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  1. Can someone please explain the limitations of the Nauticam housing? I thought their description says that it has access to every control. I haven't been able to find that much information about the Sea&Sea housing from actual users, other than that the front knob is larger than on the Nauticam. So any info on this housing would be appreciated!
  2. Argh I totally missed this thread, being in the mirrorless section. Thanks so much for all the great info about this housing! I can't wait to see how you do underwater. I've been waiting for months for it to finally be released, looking to buy it as my first underwater camera rig. In the meantime I might have already been convinced that the port system is just too complex and limiting for me for my first underwater work. The LX-100 is a great camera on land, but maybe at this stage I need more experience to understand how different options work underwater before I have to lock into a specific port combo before getting in the water. Thanks again!
  3. The LX-100 seems like it would be a great manual camera on land, giving real intuitive controls for things I found harder to get to on the LX-7. Started looking at it as a possible X-mas present for myself, replacing my LX-7, and my first underwater camera. But the lack of housings lead me to this very informed thread a few weeks back. Very much a newbie so please excuse my ignorance. Could anyone on this thread comment on the Ikelite LX-100 housing that was released last week? I know it's been lightly discussed elsewhere in the forum, but I was particularly curious in comparison to the Nauticam housing discussed here. It seems like the Ikelite housing cripples the ability to use manual focus due to missing controls? That's what I thought about their LX-7 housing as well, but I have no experience with it. Looking at the Nauticam LX-7 housing, it appears that all controls are available, and I assumed that would continue on the LX-100. Thanks for any input! The Nauticam housing looks excelent, but the Ikelite is actually available before the 25th.
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