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  1. Hi Y'all I have decided to keep the 10.5mm and re-price. The kit as described less the 10.5mm now $5,800 AUD. or Just over $4300 USD Tony
  2. I have the following kit for sale as bundle, not broken up. 1 x Subal D10 for Nikon D100 1 x Dome port, extension ring and zoom gear for 12-24m lens 1 x Sea&Sea YB350 strobe and arm + recharger. Never been wet 1 x 10.5 mm Nikor Fisheye, needs super dome, will focus with cropped image on Dome port 1 x 12-14mm Nikor lens, with diopter set 1 x D100 Nikon Camera + 2 x Batteries and charger 1 x spare O-rings for housing 1 x Storm case on wheels with cutouts for all the above. No storage cards. Corrected YS120 to YS350! $7,800 aussie. Call Tony to dicuss on +61 (0)417100458 or +61 2 62316200. Items in Canberra AU All items in perfect condition, case, 10.5mm lens and strobe brand new.
  3. I likewise share the dream of diving in Antartic, having fished down there I can attest to the beauty, however apart from under/near ice formations I have been told the diving is nothing to write home about. Not even much diving, bare rocky bottom, sea stars and nothing much else. I would dive for the ice images alone myself, but even Michael Aw's expedition is none diving. Tony
  4. Just received my X-Drive VP2160 80gb from Bits online in AU for $270AUD. Works a treat, does everything I need. reads a stores the contents of the card for upload to the PC later. Perfect storage at the right price. BTW: Teds have the Epson P2000 for $900 AUD, but who needs a screen anyway.
  5. I have purchased the following B&W plugin for Photoshop which is great. While you can achive the same with channels, this plugin takes a lot of the guess work out. Allow sthe application of particular color filter, multigrade paper selection etc. http://powerretouche.com/
  6. I likewise use a spyder and see a noticable difference. This shows up boot time as the monitor profile load quite late with XP. Looking at the screen then the spyder slash shows as the corrected prifile loads and the color and density has a noticable difference. With regards to the printer profiles, I have customised adjustments. Could'nt afford desitometer for the printer. I have high quaity reference print in the adobe1998 color space which I use to compare the screen image to the printed image, and via a series of tests have saved various different color/density settings depending upon the paper in use. I was very surprised at the difference paper makes to the perceived reference print. Having had years as a custom photo printer I have a pretty good eye for color and density that somewhat negates the need to a reflective densitometer, but would like one if I could afford it. Tony
  7. Hi, I am hoping to get some feedback regarding the best tools for building high quality web galleries. I am NOT wanting to write my own code, but looking for a Gallery product that may contain templates or examples that allow photographers to publish and possibly sell images. I have looked at BreezeBrowser and it is nearly there, Paypal payment services etc. What good bad or other experiences have others had. I currently use Beanpix in the UK, but am thinking to getting my ISP to host a personal site locally. I particularly like the way Alex's latest gallery works, but I am sure his images would make any site look good. Tony
  8. Just got an update from my local Nikon dealer, wile negotiating to buy a 10.5m lens Caveat: As advised by the importation agent, take with grain of salt for flavour. The announcement date has been pushed out until the end of September, it will be a 10mp sensor, not the 12mp D2x sensor. That was enough for me to forget anout it. I would not make the investment required to change systems, housing etc from the D100 to the D200. If it were the same 12mp D2x sensor maybe, but not if it will only be 10mp. Tony
  9. Welcome to my nightmare. having recently bought a D70 I was so impressed with it as a topside camera I have decided to get back into underwater photography, having given up on film (Niv III) some years ago. Finding a cost effective housing proved a challenge. If $$$ are an issue this presents some problems. However I have recently concluded a deal to buy a used Subal with dome and D100 body. Now I will have the best of both worlds, a backup topside camera, D70 and D100 and a housed D100. If only the D70 would fit the D100 housing. Anyway by the time either the D2x drops in price or the D200 ships, maybe my skills will have developed sufficiently, based on Nikon history I will have plenty of time, and the quality of the work of other contributors provide much inspiration and insight. I agree with the other comments, either will do the job at hand and for the price of a new D70 housing I get a Subal housing, dome, and D100 body. I have nothing to complain about and all is right with the world. Now if some can tell me where I left my O2 analyser I can fill some tanks and get wet. Tony
  10. Hi Y'all, has anyone got any feedback on the Sea & Sea YS-350 strobe? I am think of getting to use in a single strobe configuration with a 12-24m lens on a D100 inside a subal. Acknowledging no D-TTL with the D100, I was wondering what peoples experience advice might be. I like the inbuilt modelling light, 105 degrees is should eb enough for the 12m focal length, and the power should help as 24m. Cheers, from a freezing Canberra in Oz.
  11. I am sure this may have asked and answered previously, but I can not find it. What are thew pro's and con's of using dual sync'd strobes versus one sync'd and a slave? Assuming non-TTl use I would have thought for the budget consiceous the use of slave gets the photons painted on the scene without the dual sync cost and issues? Regards, Tony
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