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  1. Used to shoot Oly 5050 then moved to DSLR, then moved to a mirrorless OM-D EM-5 original, not even a Mark whatever. I've always missed the versatility of the 5050. Recently ought my wife a tg6 and housing for a Lembeh trip, and I'm pretty jealous of how compact it is, and that she could switch macro to WA (never liked to the Oly 9-18 WA). So, thinking about maybe getting a housed tg6 for me for the trip. Anyone moved "down" from a DSLR or EM-X to a TG6? Pretty impressed with the photos people have posted online.
  2. I've searched for a wet WA for this housing, and have not found anything
  3. Yes, I have the Zen 9-18 with adapter. I'll be in Lembeh for a week so I don't expect any large critters to visit, and if they do it'll be a mind's eye thing
  4. Thanks, and at the risk of sounding like a luddite... Can you link to or identify a manufacturer? I"ve searched for wet wide angle but have not run across anything
  5. Shooting Oly OMD EM-5 in the Oly EP-08 housing. Have the EP-01 flat port and the Zen dome port for the Oly 9-18. Lenses: 14-42 kit 60 macro, plus a wet +7 diopter 9-18 I have not been particularly thrilled with the 9-18 behind the Zen, even with a +2 diopter for the blurry edges. I already have to buy a new set of strobes, so money is not burning a hole in my pocket, but want to make sure I have the right lenses/ports, within reason. I imagine the 14-42 and 60 macro would get me through Lembeh adequately. Questions -What about the Oly 30? I am reading that it will be more effective for larger fish portraits or if the muck diving is really super mucky. But I believe I would need a new port to accommodate the focus distance of the 30. -Wide angle - Given the 2X crop WA is a bugaboo and the 9-18 ain't great. Is it worth getting an 8mm FE, which would also require a new port? Any other good WA options? -Would the 9-18 performance improve at all behind a different dome port, i.e the Oly 100 EP-02 port? Thanks in advance
  6. I use this tray http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/ultralight-tr-dm-tray With this extension, http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Ultralight-Digital-Double-Tray-Upgrade with these arms http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/Ultralight-Digital-Handle-BA-HD-Ball-Adapter%20 Primarily because it's what I had from my old set up. It's a little tight but seems to work ok. I slide the camera as far to the right as I can (as I don't need access to the door while diving) so that I can reach the shutter with my right hand while holding the arm
  7. I can't really see the difference between the two that well (some), but I found the distortion in RAW as well. Two weeks ago was my first trip with this camera and lens underwater, this was shot at 9mm, zen dome, no cropping and definite corner distortion (NB, this was even using the +2 dry diopter some recommend) processed in LR
  8. Re above, just got back from Yap and heard all about it, storm just missed us. May want to contact your opp to see what the score is, might be a place you want to avoid at the moment...
  9. Picked up the Zen dome/adapter last night for the Oly housing / EM 5. Didn't get a demonstration at the shop, they said adapter goes on port, then onto housing. Assuming both (adapter to port, and port to housing) attachments were bayonet style, I couldn't figure it out, but looks like the adapter just slides onto the port, and appears to use just the two o rings on the port as the seal between the adapter and port. No bayonet or other locking mechanism. The port/adapter then attaches to the Oly Housing via the twist and lock mechanism Seems like the adapter/port connection are not as robust as I would think/like. Sitting on the couch, I can with some force, pull the port straight out of the housing (the adapter staying in place). Before I get this wet.....Do I have this right or is there some step I am missing? TIA
  10. Looked everywhere,have not found anything helpful. Camera flash fires fine. Inon z220 fires fine in "test." Strobe set to optical slave. Camera set to "fill" ( and have used every other combo I can figure) Any help?...sync cords so much easier... ETA - OK, more digging found that it has to be in "underwater mode," which is not easy to find. But this also changes a bunch of other settings that I may not want. Does it revert to all these settings every time it's returned to underwater mode, or is it possible to override a lot of these settings permanently?
  11. Used. Retails for $138 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/352606-REG/Aquatica_18703_Zoom_Gear_f_Canon.html $70 plus shipping Contact at cjmenjou AT gmail DOT com
  12. Bought several years ago, never used and never seen the water, new in box Label description is #18453, Macro Port Extension f/ 105 mm / 2.8 AF Micro Nikkor & Canon 100 mm f/2.8 Macro Same as this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/125849-REG/Aquatica_18453_Port_Extension.html Retails for $232. $150 plus shipping email at cjmenjou AT gmail DOT com
  13. Looking to get back into UW photography, and the EM 5 in the Oly housing. I have two sets of older strobes, Sea & Sea YS 90 DX and Inon Z220s. My understanding is the Oly housing offers fiber optical triggering only. Can both the Sea & Seas and Inons be used with this housing, and are there specific cables I would need to get? Starting from scratch but like to avoid having to buy all new gear...
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