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  1. Light use Sea and Sea YS-01 Strobe Please make an offer or send me a message.
  2. I finally upgraded to the full frame SLR. Selling my beloved compact rig. I am a perfectionist so this rig was taken care of very well. Never flooded, always meticulously maintained. For those of you on the fence about the compact, I was able to get some awesome results on this little camera. See here https://photos.app.goo.gl/noEyQHBDRbVCNyoo9 Yes, these were all taken on this exact rig with only one strobe and a not included focus light. Here's photos of all the equipment: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QZbgsLCWipp3JaPG8 Includes the following. (I am open to selling pieces individually) -Canon G16 camera, charger, 3 batteries, camera strap Retails 600 -Fantasea G16 housing + lens covers + extra new o ring. Liquid sensor has new battery Retailed 400 -Fantasea blue tray + two arms + wet lens pop on / pop off mounts Retailed like $40? -Fantasea Big Eye Wide Angle Wet Lens x2 Retails 300 each -BlueWater Photo +7 Macro lens including fantasea housing mount Retails 160 -Fantasea Bluetray + 2 arm sets Retails 100-150ish -Sea and Sea YS01 Retails 430 -Olympus Fiber Optic Cable Retails 80 -Generic Fantasea padded case -All other accessories that were included when I bought it. -I can also include manuals. I kept everything...
  3. Thanks for your help. You're right - the dolphins are a bit soft. I was in Tv mode and was afraid to bump the ISO above 200. Point and shoots get really grainy really fast with higher ISos.... wish i could afford a slr enclosure...
  4. Just got back from Kona with my Canon G16. I know I got some good shots for this being my first time using an real underwater rig. (other than using a gopro previously) I wanted to know if the professionals in the crowd would be willing to give me some quick constructive criticism on anything and everything. (Always looking to improve) See the link below. All meta data and camera info should be available within the google plus interface for each photo. Thanks in advance! https://plus.google.com/photos/111904871588002509789/albums/6090287179843490481?authkey=COrhqbDkg4mm0wE Setup used: -Canon G16 -Fantasea Housing -Fantasea Big Eye WA -Bluewater photo +7 diopter -YS-01 strobe -Radiant 1600 video light
  5. Hi, I'm Kevin. I just started in underwater photography a couple months ago. Was referred here from the book on amazon The Underwater Photographer Paperback – February 10, 2010 by Martin Edge (Author)
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