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  1. So potentially, if I am traveling into Cabo with: - 2 camera bodies (OLY PEN) +lenses + housing (purchased used as a set for app. $600 five years ago) - GoPro Hero 5 purchased for $175 a year ago. They might argue that the housing is a camera, and therefore say that this is four cameras? Presumably two of them are still duty free, so they may charge on two of the items? And in theory, the value used should be something lower than what was paid originally? Are they going to nail me on strobes, arms, etc? No bueno.
  2. On a recent trip I had wanted to shoot my m.zuiko 9-18 lens in an AOI semi-dome port. I had read that in certain circumstances, the lettering on the front of the lens could reflect off the dome and show in the picture, and the solution was to use a shading ring on the lens. I purchased the Olympus UW Shading Ring for Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 Lens POSR-EP02 and still got the lettering in some shots. If I look at the shading ring on the lens, it doesn't seem to cover the letters at all. Is this the wrong shading ring for this lens? Has anyone else had this problem/come up with a solution? I ended up taking a UV filter and used a black Sharpie to draw a ring on on the filter that covers up the letters. Unfortunately, it causes some vignetting at 9mm (it's okay around 10.5). Pictures attached.
  3. Was hoping to find a used POSR-EP02 shading ring for the Olympus m.zuiko 9-18 (the new prices seem a bit extreme for what it is). Also wouldn't argue with getting an extra PPZR-EP02 zoom gear for the 9-18 and 14-42 if the price is right. Thanks!!
  4. Too expensive to ship the lens to Colorado, so I'm out. dawallace99 - sent you a PM on the zoom gear and lens you have. Thanks, Dave
  5. Is it an Olympus zoom gear? Do you know the model #? Want to make sure it's compatible with my housing and port. Thanks!
  6. Looks like a cool lens, but It doesn't look like there's a zoom gear to get it to work in my Oly housing with an AOI semi-dome port.
  7. The AOI ports are confusing me. Looks like there are three options: - DLP-03 - DLP-04 - DLP-04P The 03 is glass and the 04 and 04P are both acrylic. Haven't been able to find an explanation of the differences between the 04 and the 04P. Does anyone know about this? Thanks
  8. What would be the arguments for/against the glass vs the acrylic? I'm still pretty new at this game.
  9. Thanks for the quick response! I suppose the bright side is that I'm not being dense. Is this the Zen that I would be looking for? The WA-100 http://zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=5 Likewise, it looks like this is the AOI? http://www.backscatter.com/sku/aoi-dlp-04.lasso Any reasons to prefer one over the other? Sounds like these would be a better choice than getting a standard port from the other OLY housings.
  10. Hoping for a little help. I have an Olympus PEN-EPL3 camera with PT-EP05L housing and PPZR-EP02 zoom gear. I have had no problems using all of this with the kit 14-42 zoom lens. However, I also have an m.Zuiko 9-18 zoom lens, and from what I can tell this should work with the housing/zoom gear that I have. However, the two times I've tried to set it up with that lens, I can't get the door to close (unless the lens is unextended - but in that case I then can't get the lens to extend). While it looks like there are two different zoom gears (the PPZR-EP02 and the PPZR-EP01), it looks like the one I have is the one that should work with the 9-18. I haven't found anything so far that makes me think that only certain 9-18 lenses work (and that I could have the wrong one). Any thoughts on why I can't get this to work? I can try to take pictures of the setup and problem tonight if that's helpful. Hoping I'm not being dense here. Thanks in advance for the assistance! Dave
  11. Update- the connectors on the ebay cables aren't really good. They kept coming out of the strobes. Fortunately Giant Squid Bill was on the boat and lent me a cable. He also suggested cutting off the connectors and replacing them with the rubber bushings discussed above. The fiber cable is still good, so these will still end up being a much better deal than the S&S cables. Dave
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