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  1. Ian, If I didn't already own this lens I would buy it, my 20-35 adapted by SEACAM is one of the sharpest lens in my toolbox. Bernie Campoli SEACAM Fan.
  2. I purchased my INON Z330's from Backscatter last May 2018,keeping my Z240's for backup or second camera set up.
  3. Not trolling,but without controls I'm looking for a better price, I have used Rolleimarin systems since 1958.I presently own 2 series 4 complete with cameras.one housing is as new the other needs a lot of work. I also know of another Rolleimarin system fully equipeted complete with camera not as new but NEW,never used here in Panama City,Florida
  4. In that case I suggest you lower your price...
  5. Are controls included? Camera are still available,
  6. Please resend your reply as it was erased!
  7. I have new ports with covers for the Aquatica F3 and F4 housings also have a Illuminator some where.
  8. Amanda, did you use the Seacam PVL 70mm extension Ring with the Nikon 16-35 mm lens? i'm interested
  9. interested in Saga adaptor for 2 diopters (USD 150) Comes with both Diopters,Size please.where are you located?
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