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  1. I'm guessing I'm going to be using my iPhone in a Kraken or LenzO case more and more - or just eliminate traveling anywhere but the US and the Caribbean. Oh well. Andy
  2. A nice big fat rubber band will do the trick Andy
  3. I was just there a couple of weeks ago - the best way is to grab a cab - the official fare is about 100,000 rupiah (about $7.51 US) but the drivers will ask you for $20 US - we gave our driver an extra 100,000 note just to stop having to listen to his demands for more. Well worth it if you have dive and camera gear. I hope when you get there the AC is working in their brand new domestic terminal Andy
  4. Elmer also forgot to mention his MacBook Pro died in Philippines (I think it was Philippines) and he had to replace it there or no photo processing. Andy
  5. If you reconsider on selling the megadose alone let me know. I have a D800 housing already. Thanks. Andy
  6. I think the responses are tempered by everybody wondering if they can use their nice expensive housings on an upgraded camera vs. a moderate upgrade and need for a totally new housing or a significant set of housing modifications. Maybe somebody has a nice 3D printer that they can use to make a mockup of the D810 from the various photos that are surfacing (before anybody can get their hands on a body). Andy
  7. Ah - the grip size - once again have the camera manufacturers made it impossible to use our existing underwater housings for a nice upgrade to an existing housing? Judging from past camera tweaks - probably. Oh well. It was such a nice thought. Andy
  8. Maybe they had a software glitch last week - because it was not a listed camera on 10/30 on Nikon USA website and B & H just listed it as "backordered" Glad it's back
  9. The Nikon USA website - as of yesterday - only lists the D800 and not the D800E. B & H says the D800E is on "back order". Anybody have any clues in this regard? Andy
  10. Elmer: Admit it - the heavy carry-on is just too much for an older fellow such as yourself. LOL Andy
  11. Check your paypal account - done on adapters Andy
  12. Eric - I'll take the two fiberoptic adapters if they are still available. Andy
  13. Snorkeled with whale sharks off Isla Mujeres on Monday - hundreds about - water a little cloudy - got some ok photos (they need more cleanup eventually)- nothing spectacular but OK - saw somebody below me with a rebreather - hopefully he got some great pictures. (Looks like watermark off too - says 2009 and not 2012 - oh well - tomorrow) Andy
  14. Probably worth calling Backscatter East or West to get a ballpark idea of the cost of a rebuild. I think the deductible on the DAN insurance is something like $250 or 10% of the value of the housing so you may be not that much over the deductible for a rebuild. However- if the camera floods some point in the future after Nikon is 2 models ahead of your D7000 you may be repairing an obsolete housing unless you can find an out of stock D7000 on Ebay or elsewhere. Something to consider. Andy
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