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  1. This very small (less than 1 cm) nudibranch was spotten by my diveguide, diving in the central Atolls of the Maldives. Trying to find the species...
  2. Thanks for the reply. Haha, I wouldn't loose any sleep over it. First of all hats off to the images you've created. Saw some on your site and there is some amazing work there. Also, I am assuming it's a passion and we all put money into the actual experiences and not only to get images out of it. However interesting to try and spot the financial side of it as it is somewhat of a pricey interest we have. Do you make money back from your images, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Hello My name is Jimmy and I'm a filmmaker as well as photographer that is aiming on focusing my photography on underwater. I've been taking UW photos with my DSLR housing for only about 2 years now during about 15 dives and a bunch of snorkelling including a Basking Shark expedition. Obviously I'm still starting out but passionate about building my portfolio up [ www.jimmyfrancisphoto.com ] (sorry for the plug) I'm not very interested in chasing magazines for photo sales or making it my main income. I do it because a) I love it! and b) I eventually hope to sell some photos as Fine Art Prints mainly to pay for new trips and vacations. A thought I've been struggling with is how much money is a reasonable investment per usable portfolio picture? I know there are a hundred things that cost money but if we are to deduct items like flights and equipment. What do you think you pay (in terms of dives/expeditions and travels within the dive region) for a picture that makes the cut of your own portfolio? It would also be interesting to know what your goals are with those pictures. Obviously it can be hard to say but for myself, I think I've spent somewhere around an average of 60€ to 100€ per picture that I'm satisfied with. I also, naturally, value certain subjects higher than others. I understand that we all have different budgets we put on this but it would be interesting to hear some other photographers numbers since I have no idea whatsoever if I'm being optimistic/pessimistic ect with my investments. Thank You
  4. Thank you for a good answer, Steve I am currently working on getting to practice in pools around town. Besides that I will probably be snorkelling a week or so in the Caribbean before actually doing any diving which should also be giving me more experience with the equipment. once diving I will definitely be starting out easy in more shallow dive sites, sand bottoms ect. I completely agree that safety for myself, other divers and the environment comes first, photography second and plan on always maintaing that philosophy. As mentioned, I work with quite an amount of safety aspect within the business. I've started reading quite a bit on the forums, it's a great site with a whole lot of information. Thanks again
  5. Hello My name is Jimmy and I am a complete beginner in the field of ("more serious") underwater photography. Underwater photography is something I have felt passionate about to get into for years and years since I'm a freelancing and devoted filmmaker as well as still photographer. I love shooting wildlife and highest on my list has always been to evolve into underwater photography mixing my love for the ocean and its species with my love for photography. I've finally made investments in Ikelite housing and strobes for a Nikon D7100. Currently not living in a very diving friendly part of the world and I only have approx 15 dives under my belt since I took my PADI open water certificate in 2009. My goal from the beginning when started diving is to mix it with photography but understood the necessity of becoming a comfortable diver before moving attempting to shoot underwater. After having now dived in Fiji, Thailand, Tanzania and Cuba I can no longer resist the urge to have a camera with me beneath the waves on my next trip now to the eastern caribbean (where I'm partially from). I am curious to ask advice from the more experienced divers and underwater photographers if more dives are strongly recommended before adding the complexity of photographing as well or if it should be fine as long as I feel up to the challenge? As a person and freelancer I am very active in safety measures for productions and generally have a great respect and understanding for the ocean as I have grown up partially in the tropics. Dive instructors have commented that I'm relaxed underwater and do well. Among my 15 dives I have had dives with Bullsharks and dived through short rock/cave formations which have all been fine. Hopefully this weighs in my favour but it's still difficult to guess how technically tricky the diving will become when adding the photography aspect...
  6. Hello My name is Jimmy. I'm a filmmaker and still photographer who just invested in Ikelite gear to be able to mix my passion of photography with my passion for the ocean and the creatures in it.
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