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  1. So, my girlfriends dad just surprised us with a trip to the grand cayman's the first week of January. We will be right on seven mile beach and I want to take a crack at underwater photography. I know this is probably common but my question is should I spend the big bucks on a UW case for my XT or should I just buy a cheap dicipac for my PS Sony p-100. The only thing that is making this hard is we went on a cruise early this year and my GF's husband had a canon SD series cam and a cheap case for it and all of the pictures sucked. Either they didn't take care of the camera or the plastic in the case just did anti-wonders to the pictures. I don't have a 420ex that I love using out of water but under water is a light source needed? especially if Im jsut snorkeling in crystal clear water. So my big question is what is the cheapest reliable UW housing you can find for the 350d. I have seen them in the 1500$ range and a Fantsea for around 840$ being the lowest I have found. Thats the price i bought the camera for. So if I go on a trip once or twice a year is that investment worth it or should I just zip lock the P100 with a dicipac and call it a day? I guess option number three is to get that new olympus that can sustain depth up to 53 feet, its like 350$. If I liked it I would keep it or return it and suck up the restocking fee, that is unless i can fin an open item at best buy or something. Any suggestions would be great as this is our last vacation that is set in between us graduating and starting our first real jobs. So I would like to get the best possible pictures as this chance won't come around again for a few years. Thanks
  2. Hey guys! I just started to get interested in underwater photography in the past few days. Im an avid ametuer photographer, just above the water table. I work for best buy in the digital imaging department and have done so well I actually won a 5 day cruise through them. So long story short, Im going to wait till january to go, and I'm leaving from galveston to goto cozumel and playa del carmen. Any of yall ever been there and know good spots? Anyways I have a sony p-100 which I will be taking with me and getting the Sony MPK-PHB. I just recently read a post of a member here with a cannon a70 and the pictures turned out great so im sure mine will aswell. What settings would be good? is marine snow particles lit up by the flash? how big of an issue is that? higher iso? mess with white balance? filters? I dont think ill need a strobe as I dont do this often, and this will be my first time. any info would be great! -Ryan
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