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  1. Just reading this thread, it's scary !! I am going to Cancun in August, is it risky of bringing my dslr housing and strobe ??!! It's pretty old camera but still ....
  2. I also stayed at Tauch Terminal before and dove exclusively 1 on 1 with Wyan. Best part was you can customize your diving experiencce, requirement and time table and do 1 on 1. This is the only way to dive if you want to do serious macro. I ate every meal except one onsite, so it's pretty limited but diving was the priority back then. I would recommend stay a nite or 2 in the busy tourist area just to experience the busy Bali, Kuta, Jimbalan, etc. If you are rich and famous, by all means try Four Seasons and Bulgari Resort.
  3. The first trip back in April didn't make it with Marisa but did in the past weekend. The boat, the crew are very good, attention to details. This will be my San Diego to go to operator !
  4. Thanks for reply. I think I probably dove 1/2 dozen time on Yukon, it's condition really dependes upon the weather of course. It's unfortunate you hit a rough weather day. I just book with Marrisa and it's not going to the Yukon but it's ok, I have not dove San Diego for a long time, hope weather will be nice on the day I visit.
  5. I just realize Lois Ann no longer operate, is there equivalent or similar nice operator out of the same/similar area and do Yukon, etc ? OK, I found Marissa Charter https://www.marissacharters.com and Waterhorse https://www.waterhorsecharters.com/schedule/ Thank you !
  6. I bought the DGX 600. Dove with it yesterday. Very fine light. I think it's a bit narrow than L&M but it' bright enough. I was mostly using the less bright setting. The bright beam path in the water column kind of somewhat disturbing, so I turn it down. I might buy another one, it's just a good value performer. I can buy 4 and still less than a Sola 2000 !
  7. So after 1.5 year dry, suddenly I found myself all 3 dives light became dead. What's a good powerful popular light nowadays that doesn't cost a kidney. Thanks! Cheers!
  8. Since L&M won't service my 1200 any longer, doesn't hurt to try take it apart myself. So it's a 7.2v 3100mAH battery but it has 4 leads which I need to figure out why and what they do that for and see if I can find a replacement, size is the issue. While researching this, I notice L&M web site CEO said something about battery. It turns out it's still a Chinese battery, not Panasonic or LG as stated in the page. https://lightandmotion.com/blogs/dive-academy/sola-battery-bulletin
  9. I am on the same boat now, did you ever get your light fixed ?
  10. Thank you for the response, appreciated. I am a Inon friend, will seriously look into that. Today, I went through some stuffs and found my other beloved Hartenberger Nano also pronunce death. Try to open it up but stuck & don't want to over power it. Not sure if it can be swap with regular AA battery or it has to go back to service. Not even sure if I can find service, it's even older than my L&M. So at the moment, I have no light, period !
  11. Hi folks, Been a while I post here .... What is the popular and good L&M focus light now ? L&M said they won't fix my old 1200 anymore because it's too old and ask me to buy another one ! I am not sure what to buy nowadays. Is it 2000 S/F or 2500 S/F. 2500 seems quite expensive, is it a much better in terms of brightness, lasting and feature ? Or 2000 S/F is fine. Thank you ! Dominic
  12. Does the Nikon 8-15 lens diameter differs from the Tokina 10-17. Just wonder if I need a different focus ring to fit over the lens for the housing to work ... Can someone show a picture of the 2 lens side by side please ? Thanks !
  13. 8-15mm, will have to look into it. Might work. Is the Tokina 11-16 not suitable for underwater ? Seem not much discussion ...
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