe bubbles Ingvald Arne Meland
  6. Not as far I know, but there is alot in the deep dark fjords here we probely don't know about.
  7. Her is some for you from the west coast of Norway 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. Have same problem with Nikon's 10,5mm and D2X in a nexus housing with the 170mm and 230mm dome. Both are unshaded. This picture are taken with a downward angel, in Egypt. Have the same problem here in Norway to. Any advise?
  9. Had some close encounter with this shark as well resently in Egypt, at The Brother Islands and Daedalus reef. Did also see Thrasher sharks, and gray reef shark. As soon it got dark they there hunting in the light from the boat. This was one of the reasons we wasn't allowed night dives, second was strong currents. Photos taken from the dive deck. They didn't get so close at day to get a picture of them.
  10. No I haven't dived at them yet, Haven't dived in Trondheimsfjorden at all.
  11. The plumose shot is taken in Norway, it is very common over here. Have some more shots that I posted her: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10232 Should think the temprature is about the same, since it is about equally to the north. Her the temprature is from 1 to 20*celsius As you wrote they are beautiful, and an exellent motive. As my boss say, "There no stupid questions, only stupied anwers"
  12. No, it is the rope to the boat in the background. That is not the strobe light, it is the sun, but you are right about it is blown out. Happy to be of service. As I wrote, it is a horrible bad picture, just to illustrate how close you could get with the 10,5mm
  13. This picture is taken with the nikon 10,5mm FE and a D2x It focus so close that the it is almost inside the Plumose anemone. You can see the dome is pressed against it. (I know it is a horrieble bad photo)
  14. Some of the wrecks in the Narvik area is manificent. Haven't dived them my self You should try this fellow here: f-bang@online.no He knows a great deal about the wreck up there in the North. He lives in Narvik, a bit south of Tromsø. His website: Wreckdiving in Narvik Happy hunting
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