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  1. Hey there. I have one that gets next to no use. I'd consider selling it. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss. Thanks!
  2. That's my understanding as well. They are treating the housing as a camera. I haven't heard of them trying to add in lenses, strobes, etc. My read of the rule is that 2 cameras + "photographic materials" are allowed. The translation I got on the "what you can bring" document is: "Two photographic or video cameras; photographic material; three portable computers for cellular telephony or other wireless networks; a global positioning equipment (GPS); an electronic agenda; a portable computer of the so-called laptop, notebook, omnibook or similar; a portable copier or printer; a burner and a portable projector, with their accessories. " (Original Spanish - Dos cámaras fotográficas o de videograbación; material fotográfico; tres equipos portátiles de telefonía celular o de las otras redes inalámbricas; un equipo de posicionamiento global (GPS); una agenda electrónica; un equipo de cómputo portátil de los denominados laptop, notebook, omnibook o similares; una copiadora o impresora portátiles; un quemador y un proyector portátil, con sus accesorios. " The "two" only applies to photo or video cameras.
  3. You should be fine with that. Even if they interpret the housing as being a camera, you'd still have two (which is allowed).
  4. Correct. The issue in the past has been that they treat a housing as a camera and not as an accessory. So if I go to Socorro with my camera, a backup camera or GoPro, and the housing, they would want to tax one of the items because they view that as three cameras.
  5. Does anyone have a link to the actual Mexican customs rules/laws on this topic? Would love to find them in English, but can probably work with Spanish if needed. Thanks! EDIT - Found it! http://omawww.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/pasajeros/Paginas/Mercancia_ingresar_Mexico.aspx
  6. Interested. Do you know what cheapest shipping to 80301 would be? (Shame - I was just in south Florida last weekend. Alternatively, I have family in Davie who may be able to get it for me at some point.) Edit - cancel that. After the grief that American Airlines gave me over my rolling bag being a half inch too long (where they made me check it), I think I'm going with the international version of this bag. Sorry
  7. I played with that setup on my last trip. Works well. Need to play with it more. I'm trying out the UWL-09 PRO wet wide lens on mine in a couple weeks. Eager to see how that works out.
  8. FYI - some great deals on refurbs right now. Note that there are minimal differences between the E-PL9 and the E-PL10 I'm considering buying one as a backup to my 10. https://explore.omsystem.com/us/en/refurbished/cameras?product_list_order=price
  9. A few questions for those who use the UWL-09 PRO wet lens: 1) What is the best way to mount the lens on the rig when it's removed from the camera port? Seems too heavy to mount on arms. Best solution I've seen so far is the Backscatter Arch. Curious if there are other solutions that wouldn't require purchase of new tray/handles/etc 2) Instructions say "Install the lens on the housing lens port underwater only and remove it prior to ending the dive. Once removed, the lens can be mounted on a lens holder. Avoid having the lens assembled on the housing on land as much as possible, as it is heavier and exerts more pressure on the threads." I'm assuming I should take this seriously? Presumably it would instead be mounted using whatever solution is best under my previous question? 3) Any other tips for using this lens? Hoping to try it for the first time next month before Socorro in November. Thanks all!
  10. Liliann Koh from Singapore is an underwater photographer who takes advantage of this devices, she often uses two of them.You can find her work on Facebook-Underwater macro photographers.
  11. Selling a barely used MiniGear Snoot Divling Light (MS-03) with color filters). First two photos show what's included. Impulsively purchased this recently. Tested in water just fine (see third photo below), but I don't have any trips scheduled in the near future where I'd actually get to use it. As of now, the only trip I have on the books is a year from now and will be all wide shooting (and need some gear for that). Selling for $300 (what I paid) plus shipping. US only.
  12. Ha! Of course you are since I was down at DTC area yesterday. I'm up in Boulder - not as convenient as I would have liked to meet up and save shipping. I'll shoot you a PM
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