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  1. Adam,How old are these strobes? Bernie
  2. Pavel,

    I'm interested in your Nikonos RS 13mm.is the front port as new, no scratches?


    1. Pavel Kolpakov

      Pavel Kolpakov

      Hi Bernie,

      That 13mm fisheye does not have scratches on the glass.

      The lens is pre-owned, but condition is very good.

  3. SEACAM Fan's, Ian's asking price is about what SEACAM is asking for the conversion of the Nikonos RS lens if you supplied that Lens.
  4. Ian, If I didn't already own this lens I would buy it, my 20-35 adapted by SEACAM is one of the sharpest lens in my toolbox. Bernie Campoli SEACAM Fan.
  5. I purchased my INON Z330's from Backscatter last May 2018,keeping my Z240's for backup or second camera set up.
  6. Not trolling,but without controls I'm looking for a better price, I have used Rolleimarin systems since 1958.I presently own 2 series 4 complete with cameras.one housing is as new the other needs a lot of work. I also know of another Rolleimarin system fully equipeted complete with camera not as new but NEW,never used here in Panama City,Florida
  7. Are controls included? Camera are still available,
  8. I have new ports with covers for the Aquatica F3 and F4 housings also have a Illuminator some where.
  9. Amanda, did you use the Seacam PVL 70mm extension Ring with the Nikon 16-35 mm lens? i'm interested
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