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  1. Thanks for reply. I think I probably dove 1/2 dozen time on Yukon, it's condition really dependes upon the weather of course. It's unfortunate you hit a rough weather day. I just book with Marrisa and it's not going to the Yukon but it's ok, I have not dove San Diego for a long time, hope weather will be nice on the day I visit.
  2. I just realize Lois Ann no longer operate, is there equivalent or similar nice operator out of the same/similar area and do Yukon, etc ? OK, I found Marissa Charter https://www.marissacharters.com and Waterhorse https://www.waterhorsecharters.com/schedule/ Thank you !
  3. I bought the DGX 600. Dove with it yesterday. Very fine light. I think it's a bit narrow than L&M but it' bright enough. I was mostly using the less bright setting. The bright beam path in the water column kind of somewhat disturbing, so I turn it down. I might buy another one, it's just a good value performer. I can buy 4 and still less than a Sola 2000 !
  4. So after 1.5 year dry, suddenly I found myself all 3 dives light became dead. What's a good powerful popular light nowadays that doesn't cost a kidney. Thanks! Cheers!
  5. Since L&M won't service my 1200 any longer, doesn't hurt to try take it apart myself. So it's a 7.2v 3100mAH battery but it has 4 leads which I need to figure out why and what they do that for and see if I can find a replacement, size is the issue. While researching this, I notice L&M web site CEO said something about battery. It turns out it's still a Chinese battery, not Panasonic or LG as stated in the page. https://lightandmotion.com/blogs/dive-academy/sola-battery-bulletin
  6. I am on the same boat now, did you ever get your light fixed ?
  7. Thank you for the response, appreciated. I am a Inon friend, will seriously look into that. Today, I went through some stuffs and found my other beloved Hartenberger Nano also pronunce death. Try to open it up but stuck & don't want to over power it. Not sure if it can be swap with regular AA battery or it has to go back to service. Not even sure if I can find service, it's even older than my L&M. So at the moment, I have no light, period !
  8. Hi folks, Been a while I post here .... What is the popular and good L&M focus light now ? L&M said they won't fix my old 1200 anymore because it's too old and ask me to buy another one ! I am not sure what to buy nowadays. Is it 2000 S/F or 2500 S/F. 2500 seems quite expensive, is it a much better in terms of brightness, lasting and feature ? Or 2000 S/F is fine. Thank you ! Dominic
  9. Does the Nikon 8-15 lens diameter differs from the Tokina 10-17. Just wonder if I need a different focus ring to fit over the lens for the housing to work ... Can someone show a picture of the 2 lens side by side please ? Thanks !
  10. 8-15mm, will have to look into it. Might work. Is the Tokina 11-16 not suitable for underwater ? Seem not much discussion ...
  11. Thanks Tim, my Tokina is beyond duck taping ... the last 9 months been that, super glue, etc. Now the motor just won't even move but just making ugly noise ...
  12. Hi, there My Tokina 10-17 finally RIP ... So instead of buying another Tokina 10-17 which is certainly an option. What might be alternative that will work in DX and potentially better fit for FX in the near future ?! At the moment I am using Nikon D90 in Nexus housing with the small/mini dome. Works very well. I may upgrade to put my D610 in a housing but I have not schedule for that yet. So should I just get another 10-17 or consider Sigma 15 which will work for FX but probably not wide enough for DX but would it still work ? Other option ? I am looking at BH, what is the differences of the 2 other than the hood ?? Thank you for reading ... Dominic
  13. After doing Key Largo last week, I am setting the bar higher this time. I want to go Bahama for a weekend. What's the most economic way to travel and dive Bahama for a weekend. Should I fly or ferry from Miami ? or any of the cities along that coast ? I just need to do a couple days of the sharks dives and check off my list and I will be happy. Thursday to Sunday including travel is all I have. Please recommend and advise and thank you again ! Dominic
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