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  1. Hi there, Yes, I have one for sale in UK in great condition with original box. Yours for £95 plus postage.
  2. Yep - that's the same as I have available for £600. Includes neoprene cover. No scratches - in excellent condition.
  3. I have this dome available and would sell it. It's in the UK - price £600 plus postage.
  4. My apologies, I had to reconsider. These are still available.
  5. Hi Enzo, 2 arms and 2 standard clamps please. I'm in London UK.
  6. I have an Oly E-PL3 in the Oly housing, used it for a couple of years and all good, but now looking to upgrade to the NA-EM1 housing as I picked up a body at a good price earlier in the year. Lenses and ports I have for the E-PL3 are: Pana 45mm macro - Zen flat port Oly 9-18 in Zen WA 100 EP 14 - 42 kit lens (hardly ever used it tbh - in stock Oly port or the Zen WA. Pana 8mm - Zen DP100 EP I'm thinking that keeping the above lenses (other than the 14 - 42) is a sensible move, and acquiring ports for them to go on the NA-EM1, but is there anything else I should be considering in terms of lenses and ports? Following on from that - if anyone wants to make me offers of housing and/or ports, or enquiries about the E-PL3 system and ports, then fire away!
  7. Sadly the 12-50 is just a bit too much doubling up for me. I have a macro lens, and 12-40 for land use.... Need that elusive housing and ports for what I already have before buying more lenses! Someone must be thinking of moving on their housing?
  8. Thanks Tim, any chance of a link to the Fb page? Searching Buy And Sell UW Photography Equipment on Fb comes up zilch. I wasn't going to bother with a focus gear for the 8mm tbh - auto will be good enough there I'd have thought. Could there be a situation when back button focus wouldnt be good enough?
  9. Looking at options to move from Oly to Nauticam. If you're in the UK or EU and have the following for sale, then please think of me.... NA-EM1 wanted. I have body and lenses, but also would be interested in 45 flat port, 4" dome for 9-18, as well as 4.33" dome for 8mm, plus associated gears. Thanks for looking!
  10. There's a good article here that covers this and much else besides. http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/guide-shooting-olympus-om-d-e-m1 Fill-flash for TTL, and manual settings (as low power as you can go) for manual flash. The idea really is to save battery power.
  11. I have to say I'm using the EPL3 and not the EM1, but I think it's the same - ish. I dont use TTL (though I should) but fill-in flash would be the setting for TTL. Using the strobes in manual I turn the power of the camera flash right down in an attempt to save camera battery.
  12. Yes, you should have the magnet in your D2000. The flash charge rate you're experiencing is long because on fill-flash you more or less have a full discharge when you press the shutter. I think the best setting is 64th - this is a very tiny flash requiring very little charge time - and less drain on the camera battery - but still strong enough to fire the strobes.
  13. Though as I'm in the UK, and having ideological preferences not to use Amazon, I cant partake of that particular offer. Cheapest I can get in the UK is @ £550. Looking to spend upto £380 for a 2nd hand one.
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