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  1. Thanks for the info. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Nice video! Do you remeber what time in the video you were using the 8mm? Is this the Pana 8mm or Oly? Also do you use WWL-1with the 12-50?
  3. I think for photo you also need a pair of strobe, and since the GH5 do not have builtin flash, you'll need a flash trigger as well or a small flash that fit on the nauticam housing as the trigger. my 2 cents..
  4. Hi all, Though I share my last diving video clip on Weh island, Indonesia. It was my first trip using the GH5 after about 3 years with GH4. Weh Island is at the Andaman Sea, northwest of Sumatra. A small volcanic island at north western border of Indonesia. The diving part was beautiful, viz was good during our time diving there and there is plenty of interesting diving spot to go from ship wreck to underwater volcano. I use GH5 with Nauticam housing, with 2x 6000 lumens BigBlue dive light. I use mostly the Lumix 8mm fish eye with nauticam acrylic dome and some shoot with Lumix 7-14 and Nauti 180cm glass dome. The part I like to most about the GH5 is, apart from its IS, its captured of WB is to my liking. I edit the clip with Premiere and use its Lumetri preset effect. Drop the Cinespace 50 and voala! Love the blue its generate for uw scene. Anyhow, I'm no pro, I shoot just for a hobby to capture holiday diving memories. Comments and/or critics are always welcome and I do suggest you visit Weh island Indonesia or put it on your diving bucket list. Regards, Bona
  5. I'm using ASUS ROG too, with Core i7 and GTX 1060. Software I use all Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effect, etc. So far ok for full HD editing, but slow for 4K. I guess if you are on the Apple "ecosystem" with Final Cut you better go with mac family.
  6. Thanks, will try the setup soon. The seller let me try it first. Will decide after test them..
  7. Hi all, I've got offered for a good price for an "old" SmallHD DP4 monitor with Nauticam housing. Plan to use them with my GH5 also in Nauticam housing. I've owned the 45 deg Nauticam viewfinder for the housing already, do you think the extra monitor worth it? I shoot both WA and macro BTW, with and without video lights. Any inputs are appreciated in advance. Thanks, Bona
  8. Thank you for the effort to test the IBIS albeit failed. The file is way too big for me to download tho.. Look forward to read more comments regarding this matter in the future. Cheers!
  9. I do too... https://www.instagram.com/bonadjalins/ If you love diving or motorcycling do check out mine..
  10. I too considering to upgrade from GH4 to GH5, and one of the feature I'm very curious is the in body image stabilization (IBIS). There are plenty youtube vid about the IBIS for normal vid shooting top side and I'm really impress with the result. Any tough about the GH5's IBIS for underwater shooting? Thanks in advance.
  11. My first try to really shoot and edit in 4K resolution. Shoot with GH4 in MOV format, edit them in Premiere Pro and exported them with H264 4K YouTube setting. I'm using 2013 iMac with Intel i5, and it was painfully slow to edit MOV in 4K res. It almost impossible to do basic color correction let alone Premiere's warp stabilizer. Need to upgrade my machine soon if I'm intend to shoot 4K again. Anyhow, here it goes: I was shooting with Panasonic 7-14 and 8mm FE. As always comments and critics are always welcome. Cheers, Bona
  12. Interceptor, for macro use only with the CMC, is there any different between port 35 and 29? I've just ordered 35 port for my PZ 14-42 and no plan to get the WWL-1. Should I change to port 29? Thanks in advance. Bona
  13. I use f/8 almost exclusively now for still, when I just got the lens I did try f/4 and f/5.6 but both did not give "predictable" corner sharpness. Some times f/4 did give good corner like bellow: P1070051.jpg by bonadjalins, on Flickr But most of the times f/4 and 5.6 the corner were horrible. So just to be safe I use f/8.
  14. Point well taken Peter. Whilst I can purchase the "pro" level equipment, one just can not purchase the "pro" level skills. BTW we were there during full moon. So the current was quite strong. Yet I "envy" how the pro, in this case is Nu, handle the current. Getting very low down without damaging the marine life, being stream line against the current, and if the current was "too strong" they still can manage and come with a good footage still. Anyhow, need to add those dive log numbers more and stop upgrading equipment
  15. I used hook to stabilized my self underwater. So most of the time, I found a good spot, hooked my self, and press the shutter button. Being "stuck" on a hook I guess your shot will just be static, good for macro shot but less so for WA.
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