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  1. Hello, I would be interested in the 7-14 mm and the 8 mm lens, could you share the prices for those? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am interested in these lights :). How many dives have you used them? For photography or just night diving? thanks! Gabrielle
  3. AndreySavin, please PM me your address, email etc and I will get you an estimate for shipping. thanks!
  4. For sale: 2 x 125mm double ball arms (Nauticam) 2 x 200mm double ball arms (Nauticam) $100 for all four or $25 each + cost of shipping. Also have 4 foam floats (for adding buoyancy) that can slide over arms that are available for an additional $20.
  5. For sale: Retra LSD plus square, round and double hole masks. The perfect tool for creatively lighting your subjects! All pieces are in excellent condition. Compatible with Inon Z240 strobe, but adapters can be purchased so that it fits other strobe models, see link here: https://www.retra-uwt.com/pages/light-shaping-device Asking $300 OBO + cost of shipping
  6. Hello! I have the 77mm Nauticam flip mount for my CMC, but just purchased a port that is 67mm. Does anyone know of a step ring that I could use (77 >> 67mm) to be able to use the original flip mount w/ my new port rather than having to buy a new one (they are so expensive !! ) Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  7. Hello, I would be interested in this snoot if it is still available! Thanks, Gabrielle
  8. Hi! I have the 60mm lens and would love to be able to use it underwater! I have a Nauticam housing for my Olympus OmD E-M1. Would the setup (poet, gear and extension ring) work with a nauticam housing? Thanks! Gabi
  9. Hello, I would be interested in the 60mm macro port if it is still available. Is this Nauticam sku 36163? Also do you have the zoom gear for it? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have this exact system and was wondering if you be willing to sell the 45 degree view finder separately? Thanks for considering
  11. I try to do a crafty combination of a backpack (try to make it look as light and small as possible), a TSA sized suitcase carry-on roller suitcase and have even purchased a jacket w/ a TON of pockets for lenses and anything else that won't fit in the backpack and suitcase. If I explicitly state that the carry-on pieces BOTH contain photography equipment that I am unable to check, they will usually take a look, and after a bit of consulting, let me through. But this has mainly been w/ EVA Airlines going to Indonesia. I haven't tried other airlines yet. I just purchased a hard case that I'd like to try to use as a carry-on and if they make me check it at the gate, I won't feel so worried about what will happen to my stuff.
  12. Great tip about taking out the o-ring ... gotta remember that for next time!!
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