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  1. I just realized I am logged on as deep3dude? I must have two accounts, one at home and one at work saved in the cookies. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Steve B, Your online photos show quite a variety. Made me realize I need to get a decent Octopus shot. I have been doing alot of macro shooting and it tends to make you miss other things. Your obviously a busy diver and photographer. I really enjoyed your galleries.
  3. Rand, Sadly I never seem to be in the water with my camera when I find a warbonet. You have reminded me of this crime and I shall make it a priority to fix. I think it has to do with spending more time thinking about how to shoot then what to shoot. I came close a couple of dives ago when a fellow photographer found one but I did not know at the time and did not want to push them out of there spot to see what they were looking at.
  4. Thanks Andy. I have along way to go before I will be happy with my shooting. I have an advantage that I can dive all yar round here in British Columbia.
  5. Any suggestions? http://www.shutterfreaks.com/gallery/Port-...inted_Greenling Canon 10D, 2 Ike 125 strobes , Port Hardy, BC Shot the image in RAW.
  6. Is the red part of this picture part of the basket star or merely a convient resting . http://www.shutterfreaks.com/gallery/Under..._01_basket_star
  7. With the bigger sensor on the d20 compared to a point and shoot you will have more DOF issues shooting macro. The 100 2.8 will need to be set to a small apeture to ensure you have enough DOF. The 100 2.8 on my 10D is also a challenge to focus under low contrast or low light with small apetures. The discussion on using the customer function button that seperates auto focus from shutter release by using the '*' buttom might be helpful later on. I also adjusted the time the picture stays on the LCD to be longer so I do not have to push the review button as much but I have large dry gloves on when diving in colder water. Good luck with your purchase.
  8. Very sad indeed. It would appear that we have changed our enviroment for the worse with no solution in sight. In one of the matrix movies the 'machine' states that they see humans as a virus plaguing the earth slowing killing it. This sort of rings true when you see what it happening today and the dramatic changes taking place. Hopefully things can rebound.
  9. http://www.bonairetalk.com/newsgroup/messa...html?1130194941 Google reveals lots of articles on the subject. Very saddening
  10. I was under the impression LCD monitors did not accurately show colors for calibration for printing. Have things improved ?
  11. My note to Ikelite on the issue. I plan to buy a 5D housing once it becomes available. I also hope to use my 15mm Sigma FE lense which has 180 degrees of coverage with the full size censor 5D. Can you confirm that your 8 inch dome will work with the 15mm FE on the 5D without restriction? There response. Yes it will work also can use our #5503. Regards Tom
  12. Anyone know what is recommended for cleaning Ikelite domes?
  13. I tried the 24-70 2.8L lenses. Most shots were 2.8 - 4. I was playing with the 100 2.8 today and it was not perfect but better than what I get with the 10D.
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