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  1. Hey Sean - another recent recommendation was the Kraken KRL-01 67mm Wide Wet Lens. How does that compare with the others you discussed?
  2. That's what I'm looking to find one for. So you don't know if that gear works with the AOI housing?
  3. ISO used PPZR-EP03 Focus Gear for M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. Don't want to pay top dollar for it, but maybe "middle" dollar? In US. Thanks!
  4. Was getting ready to run to the camera store today and decided to do one more experiment. Switched to the kit lens and could not replicate the problem. Switched back to the 9-18 and it's back to doing the same thing (underexposing in S-AF when doing a quick shutter press, but not in C-AF). Hard to know why the lens would/could create this problem, but seems like I've narrowed it down. Will likely try with a couple other lenses to see if it's narrowed down to just the 9-18. (May also try the 9-18 on my EM5 to see if it does the same thing on that camera body). Still strange, but maybe not a problem with the camera body after all.
  5. Problem happened both when using strobes and with natural light, so not a sync speed issue. Unfortunately I bought the refurb late 2021 but didn't really pay around with it until this trip. So unfortunately outside of warranty. I started with Backscatter settings and had no issues, because they recommend C-AF. I'm more used to shooting S-AF and didn't get good focus results, so switched to S-AF mid-trip.
  6. "Full" reset didn't fix it. Still underexposes with a quick full press of the shutter in S-AF but not on C-AF. Wrapping up in Fiji tomorrow, so next step is to hit a camera store when I'm home and hopefully play with another E-PL10 to see if it does the same thing. If not, will see what they recommend. Seems like software vs hardware, so wondering if firmware can be reinstalled.
  7. Played around with it. Same problem occurs outside the housing. However, when I switch from S-AF to C-AF, the problem seems to go away. Will need to spend a bit more time digging into this.
  8. This may be a stupid question, but would AEL even do anything in full manual? I would expect that exposure is locked in based on what I set ISO, shutter, and aperture manually Thanks to all for the responses.
  9. Bought a refurb E-PL10 late last week and am in Fiji finally shooting with it. Towards the end of the first week, it started shooting shots that were almost black. At the end of the dive, I figured out that if I do a half press on the shutter for it to focus first, it will expose correctly. If I simply push the shutter to shoot, it will be almost black. It wasn't don't this the first several days, and only started late in that shark dive. I checked metadata and it should be existing correctly (have two consecutive shots of the same thing showing exact same settings (in manual) and one is fine, one is dark. Happens both shooting natural light and with strobes). Suggestions on troubleshooting this?
  10. Here are a few. Some may be more of a reflection of the photographer's amateur nature than they are of the quality of the lens and port.
  11. I haven't. How does this compare to the options Sean laid out? Presumably would need a different port to use with the AOI housing?
  12. Thanks for the incredibly detailed response. I think for Fiji I'm going to stick with the 9-18 with the semi-dome port. Most of the rest of the rig is new to me (though I was shooting an E-PL3 before this, so it's not that foreign) and I think I don't need additional brain/task overload for this trip (especially since I'll be diving with my daughter the first week). Next big trip that will need good wide capabilities is Socorro a year and a half from now, so that gives me time to think through. UWL-09PRO seems to have the best business case (and highest cost - especially with needed accessories). One question - how do most people carry it around on the dive when it's not attached to the port?
  13. For dedicated wide, I suspect that's a fantastic option. On the 9-18 I struggled with the lettering on the front of the lens reflecting of the done port. I finally resolved that by making a black sticker donut that I put on a filter (didn't want to do something directly to the lens). This works, but the sticker creates a bit of vignette at 9mm so it's more like a 10mm now.
  14. Starting to work on setup and learning my new gear - Olympus E-PL10 with AOI housing before a trip to Fiji. I suspect I'll mostly be shooting wide there and my original thought was to use my 9-18 lens with AOI DLP-04 semi-dome port. After watching Backscatter's videos on the rig, I was thinking about switching to a wet lens. They recommend the using the kit lens with the AOI UWL-09 PRO. https://www.backscatter.com/AOI-UWL-09-PRO-Underwater-Wide-Angle-Conversion-Lens That sounded great until I saw the cost. Questions: Would a Fantasea Line UWL-04F ($450 vs about $1150 for the AOI) work on my housing (with the standard port that came with it)? https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/fantasea-uwl-04f-wide-angle-lens Advantages or disadvantages compared to the UWL-09 PRO? Could I still use the bayonet mount that Backscatter sells for the AOI wet lens? Would I need other accessories? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  15. The equipment just sold by Traveldave to me is in perfect, near new shape, excellent in all respects.  Thank you for putting it for sale on Wetpixel.

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