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  1. My 2c: I have owned two underwater cameras previously (two point-and-shoot minoltas). I do not dive, however have many thousands of hours snorkelling, and enjoy (very) amateur underwater photography (as well as collecting old bottles while snorkelling . This time I saved all my pennies for a few years, and bought an Olympus 4000 with an Olympus PT-010 housing. I can't remember the exact prices; I think the combination was around USD$800 all up, delivered (perhaps less). I bought the camera from "www.buyright.com" and the housing from "www.underwaterdigital.com". Buyright were cheap and fast and I'd recommend them. Prior to purchasing my camera I rang a number of the other NY based "ultra cheap" places that advertise so much on the 'net. After a number of calls I was very annoyed and totally disgusted with them all, and I'm since convinced they are mostly thieves and liars. Avoid the ultra-cheap places unless you have money to burn! After having a few problems getting my housing I contacted Allan at Underwaterdigital. At this point I'd wasted three weeks mucking around with the NY rip-off stores and had other problems with getting the setup. Underwaterdigital came to the rescue and with only three days left before my plane was leaving for The Barrier Reef the purchase was initiated, completed and delivered to NY. Saved my holiday from near-disaster!! This was December. Since then I've been enjoying the Australian summer and have taken perhaps a thousand pictures. In fact I've been having such a good time taking the pictures that I haven't spent any time yet working out how to 'touch them up' to make them look better (so I haven't displayed any yet). The camera setup I've just purchased is fantastic for my purposes, it takes fantastic images and it's internal flash is quite suitable while diving in clear waters to about 10M depth, for objects within 5M range. It's optical magnification and focus are both excellent and I believe it's an excellent option for a person with a limited budget, or who only snorkels. Of course I'd now buy the Oly5050 and a PT-015... Perhaps I'll convince the wife I need to upgrade already... (about the time that pigs start flying about). regards Dave
  2. for me it's not an issue about the depth rating (no medic will certify me for diving, so I'm restricted to ~10M and less). For me it's all about the picture quality. From what I've found, the 5050 offers nicer quality, including the neat macro setups (shame the super macro has the flash disabled), for only a bit more $'s. regards Dave ps. anyone know any dive-medicos who are willing to certify people who've had lung damage (including a collapse) and are still in business? In the Sydney, Australia region would be even better :freak: D
  3. Does anyone know if Olympus' up and coming 5050z digicam will fit perfectly into any of the existing housings for the 4040z and 4000z 's? In particular I'm looking at the Ikelite housing (#6130.1). Anyone have any suggestions regarding the 5050z? Do you think it's worth delaying the purchase of a new digicam untill Olympus ship the new camreas? Or do you think there are current setups with as high quality imaging for better or equivalent value? regards David
  4. Heh, I've already got my trip planned. Heron Island, central Queensland. I honestly think it's one of the very very best dive/snorkel destinations in the world. It's an 'outer reef' island, in a marine park, with very few people visiting it every year. Now I just need my camera! (my wife dropped my old Minolta underwater one, so this is the prime time to upgrade! regards Warith
  5. b&h seem to be offering some of the best prices, combined with decent service. They are who I'm thinking of getting my housing through. Unfortunately the G2's seem to be in the mid USD$500's in the states, where as in Australia they are selling for over USD$800 regards Warith
  6. I'm looking at all the cameras which have either just come out or are coming out in the next few weeks and the choice is dazzling, to say the least. I'm on a budget of a bit over USD$1k, and I'm prepared to put off purchasing a light setup until next year, in an attempt squeeze more quality from this purchase. It would seem that the Canon G2 and the Nikon Coolpix 5000 are about the best of the bunch, with the Sony 707 as a nice camera which perhaps isn't suited to underwater so much and the Olympus 4040z as having slightly lower quality photos. I'm after a camera which could print in 40cm * 35cm or so (in inches i think thats about 16" * 14.5") at about standard photograph quality from a short distance. I'm also keen on the idea of recording underwater movie footage, so it's another feature I want in a camera. I've read many of the previous posts here regarding camera choices and was really after some more recent help and advice; a $1,000 mistake will cost me many months of dish-duty at home Is it a good idea to purchase a nice camera (with inbuilt flash) and housing now and delay the strobe, or would I get much better results with a cheaper housing and a cheaper camera and also light now? Any recommendations as to the 'best of the bunch' for late 2002 digital cameras? I'm thinking at the moment that the Canon G2 and Ikelite housing would be a great start, with a Ikelite DS125 strobe in a year or less. While I'm at it, is there a major advantage in purchasing the fastest flash card around? Any advice on which flash cards are best and which should be avoided? regards Warith
  7. anyone here had any significant experience with purchasing a digital camera internationally? I live in Australia, and the prices are significantly more expensive for digital cameras and housings (about 150% what they would be in the states). The only place I have managed to get shipping prices tpo here from the states has quoted $74 for delivery of a Canon G2, which seems kinda steep. regards Warith
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